Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/18/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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dorian font says:

Past predictions on the future of bitcoin were wrong nobody saw the big boom coming, there’s most definitely a huge surge on the way and only the wise can see it. the best step to take now is to increase your wallet and not just hodl. i’ve gone from 4 BTC to 11BTC in just 2 months thanks to my mentor Mr wallace’s intelligent trading strategies. and i’m sure i’ll be ready this time

Bill Meyer says:

I think your (very) short term day trading small profit locking is best strategy for this market

Philson says:

Bart Simpson is back in the house!

Abelhinha De Mel says:

I loved your final message!

Anne D says:

Good for your mother!!! It’s a good help 🙂

Blah Blah says:

I think that my moods are affecting bitcoin. I am going to chart my moods, and I’ll get back to you

Tolga says:

Thank you!

Clemdane says:

Oh it takes a lot more than that to get off Diet Coke. It’s my Mom’s reason for getting up in the morning. She says that first taste of the day with a dash of lemon when you have a dry Arizona thirst is like Heaven shining down on you.

Taha Nasser says:

Great analysis as always. Dear Bulls, please pull off at least a half decent bounce. The downtrend is getting boring and is suppressing gains in alts too.

Doing good things: I stopped a spider from drowning on the side of the sink today. It was ridiculously small, one of the smallest spiders I’ve ever seen (maybe newly hatched?). I noticed it as soon as I walked to the sink, which is really weird considering how small it was. It took a good 5 minutes of soaking up the drop of water that it was being trapped by using tissue paper. Even after the water was all soaked up, the spider seemed to have a problem with its back left leg, which was folded under its body. After another five or so minutes of gently nudging it to move, I got kind of frustrated and spontaneously said “come on!”. Immediately, the sound of my voice seemed to jolt it into movement so I did it again and again. Pretty soon it was wizzing all over the piece of tissue paper, which was pretty cool. Even more cool was that after a few seconds of running all over the tissue paper, it climbed straight to the very top of it, pointed itself in my direction, paused and lifted its front right leg for a good second before wizzing off again. I’m pretty sure it was a little thank you. At least that’s what I like to think anyway. Haha

CryptoJourno says:

Hey “dumb buyer”? Was it you who bought BTC cheap to squeeze the bears and make money with BTC futures? That is what some are suggesting – that this big, shinny bounce that had many amateurs calling the “bottom” was manipulation by one obscure savvy trader. I concur this was just a dead cat bounce – and that we will whittle down in coming hours and hit sub 6k-5k-ish in early July so bulls, don’t get too spiced up. If you can short BTC, do it so you don’t drag any more bags. I am shorting BTC on Bitmex and not doing too badly. When BTC makes that inevitable dive, I will sell all my alts and get them back cheaper (get free coins for when Papa bull market returns). I am recovering a 20k loss so far this year from the plunging alts – should have done this a while ago but like most humans, I learn the hard way. I have to wait until an asteroid crashes my head to act.

sstonger says:

Thanks bud.

Matt Smith says:

So Dan, do you think Diet Coke is a good thing or a bad thing? You kinda lost me at the end there.

Arlette Velovic says:

Thank you Dan

Bill Meyer says:

My theory…
They were able to manipulate the market down…
Now we are seeing the testing if they can manipulate the market upward and seeing what the reaction of traders will be.
At this point I trust very little in the Crypto Market.

Sonix711 says:

Cheers Dan !!! 🙂
Yeah, Its good to see some “mini-mooning” – fingers crossed the bulls can get that gate wide open soon !!! 🙂 Hope so… !!! 🙂

mike s says:

gave a homeless man $5

David says:

Dan, Bitcoin has longs paying for it. As in, people leveraging large have to pay every 8 hours or 12. Check time @ 12

Sha Wazza says:

May I compliment your vest today 🙂 Winter here 🙁

Alon Na says:

Hey Dan, do you think these bursts of buying might be considered as accumulation? Thanks for all your vids!

up grower1 says:

Much appreciated

Marco Aurelio Gallazzi says:

spot on

Pokepoke Fox says:

watch the link below. it was quite normal that we did not broke out. it was all clear on the table at least for myself:

ya no volume market is down etc. absolutly correct, short rsi too high…fomo kicks in at a certain point =) – for tone vays maybe 12k for me 6.5 is also great less 1x right.

