Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 5/23/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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andy _ says:

I like the honesty. Good to hear about your challenges and dealing with loss. Confidence!

sherman yeung says:

whats the name of the Indicator” Exponential Avg ” that Dan uses for LTC weekly ? thanks

Steve Friedlander says:

Dan, you’re a great multi-tasker !! At the 11:30 mark on ETH you said we need higher lows and higher highs to break out. Was it the lack of Bull volume that we couldn’t get a V recovery?

operarter says:

hahahaha what a crasy funny cute intro!!!! hahaha n1

Multirotor Go says:

MAN! I was think this same thing all night long I need to be able to set stop loss orders and at the same time limit sells because usually for me the market moves more at night when I am sleeping 🙁

Gabe Oz says:

Hey Dan, I recently found this channel and it has quickly become my favorite… Thanks for all the hard work!! your good deed of the day is also cool… Rememeber that by you posting a video daily is already a good deed but more importantly that we are saved by grace and not works…. good deeds are definitely good fruit though! 🙂 have a good and safe trip ! thanks as I don’t take this for granted!

restfulsole says:

We will see a full recovery wait be patient.

danilo damato says:

A chart that reaches its maximum peak for 5 days and then in the following 6 months is at -70%, is no longer credible! Bitcoin and other ctypto have cheated. The bitcoin system has become a new power of subjugation of the masses. Bitcoins are the new banks. Fight against new power. Fight against bitcoin system!

Cezar Calin says:

Hey Dan can you talk a little bit about ShipChain i will much appreciate.Thank you

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

There will be blood…….

xJordanMM Productions says:

Its not bouncing give up mother fuckers im scooping it up at 4800 u guys can keep wasting all ur money all u want

Voyage & Hearth says:

Dan, I notice you mentioned with Coinbase announcement and how they should add the ability to allow stop losses and sell limits at the same time. Are there any crypto exchanges that currently allow this?

Samurai says:

Naked Gentleman ! )))

tuzz91 says:

it was easy to fish this bottom…0.5 fib level of entire rally from 1 april to 6 may, almost perfect.
Now the question is: will it hold and we’re headed up or will we go to the 0.618?
In any case I have order stacked down there, just in case :p

DeadlyEsquire says:

LOVE the new intro!

MrMahuike says:

are you wearing short pants?

Mitch King says:

im digging the new short intro

Chris wicks says:

Major V shaped flush on its way.

Chase Brock says:

Cool graphic in the start!

handymannification says:

Slow grind down to 4k underway

Ben Fulker says:

Hey I didn’t get any notification about this video and I am subscribed and and have the bell rung. so weird

sebastian Alves says:

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Sven Geb says:

Yes! The answer to why you were playing ETH despite it being the weaker name. Thx!

Mark W says:

If we can maintain these levels, that would be nice, but it looks like a pull back :(.

Thegreatmutato says:

Nice Introoooo000

Lonnie Pate says:

the new intro is fire

Randy says:

Thanks Dan. Get some rest

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