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Randy says:

Thanks Dan

nachoman1631 says:

Loving the story time!

Jon Beal says:

Is there any instructional materials out there in trading bearish that you recommend? My brain just can’t comprehend how to make bearish entries. Unless that means me already being in a position, selling off and buying back in on the dip. Sorry for the dumb question!

Shazu Khan says:

Life is all about the experiences you will end up thinking about at the end. Thank you for sharing your life with us

Zencryptotrader says:

Am i the only one who press the like button before the video starts?

Monkey Tron says:

Show the bear with the “language” man, you are not broadcasting to children. Average age must be 25 to 59 no?

Mate Soma Pesti says:

You feel like an old friend Dan…and we never even met 🙂 I hope we will if you come to Europe. Thanks for the vid.

Ryan Kirk says:

Do good things!

AFINO says:

you’re amazing dude, seriously, these videos help out a lot

Tom stevens says:

thanks for the video Dan! and i totally dig the balance with storytime! just a reminder to keep everything around you including yourself balanced. thanks for the time you put in to all videoes you post!

Ryan Long says:

Where can you short in usa

Carl Hollier says:

Love the travel storys, great pics too.TA not bad too lol

Mark says:

Where do you trade canadian mj?

John Flemming says:

Hear your thoughts on bnb/btc when you do your alt video myboy! I mean. If it’s possible. Ya beauty. Please. N thanks.

BlakesgoneBananas says:

Cool stories Dan, Thanks for the great daily content. I grew up going to the redwoods every summer. If you didn’t already know; the term ‘widow-maker’ originates from loggers in the redwoods referring to those massive falling pinecones. Apparently, they can be deadly! Aloha from Hawaii

Michael G. says:

Thanks for the update and awesome story Dan.

I really ought to take a few months to tour the western US sometime.

Ace G says:


Gordon Reyes says:

im struggling finding opportunities. im in australia and my exchange i use doesnt have a stop loss feature. i cant find another exchange that trades BTC to AUD. if i use coin base i cannot sell into the dollar due to being in Australia only option i see is trading btc with other crypto. what would you suggest?

Andrew Mills says:

Great video Dan as always I managed to time my short entry based on your previous video from 6680 closed a couple of hours ago at 6150 could of got a little more but wasn’t worth the risk thanks man and stay away from them grizzlies for sure bro 🙂

Carla V V says:

I’ve been there. It’s a beautiful place.

Nocturne says:

I love me a feast. So Dan, you have been talking about the weekly EQ for months, now that we broke it bearish, you hardly mention it. You said we would enter a 3-6 month bear market with the break (I agree) – so why dont you mention the EQ break? We won’t make a higher low, but a lower low with the break, right?

Btw – I have only been trading biotech stocks the past two weeks with 25% gains 🙂

Philson says:

Dan the storyteller. The tale of the 3 amigos.

frozenstrawbs says:

too easy.

Image 360 Studios says:

Thanks Dan for sharing your unique beautiful nature experiences!….reminds me of many of my past Gaia connections

chico280 says:

I had been holding a little cash but felt it was going sideways for a while longer, so yesterday I paid ny credit card way down lol. And this happens! Of course! That being said, last weekend I loaded up the camping gear and it was either Yosemite or the coast and I chose the coast. Bodega bay. I’m ready to do the same thing again. Was considering Yosemite but wondered how easy I could find a first come first serve camp spot. But I may just do the redwoods instead from the sound of it there should be camp spots. Thanks for the vid. Trying to keep positive.

Unknown Now says:

Highway 1, oh my, it’s heaven on earth. I am in San Francisco Bay area. Love your story:)

Hammy Powdered eggs says:

that looks like the double rainbow camping site – lovely trip

Ceedy says:

Talking about real bear experience in a bear market, awesome 🙂

Geeza 1589 says:

Hello Dan. I’m from the UK and interested in the mj markets, can you recommend any brokers I could use?

Tom Gemza says:

“banana slug orgy” is all I got from this vid.

vance v says:

so bulls buy low sell high ,sorry for this ,but what would the bears do to score not catching that move

Mike Skuthan says:

Bears in the market, bears in the woods… it’s too much. JK. I have to get out to see those trees though, that looks amazing and peaceful.

skeeter042 says:

Thanks Dan!

Mike Conn says:

Great call with the LTC recovery. Cash again…..

MrBrutality says:

Great content.

Sonix711 says:

Cheers Dan – Always so informative and professional !!! :)Crypto is lucky to have you – thanks for all you do !!! 🙂

USBitcoinServices.Com says:

Wow, cool video, new good things will happen soon, the market is reacting better now, so the same good thing is happening with privacy coins like Zcash or DeepOnion, Rising popularity too!

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