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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Evan Hayford says:

Poor Dan… one hit wonder? Take a look at the Pink Floyd chart so you can see the truth. Jk ✌️

Crypto Gardener says:

From gazing at crypto charts every day for 7 months it looks like we are getting a bull run soon of a few weeks. That’s my guess.

Didem Özdemir says:

Thanks Dan. Appreciate the great work and valuable information in between TA. Just keep it coming.

Fred Stege says:

Thank God you don’t trade Pink Floyd! ((; [At least on fundamentals]

Blah Blah says:

Thank you!

Seb says:

Please add digibyte to the odd analysis! 🙂

mason gray says:

are we just not gonna mention how funny the whistle was? hahhahha

Mike Skuthan says:

Wen darkside? LOL

John van Meer says:

Hi Dan, awesome vid as always! Would be cool if you could squeeze in some comparisons with traditional markets like you did before when Btc and stocks were looking simular and one (seemingly) predicting the other.
And what is your opinion on an impeding GFC when looking at the charts?

mister swiss says:

Great wisdom to close out this video. It’s those tid bits that keep me watching even during sideways periods. Love it man keep it up.

Justin Malabanan says:

BTW awesome videos. Been following you for almost a year now. Keep up the great work!

Crypto info says:

Great vid buddy! Love your videos

Brandon Gonzalez says:

Aslo in a ETH swing trade with ETH too, in at 546.

Sea Rae says:

“HEY! Teacher, leave those kids alone!”

Tejaswi singh says:

Hi… Sir please my channel subscribed

Enmanuel Castillo says:

Zilliqa is the most perspective coin of 2018!!! Buy it, gulls, while the going is good! If you have no money, receive them in airdrop. Everyone has to have this coin! It will make minimum 50 X-es!

Hartham Jonas says:

Thanks for your vids man. One of the few cool heads in this space and a pure trader. On Youtube other crypto channels just do not match up. Clickbait titles, stupid thumbnails, all about the hype, permabulls etc. With the exception of maybe “The Crypto Sniper” (Open to other suggestions too).
Anyway I bought the crypto alert system just to show support mainly, but finding it pretty cool. Keep doing what you do!

Aider says:

Bitcoin have not found the bottom yet, it’s gonna crash again soon.

Justin Malabanan says:

Where are you trading MJ stocks?

Levi says:

Dan, do you have any concerns about a possible currency crisis here in the US? If so, how do you hedge against this possibility?

btc-hunter says:

Awesome video. Thanks Chart Guys. We’ve included you
in our daily BTC TA update. Love the work that you
do. You can find our summaries of different TA Analysts

Today’s summary update with your views included:

Kaka KarrotCake says:

If you thought he was serious about Pink Floyd then you probably lie somewhere on the autism spectrum

Alex Schamenek says:

Hahahahah. One hit wonder. The greatest band of all time with three albums on the number one spot, one of them being the album with the longest world record of all time…. 736 weeks on the top 200 chart. That’s FOURTEEN YEARS!!!!!!!! Dark Side of the Moon was one of the top 200 albums in the world for FOURTEEN YEARS!

Yeah. One hit wonder. LOL


love the shirt!! Yes, Pink Floyd is wonder band! Do not ever cut your hair!

Ryan Kirk says:

Pink Floyd. Is that the band that used to open for Milli Vanilli?

Rob B says:

Comfortably NUMB with EOS. See…. like I said, HODL until JUNE.

chad gogort says:

Pink Floyd, A ONE HIT WONDER? Dude, get a life! Haven’t you ever heard of “Imagine”, by the true “one hit wonder”, John Lennon. He probably would have written more, but he died (I think in a car accident, or cancer or something like that.)

Linnet Minnot says:

Please do not go back to the stock market. You have come to far. We need you.

mightyachilles1 says:

Dude thats why i love you, you always put your balls on the table and you re usually right.

Daniel Houle says:

Pink Floyd a one hit wonder…. Shame on you!

Andy Raman says:

Love me some pink floyd

stuartie007 says:

Thank you Dan . Very much appreciated.

bang your head says:

Ha. I was there for the 15 minute dump on ETH staring at the screen, but I decided to go to bed instead because I didn’t want to be in overnight. I showed ’em who’s smart.

I don’t understand how you can go all in. I attribute it to the fact you’ve been trading with the house’s money for 8 years, and I know what sort of awful misery I had to go through to get the money I’m trading with. I would rather die than do that again(not an exaggeration), but I suppose I could just try to find something less heinous. Thanks for another informative video.

Arnold Kressnig says:

Drop some djembe tracks there Dan!

Brandon Gonzalez says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Great updates!

gcoffey223 says:

Wait… did you just call Pink Floyd a one hit wonder from the 70’s?? You were kidding right??

Oh wait, I didnt read your comment below…. almost spit out some coffee when you said that, lol

Pen Nob says:

Where did you get that shirt?

bob miner says:

keep the good vids coming very helpful cant wait to join ur group

TC says:

Pink Floyd …One Hit Wonder…lol…you doing comedy now…:) Thx for all the vids…learned a lot form you.

Geoffrey Lavagnino says:

1 hit wonder? 1 decade wonder? almost down voted you just for that… almost.

James Marshall says:

Pink Floyd a 1 hit wonder? Syd Barrett wound be turning in his grave. Pink Floyd are the seventh best selling music artist worldwide.

Rob Igglesden says:

Top stuff.

Zack Roy says:

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nazrite0721 says:

Pink Floyd was not a one hit wonder.

Meta Vinci says:

Where is the buy volume of all the dumping coming down? 3 -4 days of diminishing 1D vol while prices rise… Makes me suspect. A lot of money sidelined even in this uptrend (bounce). I Play BCH rather than ETH because so much more upside gains vs BTC.. If it breaks that 1081 I’ll change to more bullish but until then we’re in a bear wedge setting up for an ending diagonal – which could also be a leading diagonal if it breaks. I hear your scare away theory but Exchanges will get buyers back if we turn bullish with conviction. The know how greed works. Herd them back with big green candles. Right now they’re covering expansion expenses shaking out retail with the uncertainty. My 2 cents. Thanks for your zen approach. You seem so familiar? Did you ever tour with the Dead back in the day?

Katieli Teu says:

Thanks Dan!

Vic H says:

Thanks Dan! As always great to know your thoughts. Made a great entry thanks to what I learned from you. Now working on my stops…got stopped out too soon. Finished your courses and now patiently waiting for an entry to your member’s room. Love Pink Floyd and sarcasm too!

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