Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 3/17/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Qetyz Psn says:

a lot of good tips here. Thank you

Ace Gefen says:

DO you trade on fibonacci? A lot of TA experts have been calling for a bounce at 7200

capgains says:

Are these guys trades posted in real time anywhere ?

Energy Core says:

Dan a Funk Guy? You have now become #1 person in my books.

I’m personally a fan of Tower of Power

khandmd says:

keep up the great work!

whoaitstiger says:

The best thing I’ve done so far as a new trader is to take a month or so off trading, and just watch the markets move without me. It has been _really_ immunising me to FOMO, and broadening my perspective of the limitless opportunities the market holds in the future. Now that I’m starting to participate again, I’m being far more picky about the trades I commit my money to.

Amanda Ernesti says:

Ethereum Mining is open for a SUPER restricted time before its sold out over at Genesis Mining! I would go check it out quick if you want to get into cloud mining! By the way, really well made video!

4444 1313 says:

Every hour is dump o clock

midnightbrad says:

Maybe it’s because I’m in the music industry, but I could have pegged you for a funk guy! Wish I was at sxsw. Would have been rad to meet you dan! Thank you for the killer free content!

eric baudendistel says:

Wow. I didn’t know they made good music videos anymore… Lol! I’m old enough to remember when MTV actually played “M”….

FDAmusic says:

i like how you highlight the f.o.m.o part. i have an equation for you.

here is an equation F.O.M.O. + B.H. ÷ P = L.O.I (Fear of Missing Out + Buying
High ÷ by Panic = Loss On Investment.

L.T.T.C.T.Y + S.I.P = P (Letting The Trade Come To You + Scaling In Position = profit)

GILLMAN46 says:

Like from me Dan is a legend

Matthijs Amsterdam NL says:

I am not a trader. Too emotional:-(. I made a lot of money by just buy supercheap and hold. Little bit luck I think.

Dave Sotherby says:

You’re awesome man, thanks to your videos I’m a consistently profitable trader and I don’t have to get some shit job. Keep it up, you’re changing peoples lives here!

Diastrus says:

What do you think about the 200/50 day crossover of death people are talking about on btc? Also that guitarist is on pointtt

PlanetMusk Vlog says:

Badass southern rockers bro. Thanks for the excellent trading information!

Shinobi-1 says:

This morning the video at the end has a lot more meaning….reaper chasing my portfolio all morning! Like a cartoon. A bad one.

Jordan says:

Your intro is unnecessarily wrong and super bloody boring.

Topher Kety says:

Thanks for the education and all the great info! Thanks also for the SXSW uptdate, that is great! Blessings!!!!

collectorjrg says:

Thanks for the videos you do! Really helps someone new like myself avoid some mistakes I would have made otherwise without your advice/guidance. Much appreciated

03chrisv says:

I just placed a bunch of buy orders laddering them as price goes down, with each one triggered buying more than the last. Cost averaging is my strategy since I’m not going to be in front of a computer a whole lot this weekend.

Muzi Xaba says:

If it wasn’t for your advice on how to manage stop losses on each trade, I would have lost a huge amount in this bear trend. Thanks again Dan.

Konstantin Kowall says:

If I want to enter just when the daily trend shifts, should I enter immediately after the higher high (after the higher low of course) was built? Or what is the best entry point after the shifting?

Seem to have Forgotten my name says:

Thanks again dan, looking forward to what you may be doing with Carter over at coinmastery in the future..

Just SomeGuy says:

Excellent video Dan! I’ve always been a metal fan and not so much a country or blue grass fan, but I like this song. Also, great information in terms of the charts as always and great inside knowledge about the psychology of trading.

GILLMAN46 says:

One dislike haha who hits that button.. dump o clock?

TheChartGuys says:

Terrible video quality for the music video.. Check them yourself!

mrsticker2 says:

The song kind of sounds like Ace of Spades from Motorhead (in a good way).

renato muu says:

Is that u at the end ?

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