Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 8/25/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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MrMadnelsen says:

Amazing outro

Tom stevens says:

Thanks again Dan!

Tracey B says:

Liked your music Dan. Happy travels

RabbiChutzpah says:

If we squeeze now we could blast through 7200

Crazy prayingmantis says:

This correction will continue until mid to late November at least.

Bears are not under pressure at all.

Modesto Modesto says:

clowns = creepy

Randy says:

Thanks Dan

andrew munz says:

Nope. No setup. Theres the last Mt Gox trustee selloff coming!!!

MrCotto01 says:

the Nervous bears intro Pic cracked me up hard!! Thx

Ali Atari says:

What is the name of that calm sound at the end of your video?

Sonix711 says:

Air-BNB-Boi 🙂

Steve Brule says:

Do you think we are going to 10k or 5k for bitcoin?

Alex Bartram says:

Nice work ya turtle jerker!

xJordanMM Productions says:

I was holding btc until i seen the nasty oversold ethereum around last week during the drop to 250 i decided it was so ridiculously oversold during the drop although i never play with altcoins i said well its so ridiculously oversold im going to have to scoop this up and did at 287 dollars rode it down to 250 and rode it up to 320 said see look its holding up just fine made 2 grand in just a few days and lost it all back and then some eth compared to btc is tanking and im freaking out omg omg omg nooooo

ice man says:

Thanks Dan – happy travels 😀

Lena An says:

I can’t understand people who don’t trust in Telegram token) can’t you understand that it can grow in price by 100-300 times? I bought 1000 tokens on their ICO

Geisty Bear says:

“this clown.. pretty creepy.” LOL

steven haglund says:

thanks dan 🙂

Cutie4Blockchain says:

thanks for the update!!

Saurabh Porwal says:

What do you think about the big head n shoulder pattern on btcusd ? Isn’t that a super bear flag ?

kolo tibablo says:

Rumour has it that Telegram token will set up a new record for the biggest growth among all cryptocurrencies

china chewer says:

Super creepy

R James says:

Short squeeze coming next week?

Meta Vinci says:

Someone has $5M in calls on BTC @ 10K for sept 28 and dec 28th.

Shinobi-1 says:

Who puts a clown picture over a guest’s bed? Only creepy people. Stay focused out there man. Lol. Thanks again.

Kyle V says:

You know I was looking at some of the fundamentals of this. In the most efficient mining outfits in the world that pay $0.05 per kilowatt-hour it costs about $3,600 to create a Bitcoin not counting rent, employees, or broken equipment. That probably puts the actual cost closer to $5,000 if you factor in all of those things. If the market did turn South you have somewhat of a soft floor because those miners are going to likely not sell their coin or as much of it on a daily basis if the price goes under production value. Shutting down has the same problem as you have all of this equipment doing nothing and in that situation very low resale.

CURRENCY365 says:

keep being awesome bro thanks

Sonix711 says:

Cheers Dan – Awesome as ever !!! 🙂


RabbiChutzpah says:

Sweet curtains! Bears should be quaking, we didnt dump on ETF news in fact we climbed! Daily ichimoku looks like a crossover could happen and the level of shorts is very extended.

Ahmad says:

At around 10:00 – “finding which are stronger or weaker than Bitcoin”… I’m going to focus on this. Had missed Nano’s (XRB) upswing because I had been so hesitant. Despite it CLEARLY showing strength. I hope I will pull the trigger when a new opportunity appears. “Buy into strength”, and cutting loss early if the move peters out.

Russell Stall says:

smash that like button guys this is free advice that is actually GOOD. If we can support quality analysis then everyone will benefit and get the channel monetized.

Erogenous Emu says:

The cloud on the right @ 13:35 looks like a guy riding a bull. A sign? I think so 😉

Dahliandis says:

Ah man that outro. I’m so at peace right now…

Bill Guerra says:

But, that clown…

nachoman1631 says:

Beautiful scenery, loved the music. I want to sleep now

Monkey Tron says:

Of course you are looking for an equilibrium. That’s the joke about you.
Didn’t start it. Just saying,
Inside bar leads too… your favourite word.

awakenself says:

Thanks Dan, trading volume looks like it’s dropping off substantially

Crypto Volta says:

Austin! Welcome Dan! Any chance I might be able to buy you a beer while you’re here?

Angel Rodriguez says:

What is the name of that calm sound at the end of your video

Martin Segura says:

Great TA as always man, and the video at the end filled me with peace, I felt I was there.

Jesui Alvarez says:

What is about ZILLIQA token. Are there these coin holders here? Do not forget to contribute to free distribution using

Eve St. Jude Fiorillo says:

<3 thank you!! G.O.A.T. TA

ProtieuS says:

thanks dan,

Alexander Alexander says:

Thank you !!!

Mr Cryptogarden says:

Rad vid

9999 Ag says:

How about a little vechain analysis if you have time on your next video.

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