Big Sinner Risk Ninja says:

Triple MACD divergence on BTC. Worth a longer term position on next pull back.

scarabams says:

Did you guys notice that te last 3 big pumps are at the same time of day the last 3 days? (17.00h CET)…

Tony Tian says:

Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work towards it, those were the words of Robert kiyosaki and this has been my watch word, when i got into the crypto currency a few months back, the first two months where horrible as i lost almost 4btc until i came across an investment system which i learnt how to use in a few days, making me over 2btc weekly i cant say i’ve not been successful,let me know if your still struggling or still not sure what your next move contact me for more information on margot1robbie@gmail

Dimissimo says:

thank you bro )

Mark Montoya says:

You would be a great hockey game announcer

Sonix711 says:

Man, that needs a theme tune I’m sure !!! 🙂

raversmash says:

Does the course come in a printed version or only digital?

Cheeky Crypto says:

Best analysis, and best positivity.

Philson says:

Perhaps these are the institutional money coming in.

Kieron McKay says:

Square has a large number of their POS systems in Los Angeles. Almost every new restaurant has one of their systems.

80sruler says:

It is funny that every big up and down spike can be triggered by a single trade as volume is so poor.

PoweredByChoro says:

Thanks Dan. Are you familiar with Dr. BJ Fogg’s work on tiny habits? I think you’d enjoy it, as it ties in with your #DoGoodThings for today.

whereitsat says:

Love your raw content! Where do you have your crypto in between these breaks. BTC…Stable coins?

FalconBeatbox says:

I think these bull breaks are fantastic to see, it still shows that we’re not headed straight down without a fight.

The fact that we’ve been sitting above 6k for a few days could show that we’re hitting bottom currently, and will hopefully see a little rally in the future as we meet the upper wedge, into a breakout, but this isn’t certain until confirmation.

Luke Duncan says:

Hey Dan, Not sure if you’ve mentioned it before, but I know you’re lower EMA is a (12) period, but what is the upper one? (26)? Thanks mate, love your work.

yeeluvspizza says:

Hi Dan, please consider elaborating a little more about what you would do and how you would do it once the bulls show back up. I’m sure many of your newer viewers and students would benefit.

Entering positions based on TA reminds me of poker with all of a hand’s moving parts.

ParShuffle says:

Someone needs to spred out their Tether backed purchases more.

norkis sanchez says:

Today the tokens came from airdrop Odyssey I will store coins till 2019) I feel reliance in serious growth )))

Sterling Soublet says:

Good thing I’ve been trying to do for a while now is to get my family to at least research, Paul Stamets, Dr. Robert Morse, Iridology, Teal Swan, SoCal Chiropractic, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, C60 and syncretism. So far unsuccessful. Someday soon maybe Dan the Chart Guy will be on this list. I already watch everyday so its bound to happen someday if its not already happening naturally.
But anyway maybe someone here could find some use from these sources of information. I’ll say that I have been on a mini quest to find a more natural way of living in order to potentially avoid major health complications further on in life. We think we understand health, which is part of the reason we are dying. An open mind disregards nothing. Everything is valid, you just have to figure which piece of the puzzle you are holding, and how it is connected to everything else. I’ve wondered down a hole. Here is a rope if you’d like to follow.
Thank you for your work Dan the Chart Guy.

Brett Nieman says:

Thanks Dan!

Johnny Martinez says:

Thank You New York….

Łukasz S says:

Very apreciate your analis. Thanks and keep up good job 🙂
Gretings from Poland

AA Crypto says:

See if your mom will try Spindrift… sparkling water with real fruit juice from Target (like 3 calories a can). Good stuff.

James Winsoar says:

It seemed to correlate with the news about Square getting their bitcoin licence in New York.

Jeff B says:

Greetings from Tonga – Hey Dan, as ever thanks a heap. Each one of your Vids that I watch I understand this space a bit more. I am sitting patiently. I saw what had happened to BTC when I woke but did not think to drill down and look at the smaller time frames….Lesson Learnt!! Off now to do a bit more of the entrance/exit course. On the good thing front, bought a box of dog biscuits to keep in the car (lost of stray dogs in Tonga – Strays but pretty chilled as they are island dogs). Cheers for now J

MrGuitarguru95 says:

Thanks for another solid video; Chartguys continues to be the best voice on the internet when it comes to teaching TA! Curious as to what are your 2 EMA ranges? Caught that you said 1 of them is EMA(12), but what was the 2nd one? And is there a reason for choosing those 2 EMA ranges?


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