Bitcoin Ethereum BNB BCH Technical Analysis Chart 7/24/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Daniel Elliott says:

Who else here would love to have a beer/coffee/smoke with Dan?

Clemdane says:

Let the carrot dangle. Kinda hoping I get another chance to buy lower.

hpgurgel says:

Orchestrated pump by the whales, exchanges and miners using this ETF bs to lure retailers into their trap… There was absolutely no fundamental change to save btc from recently hitting 5k at the very least….. therefore no reason for it not to carry on the downhill from 5.7k but it bounced off there with the help of the criminals who manipulate this market.

TheChartGuys says:

Recorded wicked good at 5 PM Eastern

Old Fart In Crypto says:

Great content!

knightgern says:

Thannk You for bitcoin and. Can you do ripple?

Coinspiracy Couch says:

Nerd Bird says “buy bitcoin”.

Daily Crypto News says:

love this channel

Thomas Godber says:

Thanks, Dan, excellent stuff!!

Randy says:

Thanks Dan

NumptyInIsaan says:

These step by step delays are going to create fantastic swings in price.

miscellaneous says:

I am beginner and I am just trying to scratch my head about bitcoin ETF. Can anybody explain what a bitcoin EFT is and why is it a big deal? Thanks for your replies in advance.

Hades says:

if btc corrects it could flow over too alts?

Henk ter Linde says:

Thanks Dan. Appreciate it as always. Like your approach. You need to travel to collect new travel stories though. 🙂


Smart dude

Deborah Haley says:

1st lol. I’ve missed you. Been out of state. So glad to be back. Thank you my friend. Fixed a car today for a broken down single mother

danibrayt says:

Dan I am learning a lot with your simple and very effective trading style! I traded Forex 12 to 20 hours a day from 2005 to 2010…Had fantastic mentors, made a lot money. Changed my life style completely.

Back to trading again 3 months ago. I am so glad I found TCG-TheTradingGuys. Signed up immediately to your signals. Bought the 2 courses. Did not have time to go through them yet. I also go through all the videos you published here in Youtube!

From my previous trading experience I only use additional to your style the fibonacci levels. They are very powerful.

There are some similarities fo Forex, but BTC is a different beast…Digital Gold. it takes time to dominate it.

Market cycles, sentiment shifts, current market conditions, switch perspectives…


andy patch says:

Love that Nerdbird! And the analysis as always is spot on, thanks Dan.

Ace G says:

What consolidation lol…this is a quick breather b4 the next leg up

Cutie4Blockchain says:

Thanks for the update 🙂

Yosemite Sam says:

Most trusted name in TA crypto!

Chuck G says:

Look forward to these videos when I sit down for dinner. Thanks!

Ivan Prutsko says:

Well, it looks like that the bull move is over and we are in distribution phase, no more bull move before we will retest $6800 area

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