Bitcoin Ethereum IOTA EOS Technical Analysis Chart 6/5/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Steve Nicholson says:

Man, that Dan guy, He’s not very cool. He hates Pink Floyd, and gossips about other peoples potential gossip.

S K says:

For the BTC chart you used bitfinex values , I guess you were watching volume there and didn’t switch back to Gdax , not too much of difference anyway .

Jim Cox says:

Kindred spirits little bro- you have been an excellent mentor and strive to pay it forward and do good things! Rest assured – YOU are doing good things

mare1304 says:

Genuine Question: Doesn’t what you said at the beginning “disprove” all the patterns like head and shoulders and so on? Wheres the difference between the 6th pattern and other patterns like head and shoulder?

intiferino says:

your higher high higher low, lower low lower high made me understand a lot of TA and make my trading plans, ride the bulls… You made TA looks simple and fun to me!
Also the do good things is very inspiring !!

kuzwaruh says:

I’m definitely not a fan of talking about people, unless its a compliment, or a friendly sarcastic jab. Thanks for the update – and dope drum solo!

JDOG says:


Del's Life says:

Don’t give up the day job 🙂

Craig Collins says:

Thanks man

sherman yeung says:

I noticed an exponential cross and the macd cross on the 4 hr chart coming up. Is that a bullish sign happening very soon ?

shj1234 says:

Thank you very much! I always learn a lot from your videos. also helps me build confidence on my TA and open position

Jack Feeley says:

Great advice and great drumming. Keep up the good work. Best youtuber IMO

Chase Brock says:

Perfect rhythm both on TA and drum!

DgibsHardstyle says:


DJUCH says:

Damn, thought you were really in a band! haha

Dj Tyson sherif cnx says:

Have you given up on ltc?

Hector The Collector says:

Best video yet, it would be killer to get a crypto drum circle going!

Diastrus says:

Saw a guy last week in the houston airport that looked exactly like you dan, also was the day after i had my first lucid dream. Probably a correlation there

David Devai says:

Hey Dan can you do EOS TA compared to BTC? I prefer the sats comparative due to BTC fluctuations. Thanks for everything!

daniel Cardwell says:

That ending wooohhh

Randy says:

Dan..Love the one man Band!!! You had me laughing

bigmac375 says:

geeked out at the end lmao

tdottim says:

The 4 hour volume looks pretty different on Bitfinex. Lower green volume on the recent bounce.

Bret G says:

The drum solo, OMG, I laughed so hard!!! Thank you for making your videos about more than just crypto – I can honestly say I have done more good things because of your reminders. People like you make the world a better place.

Jake Carmichael says:

I love your masks

Yaseen Lanka says:

I got stopped out, never going to use them again! From next time on, only soft SL

Chris Dioguardi says:

Great video, per usual! Is the Flippening nigh? Either way, I’m ready for the ride! Thanks for the vid bro

bobgrinshpon says:

I unsubscribed to every crypto channel that suggested that price action may occur on the 6th. Thank you for thinking for yourself, and not being a broken echo chamber of delusion

Christiaan Kriel says:

Mr level headed Dan. Love your work! I have truly learned a lot from you and will defnitely invest in your courses asap. Stay blessed.

ImBuddhaD says:

Authenticity is one of the single best personality traits and you’re essentially drowning in it.
It’s a pleasure having your wise words flow into the living room . Thanks for all your help.

milton enriquez says:

Dan the chart man is ripped!

CryptoRICK Honey Badger says:


bob miner says:

Thumbs up if u think DAN is the MAN!!!!

John Thomas says:

That was a real good thing you did …when you showed your band,,,LM/SSo

henry X says:

u r so funny. lmao

eric baudendistel says:

More Djembe…. & cowbell..

Ionescu Cristian says:

Rage against the dojis, the song for gains.

Ben Androvich says:

That was AWESOME!!! Legitimately laughed loudly at the drum sequence! Hilarious, actually really good drumming and as always, spot on analysis! Amazing

Mo Mulla says:

lol, i wish you’d have put that outro as the intro… some much joy!!

archhangell says:

Best crypto channel!

Brendan Paul says:

Thank you!!! After watching everyday for a few months I am understanding pretty much everything you are saying now and am starting to develop my own strategies based off of some of yours. You da man!

Tolga says:

Thank you Dan, feels good to be back.

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