Bitcoin Dec 4th Technical Analysis – Stay Bullish Long Term

My new course #2 is now live on Udemy.

It shows my trading style with intermediate to advanced strategies you’ve seen me use to make consistent profit every week in the market. It also has a high emphasis trading psychology.
To purchase with a credit card on Udemy:

Step 1) For Course #2
Use this link to access course #2 with password: philakone

The password is my name: philakone

For Course #1. You need to understand course #1 to learn course #2)
Use this link to access course #1 with password: philakone

The password is my name: philakone
To purchase with cryptocurrency. Note that there may be a delay of up to 24 hours to process.

Step 1)
Send $190 in crypto to the following of your choice:

BTC Address: 357j3P2CuybfWh13V4uig9TJDJdqiR8CMx

ETH Address: 0xc7a004b214db83bb05eee99f3d0e06ad02b858fc

XRP Address and Tag: rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm / Wallet: 120086840

LTC Address: LL7misJsxX8kDzjnbvxupetVykCP58B1ZD

Step 2)
Once payment is sent, please send me a screen shot by direct message on Twitter of your transcation directly from your exchange. If you also reply to any of my tweets #udemy, I’ll DM you as soon as I see it too.

Step 3)

I’ll send provide a free voucher to access the course.
I look forward to seeing many students in the class.

Note: If you send the wrong amount by accident, I cannot refund crypto for security reasons since my withdraw is always 100% locked.

I also offer a support group that runs for 4 months from November 2nd to Feb 28, with spaces limited to only 1,000 students, where I’ll dedicate the next 4 months to answering every single question you ask. This support group can be accessed for 4 months for $195.


Tee Kz says:

Have a nice vacation Phil =). Happy holidays ….

Eric says:

25:08 400%* richer. percent increase =)

MrSentello says:

Have a great flight! Be safe

Crypto Bum says:

YeaY to getting some yellow vest.. i been watching whats happening over there i see more crypto adoption happening cuz of this.

cryptomaniac says:

why aren’t you investing in mining? are you mining?

Yan Lau says:

that Laos papaya salad tho is fire.

CryptoBRO BITCOIN Analysen says:

fibonacciiiiiiiiiiiiiii fibinociiii fiiboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonacciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

jay pal says:

You’re getting me pumped!

key11207 says:

thank you philakone for everything you’ve done

GiC7 says:

Hi Phil, you gave us a lot of good news, but these is the best. You giving your parents a vacation that’s the best news. You are indeed a great brother and you will be blessed for your actions. Amen and have a safe trip . Hi Sarah

bitcoiNSA realzz says:

3400 on gdax for 3rd of 5th of larger 3rd finishing at 3220 for end of large 3rd……

math math says:

I am doing amateur eliot analysis and it gives me courage to be in the same opinion! thx bro you are great thx for videos!

lila Bultel says:

Hi Philekone, Be careful while in Paris not to be in the middle of some ultra violent faschists who want to take opportunity of of French people demonstrating for their rights because it can be very dangerous… Enjoy Paris my home town

the nforcer says:

Great video, some excellent advice towards the end. Thank you!

CryptoBRO BITCOIN Analysen says:

did u show sarah already your little bear mamawhale?

sam says:

Philakone i hope you know that Venezuela is currently going through the largest human migration of this century. Dont think its appropriate to make jokes when thousands of people are dying

matthewpai says:

Hey Paris is in the midst of large riots …. fyi

Ben D says:

lol at the yellow jacket joke

Matt Mortenson says:

ww3 might start in Venezuela I’m thinking

jacob mason says:

Why paris? its a shithole full of third world migrants.

cryptomaniac says:

i hope she is not in for the money and you can stay togehter for a real relationschip, Keep up the good work on your TA!!

Kirgwa says:

Please avoid Paris center if you’re still there on saturday the gilets jaunes are pissed

Andrei Calina says:

Hey man! Do you buy other cryptos long term beside BTC?

PilatuS23 says:

Thank you for the video. Btw, since you like nightmode on most things i see. YouTube also has a nightmode, way better than all that white.

Tradingis Fun says:

Have a great trip to Paris. Many places to see you will enjoy it. BTW Best place for Pho is Paris 13

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