Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 5/5/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Biff Bifford says:

Which exchanges allow shorting cryptos?

Ecomotive Auto Spa says:

I think you really make it look easy TRade looking at resistance and suport Edith candle sticks history, would be great if you make more videos of others strong alts with high volume

Андрей Огнев says:

Flip over)) the Open ICO Telegram – round gathered over 70% of means in the span of just several days on ) These coins will strongly grow in price uniquely after floatation ) It is necessary to buy them while the going is good!

Tom Gentleman says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this Dan it’s very much appreciated

Delman says:

**NOTE** this is what worries me down the road… How US student loans could cause the next share market crash… So what’s made me look this up, on cnbc app, article saying this:
Rick Tallini didn’t worry much about the $55,000 in federal student loans he took out for law school in the 1990s. His future seemed bright.

Yet in the decades since he graduated, he’s struggled to find employment and pay the bills. His original student loan balance, meanwhile, has soared to well over $300,000.
So if, if the next economic crisis begins in US again, it could stem from this, likely start somewhere else, housing, or auto loans, or whatever, meaning, those in debt can’t pay mortgage, car loan, bills, and jobs start going again… This is alarming, given how many live paycheck to paycheck.. Tended to think this time, that err, start in China or Europe and hey still might… Wherever it starts, my worry is, and no good saying whoever they took loans out with will simply forgive them, i.e write them off, then puts pressure on them… No wonder one worse struggling sectors are banks of late, rates going up and they not hitting the ball out of the park, hmm… Trouble indeed…. It will no doubt people be one to watch and while I’m not saying rush out and buy physical gold just yet, certainly one to keep eye on… Any big dips in gold prices could be buying opp, cause you know lurking not to distant down the road is mother of all crashes surely, all because this lot won’t be able to pay off their loans ever… sad :(.. So do your research guys, cause this bull market can not go on forever and next recession could prove tough for those already in heavy debt… In other words, avoid banks or those that loaned out to these students, because even if do deals reducing interest, mean banks make less…

Marcus Wilson says:

personally…. I’d rather just throw 10k into LTC while it was at the low of 110ish this year, and just hodl until I don’t have to worry about money any more… or until LTC hits 25k. To each their own I guess, trading is too stressful and the stakes are too high for me… the possibility of losing coins because I sell too early is too scary for me lol

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

You gotta lock in those profits because they can evaporate at any time.

Technically Crypto says:

Very insightful on short positions!
Do you ever take long positions or do you always get out at the end of your trading day??

Ascaris Lumbricoides says:

At last Pavel Durov opened ICO for lesser mortals) Literaaaally for a couple of days they snapped up almost all tokens on

Wonderfulbricks says:

Could you please take a look at XRP?

ProtieuS says:

Enjoy the Ending’s of your Video’s ,

James B says:

How much USD profit is a good day for you if you don’t mind?

St_710 says:

How about at the 200 day its around 10075 ? think any more will enter the mkt between 10 and 10075

Злата Гаврилова says:

God bless me! As I please the Zilliqa – token. I want to invest in it all my savings! And they also have a generous airdrop

Max Olhovski says:

Hello. Yesterday I received tokens from airdrop Zilliqa What is it better to do with them? Is is better to sell now or store till the end of a year?

Sherif Amer says:

Hi Dan, can you include identifying candle patterns as reverse in trend starts, you only mention inside bars. Can you comment on other patterns only when you see them at end of a trend like doges and wishing star, hammer…etc it will help us get used to these patterns. I’m now good on inside bars 100% need to get used to more candle shapes and meanings. startsGreat video as always!!!

Joe Smith says:

Please do a video on what you look for in the order book to see what is about to happen.

Mark D. says:

let your winners ride… 26 years in this game…up over 100m

Neurogal says:

Very helpful description of shorts and short squeezes. Thanks Dan!!

RealJayJobes says:

Man I get out of ethereum and it doubles, I get out of litecoin and it breaks out. Geeeeeez. Just being grateful I see any gains at all lol.

Edit: I agree though, no major 10k break yet. Need a retrace.

Randy says:

Thanks Dan ..I never miss a video

Barrister Andrew says:

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никита голубев says:

Do not invest in bad coins! Choose only the perspective projects! Here is for example the ICO Telegram. This is the best variant

Arix says:

Nice!!! 😀 What’s your morning routine after watching the sun rise?

Samuel says:

Use your imagination!

Lucas says:

I sometimes find myself seeing the hourly RSI overbought and being afraid to enter so I wait for consolidation, but the first next thing I know the price is up 5%..

Саша Ьвькьа says:

Pay attention! Telegram token is on sale on 1.3 dollars now! Many analysts predict it 100-200 dollars in 2019

Bolek says:

Thank you Dan! I’m learning here from you more than in years of college. I’ll be happy to be learning from you for as long you’ll be doing videos and courses. It may sound overstretched, but I have to tell my sincere opinion: you are a blessing.


thanks for the short education! always good to hear your TA.

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