Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Alts Technical Analysis Chart 6/30/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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xR0Mz says:

Awesome concise analysis again, thanks. You’re simply the best, please don’t ever stop. Too many shady TA gurus on YT.

Terrina Cowan says:

Thank you Dan. Still loving “Story Time”. Travel safe!

Victor Monzant says:

excellent analysis

Danny Clare says:

Do you see a cup and handle formation on the omg weekly?….looks good but a long handle?

Uncle Rico says:

Good ideas and tips with story time.. oh yeah and TA

TheChartGuys says:

Recorded about 5:50 PM Eastern Central Daylight Western Savings Equinox.

Александр Кюрчев says:

So what information do you know about ODYSSEY? I pitched upon their airdrop on So I received tokens today. Would it be better to sell them now or to hold on a long term?

Piero R. Pinatelli says:

Just what I was looking for!! Thank you!

Michael G. says:

Thanks for the update Dan.

Gee Willickers says:

very nice intro edit

Ryan Meunier says:

Hey Dan, I am trying to trading outside the crypto world, but it’s really over whelming, idk how to go about finding stocks that are good to trade, any advice?

David Montandon says:

Thank you Dan, excellent analysis, and stunning photos, love your story time!!

Neurogal says:

<3 your videos, Dan..instructional and inspirational - makes me want to escape to those beautiful spots that you talk about. Thank you!

CaptainYesz says:

A lot of shorts closed which provided fuel for this volume spike. I’m not fully knowledgeable so I’m not sure if that negates what needs to happen but it does make it retain bearish sentiment

expx says:

Tone Vays’ voice at the start of the video???

supernova1976 says:

Love your trip. thanks for the crypto update . God bless

Michael Christian says:

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Sonix711 says:

Cheers Dan – Wicked vid – love the pics – Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂


I advise to attract to ODYSSEY token) It can really make you rich) They promise a growth in at least by 20 X-es this year. Buy it on 50 dollars! Or it is possible to receive it free of charge using the airdrop

Semen Krotov says:

After I got 20 000 free coins from ODYSSEY airdrop –, I begin to put my faith in freebie :)))

RealJayJobes says:

“Mind ya business”

Marco Aurelio Gallazzi says:

The only channel and guy worth watching! He is a trader 🙂 keep going Dan thank you.

Bimse Smith says:

Thank you for showing the photos of your trip, I loved that !

hpgurgel says:

Lack of continuation? Very simple… That move was largely short covering rather than organic growth.. ..
Check Bitmex Rekt… There was a single position at over 6 mil and another around… Yes it could have created some momentum for the bulls but it gives the bears a chance to short it again.. Wake up people.. This ain’t the bottom.

shmorgis1 says:

hahah thats rad i was at 5th water hot springs the other day. probably just missed you

Informatica Seccion 4 says:

I admonish you to think about ODYSSEY! This is a good coin. Yesterday I got tokens from their airdrop I am planning to hold for a long term.

Tom Prillo says:

Thanks Dan

Informatica Seccion 4 says:

ZILLIQA as for me is on the 1-st place among altcoins! I put great rates on this token current year! Do not lose a chance to get tokens free of cost in their airdrop.

skeeter042 says:

With every story I feel more and more inspired to learn how to trade well so I can explore the world like you! Thank you for what you do!

da ss says:

Thanks Dan!

Klemen Rismondo says:

You guys should be called niceguys, not chartguys 😀 thanks for content.

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