Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/13/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Blah Blah says:

Thank you!

Jay Steele says:

OMFG!!! I can’t buy into this dip cuz my coinbase account is jacked up! can anyone sell me some crypto for cash??? looking for a $1000 of anything. thanx!

Aether Mass says:

GBTC premium has been ~10% higher than in the past few months. Generally, the premium averages around 60-65%. Recently, the premium has been between 65-74%. To me, this seems to indicate a demand for GTBC from retail customers at these prices. This market is small though; so less impactful than actual crypto markets.

Agreed on holding GBTC overnight. I rarely do this but there are times where it is worth the risk. Gaps can be bad or good. Balance is the key.

Hammy Powdered eggs says:

BTC was more oversold but ETH had the better bounce

Mathieu Chartier says:

Hi, do you use any leverage?!

Helder Carvalho says:

Thanks Dan have a good night!

Mark D. says:

small money playa!

Rob Archer says:

Dan. What’s up with the date of this video? Says February

Ian Harper says:

hilarious “do good things” at the end there Dan, got a chuckle out of me.

XBTEUR is the same story as GBTC. It hasn’t broken the weekly equilibrium yet, so you could say that europe is slightly more buillish on bitcoin than America

Roy M says:

i prefer to compliment the opposite sex but seems to work as good as hodling since december

Orbelosul Polar says:

What is your home town?

bang your head says:

Hey man, thanks again for doing these videos. I’m getting better at playing the bounces in no small part because of them. I still suck, but what I mean is my problems went from getting crushed and stopped out to profiting taking way too early. It’s a much higher class problem.

Donald Alforque says:

hi, what’s your ema settings? and those other indicators, i’d like to use it. thanks

Sonix711 says:

“A $6K break” – ha – sounds so positive – you mean a dump to $6K – ha – a $6K dump – thats BTC=$300 !!! 🙂 nnnoooo !!! 🙂

wicked vid Dan – please do keep it up – well appreciated !!! Cheers !!! 🙂

chico280 says:

Where to get news real time? These dumps happen and you’re left wondering what is the cause then find out later. It’s frustrating.

Sonix711 says:

Cheers Dan – wise words as eva… !!! 🙂

Alexei Kuzmich says:

Thanks for video. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com . So he is good how speak about him? Thanks

александр мелкунян says:

Thanks for video, tell the opinion on the arbitration bot bibitbot com .So he is good how speak about him? Thanks

Josh Eisenhower says:


jixing bian says:

if you can still live of normally even bitcoin goes to zero , i know it hurts , in my opinion holding is better idea , cause you can hold it for as long as before you die , bitcoin won’t go anywhere , 1btc still = 1 btc . oh yea you probably feel like you could buy such such nice things with those money , this is one time gambleing man , once you in crypto, if you win you win , if you lose , you learned lesson , don’t do it anymore , and i think most of us just bought crypto with money they can manage .

Geeza 1589 says:

Are you not calling the bullish divergence on these bounces?

Voyage & Hearth says:

Your do good things today was interesting because I was complimented on my shirt at a coffee shop today before watching this video. I’ll make sure I return the favor 🙂

mk private says:

another poor ass newbie technical “guru” spitting out a couple of month’s worth of education…you guys seem to reproduce faster than cockroaches……..

sciflyer67 says:

Followed on twitter today….I don’t know why I wasn’t following you long ago.Thanks Dan!

buddysai1 says:

Hey what was the journey you did after college? I just graduated and I am looking to travel the country while working some way

Helen Daly says:

Yaaay, I was waiting for this vid all day 🙂

Ariel Cruz says:


Tolga says:

Starting put more emphasis on swing trading on stock market, but keeping an eye on crypto as always. Thanks for your review Dan.

Futurestar33 says:


parabola says:

I just liked and shared!!

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