Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCHTechnical Analysis Chart 6/15/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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B H says:

Somewhat new to your channel. Turning into a big fan & looking forward to your vids. Thank you!

Doug Kim says:

I am always impressed by your TA. Thank you for the outstanding content.

Philson says:


Марат 777 says:

People what are the advantages of these crypto-currencies? in speed? or in convenience? For information: in the Chinese messenger wechat for a long time there is a purse. It takes a fraction of a second to send money. People buy goods and pakachivayut services only with the help of wechat. The Chinese do not have cash in most cases. So why buy crypto currency ???? Scam !?

Michael H says:

Cheers bro, always good content

Robert William Service says:

Great job as always

Sterling Crypto says:

Thanks Dan, always appreciate your videos.
ICO Arbitrage opportunity

capgains says:

$3000 ltc according to this asshat

Ionescu Cristian says:

thank you

80sruler says:

Appreciate your pragmatic and unemotional analysis. You get a lot of videos on a minor short cover rally people calling for $10K

Bruno Falcão says:

Jesus, I don’t know how this channel have only 83k followers! Such golden stuff! Ty for sharing your knowledge, Dan!

Barnaby Graham says:


Martin Lazarov says:

Looks like an ABCD pattern with a potential bullish breakout. But Bart may come again. 🙂

mohammad gh says:


100% LEGIT

Tolga says:

Thank you

supernova1976 says:

Dan, are you by any chance related to Kenton from Rewilduniversity ?

TheChartGuys says:

Recorded just after 9 AM EST.

Leo Arya says:


Maryellen Thompson says: is better for bitcoins exchange

Tnq10250906 says:

What is ? It sounds too good to be true .

Cutie4Blockchain says:

thank you for the update!!! 🙂

rohan kumar says:

What Ema settings do you use in these charts?

frozenstrawbs says:

obvious bull trap is obvious

Crypto Spin says:

Quick question: when you say you are all cash does that mean you are using tether or are you actually trading btc for usd? My trades are increasing my btc but the price of btc keeps going down so im thinking of starting to use tether or just eating the fees for converting btc back into usd and then back into btc when i see a good trade setup. What are your thoughts?

robizzlor says:

Wanted to go long yesterday. Watched your video yesterday. Sold for a small profit again. And it went down -8% after that. Thanks bro.

Ryan says:

missing your SPY videos!

Paul Webster says:

Thanks Dan, have a great weekend

Erik Snider says:

Thanks for the morning update. I love watching your vids at the start of my day to remind me what to watch for during the day. Cheers!

Trimeck says:

Which site is best to day trade on?

Good Guy says:

what will it take to see some long term trend change?

Jeff B says:

Hey Dan (and all) – Greetings from Tonga. Great Vid…as ever. I am sure that I speak for many when I say that with each video, although I do not yet see the whole picture, everything is getting a little clearer. My wife and I tried to get into the crypto space last year but being in Tonga it was difficult for us to get on an exchange, eventually we we’re in Australia on a short trip and were able to sign up to a FIAT on ramp. Sadly the trip was at the end of December and we were subsequently heavily burnt by the down turn. We have stayed in the space because we believe in the underlying principles of the blockchain and the many societal benefits it can bring (we know that it is not a panacea, but we believe that it can do much good) without a doubt the education that we have received via your vids and your courses have been a massive help in aiding us to keep our spirits up. Anyway I ramble but I just wanted to say a big thanks. Cheers J

Banana Bandana says:

TBH I just set it to buy $100 a week and just forget it stop caring
You’ll catch the lowest as is drops on different levels
Every Tuesday I do $100 with the auto
Don’t dump cash in or you’ll risk all on one moment

mrsticker2 says:

I came into the crypto space as a “hodler” in Nov of last year not knowing jack (i.e. I caved to FOMO). I started watching your videos back in Feb, and now it’s all starting to sink in… finally. I’m no longer completely dependent on your guidance, I’m excited when I realize that you’re confirming what I think is happening. That said, I still have plenty to learn. You’re a great teacher! Plus, instead of hearing about “mooning” and “lambo’s”, you give us “do good things”. Love it!

RearAdmiralTootToot says:

I went away from the computer for an hour after watching it for 12 hours of doing nothing, then came back and found that fakeout stopped me back in by a penny at 6660.01 just before it plunged. The price was under 6500 when I got back… I was about to just quit trading for good after that. 6660, because it’s evil.

Nocturne says:

Great Dan!

Kent W says:

Is that EMA 12 and EMA 20?

Spirit Breath says:

The thing about crypto, is that it all follows BTC. So variety of change is minimal. Kinda sucks but hard to complain anyway…

XPHIX says:

hey btw, i saw a little experiment once about jet lag… stick to your normal eating routine and it helps avoid it. Meaning if you don’t eat the on flight meal and just eat at the time u normally would. Peace out ty for the vids

DJUCH says:

Cheers for posting while on the road. I’m seeing bull flag forming on Daily chart via GDAX (last 2 candles). Hoping Daily support is maintained around 6440 and in 10 hours we start another leg up towards 7K. Fingers crossed!

Matityah says:

Live stream on Sunday would be great!

Bruno Cerqueira says:

HI, I built a crypto news aggregator to help ppl keep up with news from all major sources in one easy to use and clean design, I hope you guys like it, please give it a try and share your thoughts in the contact section.

andy patch says:

Shame there wasn’t more follow through from the bulls, watched that earlier fake out live, glad I was not in position. Thanks for video Dan.

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