Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin ALTS Technical Analysis Chart 4/22/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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roadstar499 says:

For easy money imo,,Best to pickup some bcash and sell it mid may when the fork happens and make approx 30 to 100 % gains … my guess it will be over 2k at time of fork

Kailash D says:

14:14 Lol Almost had a Freudian slip there, #Bitchcoin.

Michael Stuth says:


Billie Monroe says:

Thank you.

Voyage & Hearth says:

They’re so fluffy. Thanks for the update!

f f says:

You are awesome!

Steve Friedlander says:

You’re just an all around SUPERSTAR!! A real humanitarian! ❤️

Barnaby Graham says:


ind es says:

I really hope you dont plan to kill those beautiful creatures you are taking care of! it would really be a shame if you consider them “livestock”.

Lee Brittain says:

Great story!

Ben Androvich says:

Great video as always!! Thanks again for your thorough analysis. Continue to make great videos and do good things.

peter connell says:

Your a good guy, Dan.

Pwnsweet says:

Is coinbase volume on tradingview accurate now Dan?

Sanjay Ojha says:

Thank you Dan,
Do you also support Wild Animal conservation ? I am very much attached with wild animals, My Aim is to support conservation efforts made for them and I hope I can do this with learning TA from you. For now I have created a forum( ) where people can learn, discuss and understand them

Mohammed Bilel says:


Kieron McKay says:


Irvin Martin says:

Love this channel

John Flemming says:


Menno l'Abee says:

Why didnt you go all in on eth when it was so beat up? Didnt saw the bounch comming? Almost 80% now

kuzwaruh says:

Dan, thanks for the analysis. If BTC breaks up, will your trade be in BTC or ETH?

gowd gadury says:

Hi Dan
Set up your mates a Crypto wallet and deposit some coins that you think might be valuable in the future and give it to them

Roti Wokeman says:

Happy Earth Day, do green things 😀

Dinesh Nayar says:

Learning so much from you.. Thankyou so much!

Tanner Anderson says:

Thanks Dan, Always nice to hear the your stories as well.

Juli Collum says:

Yay! Thank you for posting the animals at the end! Looks like you’re in a really nice place. Enjoy your travels and post more animals! It gives it a little something extra, doncha think? 😉

Mrs T says:

Crypto + animals = winning! What a sweet goat 🙂

Timothy Lee says:

No fundamental or sentimental analysis. I’m shook

Veronique says:

love the story! Love your personality!

andy patch says:

Dan, if you don’t have a slot on CNBC/CNN/ABC/Bloomberg business in the next 5 years; I will honestly eat my hat and post the video on You Tube! You’re awesome dude; no-one yet I have seen; crams a more qualitative crypto analysis in fifteen minutes or so! And we get animals too, crypto-tastic man!

Rum Taraf says:

lovely ANIMALS!

Tom Luther says:

This is good video, i was lucky to meet Miles Andrew last month, and he traded for me with just $1000?? i invested and i made $8500 a week, this is mind blowing guys you can contact him via Skype and Whatsapp messenger *+1 518 655 9694*

A Poker Life says:

Dan, It’s called BCASH!

Peiyan Zhang says:

Real rookie here. Just start learning. Would you recommend a good chart website for BCH. Please do not laugh at me but my GDAX account doesn’t allow me to do any analysis…

Nima Pars says:

Thank you.

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