Bitcoin Ethereum IOTA EOS Technical Analysis Chart 6/14/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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4444 1313 says:

Never seen a better example of you snooze you lose.

andy patch says:

Doing good things: I am a listening volunteer for the UK Samaritans, it’s kinda like the suicide hotlines you have in the U.S. It’s not an easy role, but there are a lot of depressed people out there that need support. Great video Dan, thanks.

Mista Mase says:

Useful content as always Dan. Could you possibly do a video on managing position sizes/risk management? and when to precisely pull the trigger for a trade for the best entry

Saurabh Porwal says:

Pls let me know the chat room . I would love to be a part of it

Jason Sight says:

Dan is the best!! But I have to listen at .75 cause he talks so fast.. haha

Елена Феклистова says:

Zilliqa is the most perspective coin of 2018!!! Buy it, gulls, while the going is good! If you have no money, receive them in airdrop. Everyone has to have this coin! It will make minimum 50 X-es!

Michael Lay says:

You’re more than the chart guy to us Dan, you’re Dan the Man. Thanks for all you do.

Lucas says:

Finally some light at the end of the tunnel!

rocketphewl says:

have a great trip brother…

John Thomas says:

When is national bitcoin day?

Dean Hartland says:

Don’t ask how I know but Ethereum futures in weeks.

Sean Harvey says:

is there any way that this weekly EQ pattern continue , and that break out was a fake out ?

Eric Brooks says:

Yes, EOS got enough votes to launch its mainnet blockchain. See:

Mind दर्शन says:

Mene aapka chenel subscribe kar diya hai aap mere chanel ko bhi subscribe kar do please

Ian Harper says:

Hi Dan, Similar to yourself I got stopped out before that bull move. I was trading BTC. I initially put my stop at $6248 but decided to move it up to $6358 anticipating that price to be the new higher low of the short term uptrend. I ended up getting stopped out right before the big bull move. This goes back to what I said on your other video about the tight stop losses, they work against you, but you seem to do it often. Would you recommend other traders do as yourself or is it just your trading style where you don’t want to give anything back? Thanks

Martin Lazarov says:

Ahaha, I also fall asleep as the news came. Lost opportunity of 500 EUR. Was wondering while sleeping, what were all those ring bells coming from my PC…

shivercanada says:

You sir are a BLESSING.

Chris Dew says:

how does this mean eth is all of a sudden ‘working with the gov’t’ and will be giving ‘backdoor access’?? backdoor access to what??? it’s a decentralized blockchain with open-sourced code…what exactly are you talking about??

skilledbadhabit 1 says:

I feel sorry for those people that sold at 90 lol. Holding is not losing money in the long term.

Josh Stacy says:

You are the man bro. Best in the space

Mark D says:

What are your EMA’s set to? Love your vids

Ionescu Cristian says:


frozenstrawbs says:

pretty obviously gonna be a massive bull trap

Sonix711 says:

fufundamental – thats wicked !!! 🙂 FAF 🙂 4:45ish – really sorry… 🙂

floyd says:

Safe travels Dan..

PoweredByChoro says:

Happy Father’s Day this weekend to all the dads and caregivers! #DoGoodThings

Amrit Sidhu says:

which ema settings are you using

Oliver Torres says:

Thanks Dan. Enjoy the reunion. Safe travels

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