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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Sally Greenberg says:

Wow, you’ve really seen the world! Nice

Taha Nasser says:

Awesome as always brother.

Goldenpill says:

I brought my blanket and marshmallows – STORY TIME!

Llawen Corwynt says:

Anyone else notice that LTC actually drug Btc up with it. Lightcoin was making the move first. Maybe Lightcoin trying to break away from trailing bitcoin

Jon Runyan says:

Still prefer the old intro

TheChartGuys says:

Filmed in front of a live studio audience at about 7:15 PM Eastern.

Cindy Love says:

Ice Lake basin Colorado is unbelievable! It’s so beautiful it looks fake! Amazing!

Grady Westmoreland says:

Interesting URL you have there lol. Spicy tuna rolls sound good though.

frozenstrawbs says:

everything points to a bear break just admit it and play the downside. shorts going way down is very bearish, think of how long it took buyers to bring the market back up after the 2013 top. same situation.

Image 360 Studios says:

Thanks Dan so much for the virtual nature Journey!… Nice after a 10-hour work day

Ben Androvich says:

Dan, awesome awesome Story Time!!! Thank you!

Jeff B says:

Greetings from Tonga – Lovely clear analysis cheers Dan. Rambunctious………definitely the word of the day. Beautiful shots, loving story time (I am now treating it as my coffee break) Cheers J.

Ace G says:

Enjoying living vicariously through your road trip adventures! Story time 🙂

ExperimentLikeAMadScientist says:

If ada to usdt was a real thing it would be illegall. That sharp wedge could cut threw steel resistance in secounds. I think we fake out threw bottom on falling wedge and then shoot up hard. One last dump. Whole market in weeks long falling wedges

mrsp4c31y says:

thanks dan. you rock. and like bang bang shrimp, vegetable fried rice, surf and surf roll, and spicy tuna california roll aye?

dan steaves says:

Dude! Ice Lakes Basin! Our wedding invitation picture was taken there. You were in my neck of the woods for that portion of the road trip. I live in Durango. We try to make it up there every year. Thanks for all the videos; good work.

p00ters1 says:

bitcoin is going to the moon tomorrow $10,000. check the chart again. very bullish

stuntard says:

All those tabs open ✅

Rum Taraf says:


crypto bits says:

I love this guy

Aaron says:

Awesome vid! Clear, concise … appreciate the horizontal lines already listing lines of support and resistance. And story time was stellar … as always. That lake looks cold … but super inviting!

Cheeky Crypto says:

Colorado looks amazing! Best ta as usual.
Don’t you want to make a little section at the end of your TA in the next video with some of your favorite tunes/bands/musicians. I remember you mentioned someone in your interview about flow, just cant rember the name now.
Thanks for the content

Ubud High says:

The lake? Sounds like computer love…

caglebagles says:

When I see those Imgur tabs open I smile

sylance777 says:

Love your technical analysis, but I’m really loving your story times as well. Love the story of your partner and her background. Those are confirmations!

Marcelo Castro says:

Hey Dan , I hope to have the chance to visit this place one day, beautiful ! I did the Camino de Santiago in Spain by bicycle, Wonderful too, I have the impression that you would like it, thanks for the analysis and have a nice one Mate .

eric bell says:

Dan the tab man

Evan Hayford says:

Absolutely beautiful Dan! Wow ✌️

Kevin McKee says:

Well I get my first check from this concert ball game gig in morning. Hope it’s a bull break but it doesn’t matter I’m buying in morning. Bar tending at the Eagles jimmy buffet concert tomorrow night so I may just dunk this whole check minus 20 bucks. I’ve been seeing a tightening pattern happen in many cryptos. A couple are really trying to spike up I frequent. I’ll 10x this and keep it this time. I gave up 30% of my universal gains. I picked up ten percent back weening the last week of the low market. So Imcant call it. More money means bigger trades. I’m doing pretty ok for a six month newbie. I did really paper trade that small change. I wasn’t taking big orders. I started using my orders now I’m confident. I’ll be making money soon took a while to turn crumbs leftover into a whole piece of cake. A whole piece of cake to trade I can start making money on eos with big enough trades. I’ve been in the under 1 dollar club. To get here. So yeah buddy let’s have a tiny bull break at the least so I can get the bitcoin atm fees paid for ya know that’s always my first trade to make. Hopefully I’m synced up to the market but it’s moving again just really slow. But more of my frequent trading coin club are trying to rise.

Jose Sanchez says:

Great stories you share with us. Thank you.

Stxtch says:

Just a heads up for Canadians: You can’t buy OTC in TFSAs and RSPs or you can suffer big penalties from the CRA.

Peter Angel says:

rambunctious: full of energy and difficult to control. 🙂

james mc cooke says:

It’s overrr

Kristofer Carrison says:

Wow, that lake!

eric bell says:

Bang bang shrimp vegetables fried rice surf and surf rollspiny tuna California roll ? Placing a take out order at a Chinese restaurant?

Robin Clerici says:

THX for TA but also for streaming sight seeing NICE!

Doctah J says:

Great as always. Thanks as always. & keep it up. 1

Chitlins Laundry says:

Thanks Dan!

Randy says:

Thanks Dan..When I become a better trader I will travel

dan smith says:

I like story time

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