Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/6/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Matthew Hurd says:

Fidelity getting into crypto now, looking for devops to make an exchange. More positive news for crypto !!!

gianfc2001 says:

hey Dan thanks for your videos, What would be the first thing to learn as a new trader? or whats the foundation of trading? thanks

Deez Nutz says:

Repetition is sinking in for me, chart guys. The step by step analysis and unbiased tell-it-like-it-is narration is invaluable. Thank you very much. Also, be careful of the haters. The haters just got their way with Crypto Kirby. He’s been booted off youtube. It’s too bad, because you guys, Steve and Pauline, and Crypto Kirby are the REALEST MOTHERFUCKERS in the space. Thanks again.

Mike Conn says:

Dan, do you trade options at all? Would like to get your thoughts on doing so.

Vinicius Paiva says:

Funny thing you speaking about donation at the end of your video right when I filled a donation yesterday and it was just pending my approval. Thanks for reminding me of finalising that. Keep it up with the good TA and life stories!

Miracles There says:

Пора покупать жетоны телеграмму! Общественные ИКО началась!

Biplav Shrestha says:

How does he draw that white line ?

Ryan Miller says:

Got stopped out on that huge red candle today. Am I using too tight of stops? Should they always be below the recent swing low so that I give it room for a higher low?

Ivan Prutsko says:

buy rumor, sell news, as always

Angel White says:

Where to trade mj

Bob Moore says:

A very nice video ,But till date I haven’t come across any mining system as profitable and reliable as Mr Robert system .

Adam Shlomi says:

The skills I learned largely with the help of these videos have helped me change the way I live my life.
You’re the man!
More cowbell!

Electra Pay card coming soon! says:

Can you provide some insight into ETCG. Ethereum Classic stock from Graybar. Thanks

80sruler says:

I do like GBTC and that’s how I trade BTC

coddudeful says:

Outstanding analyis, thanks Dan! just n time 🙂

Scott McCall says:

What Canadian MJ do you recommend

Blah Blah says:

Thank you!

henry X says:

Idk if u notice yet that ur daily cryto video view grows ten times more than the first one u started. Awesome man .

Rlarkin Investments LLC Larkin says:

I really like your videos. Great job

Artem Gordon says:

Hey, Dan
Am I able to short GBTC if I live in NY? what exchange or platform should I begin with?

Chitlins Laundry says:

Thanks my man!

Trademark Notes says:

It took me about 8 months for things to click watching nearly every video. Still so much to learn!

Part Time says:

I’ve been watching over 4 months and still do not understand unlike that guy. lol

BlockBasher says:

I want to learn how to play the drum while I wait for the HH on the Daily Chart.

ColoredFusion says:

I’ve been watching your videos daily for months. It has become part of my routine now. And it really started clicking about two weeks ago. So… posting these daily videos fulfills 50% of your doing good things for that day. When you don’t, on the other hand, puts you on the ‘doing bad things’ list because we are expecting these videos now!! 😉 jk…

Miracles There says:

ИКО телеграмма является, несомненно, наиболее перспективным в этом году я советую Вам купить и удерживайте в течение нескольких лет!

Miracles There says:

Я не понимаю людей, которые не верят в знак телеграмма) Вы не понимаете, что она может вырасти в цене на 100-300 раз? Я купил 1000 жетонов на их ИКО

mrsticker2 says:

Bitcoin is Curly, Ethereum is Moe and Litecoin is Larry… or maybe not. I’ll just leave the “on the fly” analogies to you.

shivercanada says:

I disagree on crypto based on the CHART and nothing else. Look at the movement, FAST up shots of $100 or more….these are whales, not people. 100 dollars equals around $100,000 of fiat or more, these moves ALL WEEK are fast up and down moves of massive amounts of money all AT ONCE. I only believe in a break when the rise shows a normal steady incline upwards and it isn’t there period.

Oliver Torres says:

Thanks Dan. I always appreciate your analysis on the big four.

Imaginee says:

man you are awesome what do you think about IGNIS?

Taha Nasser says:

Appreciate ya man. Awesome as always! Thanks

santi jirapong says:

Thank You,Dan…..

ColoredFusion says:

BTW, check out Todd Valentine, he is a dating instructor that talks just like you… and even looks a lot like you too xD

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