Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/4/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Terence P. Hill says:

Great analysis..thank you.

Old School Comp Sci says:

market cap is so small. ever since futures started, its just way too easy to manipulate. i don’t think TA is going to allow any insight until we get to a trillion dollars.

ardizd says:

MJ vote has been delayed to late summer…right?

Jaun-Pierre Reyneke says:

Hi Dan, can you please tell me the difference between consolidation and an equilibrium? Thanks!

In Mexico says:

You’re the best Trader Man Dan! I got to give big tips to every one I met today. It feels good to do good things. Thanks for helping me earn the taco money:-)

Zencryptotrader says:

Tacomoney-crew checking in

Peter Stavrinides says:

This is really great info, thank you so much|!!

Charles Patterson says:

Sometimes if ‘taco money’ is all you can get, ‘taco money’ might be all you need. There IS a pot at the end of that rainbow- I can feel it!

Scott Murphy says:

Thank you for the update!

PlatinumState says:

Seems like we consolidate every 3 days

Brian Hui says:

Dan, you had ONE job and that was to tell us the daily Do-Good-Things and you FORGET IT! Video ruined! Just kidding, awesome content as always! 😀

streetstylz says:

The trend this year has been very predictable. Up one month, Down the next. May was down so June will be an up month. Litecoin topped on May 5th and then bottomed on June 5th. Look for the next run to begin today and really pick up speed on or around June 18th. We should see a significant move up before a July 5th top. Then a correction down until August 5th before the next leg up.

henry X says:

Dan, I miss u chart-life endings.

Olivier Pire says:

mind clearing, thank you!

Tashberger Tash says:

Do Good Things for Parents: Play with Your Kids 🙂

rossconuts says:

Is canadian mj Canadian weed stocks? Which ones you trading? Which platform you trade with? I want in lol

da ss says:

thanks Dan!

ReveiLLeMoi says:

love your content, but can you play that djembe? :DEMO

Doreen Parker says:

I am not good in analysis so I am using bit200 . net

TheChartGuys says:

Youtube froze at 95% processed. What is this nonsense. Making me look like a fool. Welp, careers over.
Any suggestions?

Adel Eibesh says:

Am I the only one that notices the static when he talks? Like it starts when Dan starts talking and it stops when he does it is so annoying.

Daigneault Pearce says:


Tim Martin says:

I’m not gay, but I love this guy.
Thaks for all you do.

Mo Mulla says:

great vid as usual!
thanks dan

Gravel Pit says:

I still can’t believe you wore a sport jacket to a conference bare chested.

lutascosmin says:

great content

PoweredByChoro says:


Robert Laursen says:

Did you notice the monthly MACD is about to cross? Isn’t that super bearish for July?

Benjamin Rockwell says:

Wow you are the best. Thank you so much!

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