Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 3/16/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Conor Sullivan says:

+1 for GIMP

gaudet Gaudet says:

Wicked thanks!

Cubbyhole Productions - Crypto Monkey says:

Here’s whats REALLY happening!

Nachiket Mehta says:

CharMan Dan – ma man! Long time follower, first time commenter. I appreciate you posting a video everyday despite your travel and other stuff. Keep it up buddy!

One request though – NAT GAS videos on TCG are not as frequent. I hate to move to other channels to get the latest updates. Please do something about it. Thanks in advance!

shiny x says:

If you like music projects, check out Choon.

just_me says:

FYI Dash announced today that they have completed filing a defensive patent for their product Evolution and have a video out on how this technology will work:

Energy Core says:

Oooo Binance Coin!

Edit: So far waking up early has been paying off for trading’s sake, I woke up to the perfect equilibrium setup on the 1h and played the break for 4% gains. Back to all cash since we hit exponential resistance though I see an argument for holding for a bit longer

adith pole says:

Feelsbadman. Was ready for the break of the equilibrium had some stuff to do missed the bull break by like a minute. Got in on 15 min consiladation of ltc at 167$ sold at 169.95$ said thats enough for the day and went back to school work.

Skynet says:

You speak very quickly, I can’t understand you

Crypto Jengy says:

Dan on the bottom right of your screen left of the clock and date, why is there a Korean language pack icon???

mcamcay says:

lol….dump o’clock just happening as im listening to your vid and you said we didn’t see it today….patience pays. cheers!

Richard Boyd says:

Thanks for confirm on LTC breakout, that I missed. On the 5 min saw 9:20 spike $4. Waited for bull confirmation candle and it spiked $5. Couldn’t find good entry after so observed. Lessons learned: If I had zoomed into the 1m I would have caught the uptrend.

Stevie B says:


jose rosado says:

Dumpaclock is using fib levels to dump and another’s chart from another item to try make it as such.

PBOGZ says:

Hey Dan, once again thanks for the video. I’m a bit confused with the hourly set up.. So we lose the bull momentum on the hourly if it breaks 8077 or 7905? Or is it a case of when it breaks the 8077. The probability of breaking 7905 increases, which would result in losing the hourly higher highs and higher lows?

ronP __ says:

what’s up with BCH? Up <10% this AM

Philson says:


Alex L. says:

Isn’t there a resistance at around $8550?

Sherif Amer says:

Great video, thank you for dash info/ fundamentals and for covering BNB.

Roti Wokeman says:

Hell yes, tax is theft, power to crypto!

bigmac375 says:

interesting take on dashfest. i guess if someone can make an easy to use/understand app, then i guess thats all crypto needs.

PlanetMusk Vlog says:

DumpO’clock happened twice yesterday

rawbdiggity says:

Thanks dan

Joe Pegler says:

Thanks for these. I watch them every day . Is there a reason don’t you place short trades?

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