Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 4/20/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Greg Ferguson says:

excellent video, thank you for explaining reentry. I think sometimes you are reading my mind on some of the questions I wish I could ask you that you explain in your videos

Arix says:

Thanks again!!!!! 😀

BlockBasher says:

So much good info here! Love the vids

Hock Your Ride Group says:

Do you have like a slack or member area where you update when you place trades ?

sherman yeung says:

MJ money !

Matt Holden says:

Thanks Dan great analysis as usual- been ou tin the sun in England today as it hit an all-time high for April of 27c (thats 80F to you guys)- hope its sunny where you are. Can you give an update on shipcoin at some time – they had some interesting news the other day

Erik R says:

I really appreciated your discussion of position management, scaling in and out, and timing trades. Thank you!

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Monster Bull Run……

Mark D. says:

I bet my hodl of eth since 8 has outperformed all your mickey mouse trades put together son!

Jim Cox says:

Dan–your vids continue to resonate more and more, and just set the bar for excellence in this space –thank you for all your good things and I’m on board for more good things! You should be proud of yourself and greatly appreciate what you do for everybody!

Deadly Virus says:

Are you saying that Ethereum is not a good investment?

Tolga says:

Took 3 pages of notes, glad to experience this break even if I’m not in a position. Appreciate the detailed teaching Dan.

Blah Blah says:

Great info, thank you

bob miner says:

Dan the man

galus14436 says:

Good taco money!

MyTH says:

Why didn’t BCH breakout like the rest of em?

Mike Skuthan says:

What? No goats? LOL

Pedro Franco says:

Dan. Why don’t you use specific coordinates on your trendlines? You can be specific down to the minute if you wanted to for the most accurate slope possible. I hate what you just did with that line I used to do that and it made me feel sick

Cosme Damian Martinez Rdz. says:

Taco money LOL

Jim Scheltema says:

Love the positive attitude towards life Dan. You make this a joy. “One world at a local level” – Jim

Voyage & Hearth says:

I agree with you that patience is hugely important before buying!

We should definitely wait for the trade to come to us and not the other way around. IMO buying on green days, while it can still be profitable if lucky and it keeps going, is the definition of FOMO. I’ll be patiently waiting for consolidation.

Thanks for your TA Dan 🙂

Chris wicks says:

Major Pump and dump of Roger Ver Bcash aka Btrash occurring.

robizzlor says:

Well, now it was 8900 😀

Gravel Pit says:

You got a kind heart Dan, a “do good things” movement would be well received. Thanks for your breakdown today.

202steezin says:

“…a five dollar flip, just to lock in some taco money…” some munchie money for the 420 boys

Mark Kramm says:

Since it is April 20th, shouldn’t MJ stocks be the big gainers on the day ;o)

Deborah Haley says:

Got a room for a week fo a homeless lady today Dan

PlanetMusk Vlog says:

Happy 4 20 dude. I thought MJ would pump today. oh well.

Anis Kochlef says:

My BTC price target $9500 see my charts at:

archhangell says:

@6:50 that’s me you’re talking about… Lol

roadstar499 says:

I will not be surprised if bit coin cash hits 1400 in 3 or 5 days… I am surprised litecoin is not going way up right now…in a few days everything could be even better…market is growing strong pretty fast imo…hope it continues at similiar pace rest of the year..I believe the bulls are growing in numbers every day!!

Ash Vecchio says:

I don’t trust this bro. Futures next week and unless we break 9k and close then 11k we can easily head sub 6k.

gib sonic says:

Hey Dan what do you think of NXS equilibrium atm?

Steven J says:

Can I become your student ?? Genius

Juan Luis says:

how you wave the gdax fees, everytime they charge me 30% on limit orders

Crypto Gardener says:

Do good things movement, Yes!

Nick Moore says:

Hey Dan, what makes you think the weekly eth pattern will break in June? You were absolutely spot on last year in pointing out the eth equilibrium weekly pattern between June and November and when it broke it was awesome, really drove equilibrium patterns home for me! If this is similar to that pattern last year, couldn’t it go on for longer considering the range it could bounce between? Just curious why you are looking at June as an option for when it breaks rather than later, because of BTC chart at all?

ronP __ says:

hey Dan what you think about starting re-build Purto Rico movement? I’m an ex-construction guy and “general all around knows how shit works”. Lets start a day trader funded commune to make the Island a good place to live for everyone?

Layla Thibault says:

Mj market please

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