Bitcoin Cash technical analysis – Elliott Wave tutorial (Trading psychology)

Hi guys, quick tutorial here on the Elliott Wave trading pattern & the psychology behind buyers & sellers for this formation to happen.

For this video I use the chart for Bitcoin (BCH) vs USDT one hour candles from Bittrex.

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Ojidur Rahman says:

Thank you. Please keep the videos coming. I’m very new to this and these tutorials really give me a direction on what I need to learn

dobe4ever says:

Hi guys, it’s important that you guys read the comments on my youtube videos & steemit post for extra info. I talked about this possible Elliott Wave in my comments section yesterday, of course nothing is confirmed but it’s always something to consider.

I also called for the $920 as a target well in advance to consider taking profits & not buying back in again.

Reading comments & participating can give you a lot of info not only from me but from other users who know a lot as well.

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Kirill Pushkin says:

Hi Dobi. Great work as always. Just a quick question. How can one predict if a peak retraces back to 38.2% or 61.8%?

Luke Foster says:

Thanks for the video, what happens past point C?

Cryptovisuals says:


Yoloniex says:

i would accumulate maybe if it consolidates at the level of wave 4 – good vid again

Angel Gomez says:


Geoff Gartner says:

I don’t want to scare you… but you could probably make top five on youtube for doing this.

TrophyFlag says:

Good one! I noticed NEO has similar pattern and appears to have completed the ABC correction wave and starting to go up again. What do you think?

Elena Tustanovskaya says:

If we consider waves of Eliton this was the third wave and now there is a correction (wave 4) You claim that the correction will end at point C but the wave 4 is usually long, And the adjustment will be perhaps much deeper. The levels Fibbonaci 0,618. What do You think about that?

Ishitonsony says:

Trading is always a losing game. Only 5% make money if any.

Zo Ran says:

Head and shoulders pattern at the top…

dobe4ever says:

Download my premium video tutorial & learn how to navigate any market for any coin at any time. Following these steps from start to finish you’ll learn how to find high probability targets. Price is $8.50 (BTC, ETH, BCH accepted):

Anders Larsson says:

Very helpful, once again big thank you for another insightful video

Takumi says:

Right on, thank you! Sold my in time at B level.

Freddy Vis says:

You’re so smart! I’m just getting in to crypto (bitcoin) with 10k+ in disposable funds. Your videos help me a lot in understanding the market x

Ging De says:

I bought near the 3rd peak, I am such a noob.

David Bell says:

I hadn’t noticed the Elliot wave forming, but I could see the volume drying up so I elected not to get involved in the last trade. It is so good to have your tutorials to bolster my knowledge, I feel like I’m starting to get the knack of this, and this is largely thanks to you. I look forward to every new video of yours.

Joe says:

Tone Vays hates eliot wave and says anybody who uses it should be fired :/

but is there a way to short bitcoin cash that you know of?

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