Bitcoin BTC November 15th Technical Analysis. Time for Caution

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The password is my name: philakone
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Rick Deckard says:

8:01 The “NAIL” that sticks up gets pounded down.

Tristian Cnc says:

Sooooo, how much 😀

daniel wood says:

I dont think any “akumolation” is happening but maybe a bit of accumulation lol

BukCityEnt YungWorld says:

Eminem “Space Bound” one of my fav.

puppy love says:

No Offence bro but TA is a load of BULLS#IT!!

Christophe Herbourg says:

Thanks buddy for sharing your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and even your losses 🙂 You say we should trust no one in this game and you’re right. But from all the crypto guys I follow, you are definitely the one I mistrust the less 🙂 I’m in Marseille by the way (really appreciated the merci joke) at the moment, feel free to contact me if you want to get a coffee near le Vieux Port or wherever you like!

4skinJ says:

we’re not scared boss….. we’ve been waiting for it to hit 5000 or 4000 for the last 10 months

BTC is going down to 4K and we all know it 🙂

my first buy order set in april is 5.5K and it got set off today… next are 5.25, 5, 4.75 and 4.5…. and they will ALL go off…. patience my friends.

BTC has NEVER had a high in an even numbered year and it NEVER will

Chip Dog says:

FIBONACCI!!!! FIBONACCI!!!! FIBONACCI!!! Squeeze my nipples!

J Le says:

3k when

Nikita Sokolov says:

Some dank weed y’all are smoking

Chita 21 says:

thanks phil…

Nikita Sokolov says:

…super duper serious”))

Michael Imp says:

As a complete noob I got liquidated on Bitmex after 5 days like half a year ago LOL

Andrej Čolak says:

This day, BTC prooved it is not decentralised,if one man can cause this dump.

Rocky G says:

Also follow “Krown’s Crypto Cave”, the guy is the most realist unbiased trader/investor out there.

Kelvin Tan says:

Thanks for updating Us Bruh!

Tania Hernández says:

Ty for your time and TA, mamawhale!

welshcrypto south says:

Mama Philakone always nails it to the t on his ta video. Thank you bro I’m waiting for wave b then go long for nice small profit.

Epik Sauce says:

Ty, for spending your time and giving us your thoughts / TA. The fomo to buy the dip is strong. I guess I’ll sit on the sideline and set my stop lost.

Johan Hoffman says:

Philakone Thank you so much man … good (and fun) insight only Mama Whale can give us … very much appreciated..

Cryptolight says:

We LOVE you Philakone. Your one of the BEST traders I know and Ive been through many of them.

Cryptolight says:

Philakone, Your the BEST, but I do have to say you are too Optimistic! BTC Whales and CORE are working together to crash BTC (break historical market structure and you are going to see a 2500BTC). Mark my words: BCH will overtake BTC because the GOV wants it that way. Something in the code! BLESS

adam Van Meekeren says:

wen lambo?

J K says:

check this guy, and his video (latest link to it here):

MrMahuike says:

why do you keep moving the chart around…im getting sea sick

Kim Tran says:

Great as always!

David G says:

Hey Phil, great job on the content. I am in a few bitmex trading groups, and stop-losses dont always work there. Seems that sometimes when the price drops quickly it jumps right over the stop-loss and liquidates.

geeetube says:

c’mon man, lomg time subscriber here… you said a serious video then you act like a 40 year old virgin all the way through it coz you finally have female company…. the word serious has a meaning…. i’ll pass on this vid (20 mins into it)and wait for the next

Andrew Z. says:

Awesome Video Mama Whale !!!! And it was so much laughing for us also when you had fun with Sarah there HAhaHAhaHAha :))))

Pedro Amaral says:

Mama whale! With that amount of shorts, if the whales decide to push it up wouldnt it activate all those stop losses which in turno would shot it up? perhaps the pricks manipulated the whole thing to increase position and use the shorts stops to make it go up and they will make even more

Joel Smith says:

You’re dating Asa Akira?

Harsh Pandya says:

Question: how long will the bears maintain with Bakkt coming up next month?

Rob 781 says:

Yeah i got screwed. One tweet from Dr Craig S in regards to BCH and threatening to dumping enough BTC to take price to 1k, basically killed the market.

Nico Casado says:

you are the men….thank you for your analysis and songs

couga8888 says:

7:44 the majority of Bitcoin is owned by a few thousand people, not tens of of millions of peoples

Jeffrey J Byron says:

your loss, was it not protected by SL?

LeGenDv23 says:

You’re the best man! Appreciate you!

Chucky says:

bitmex, etc are crypto casinos and should be banned.

crypto superninja says:

I’am pleased that you enyoing your life

The Magicman says:

*cough cough… market manipulation.. into the biggest bull run in history… bitcoin: is coming home baby!

I will only call this once in a lifetime.


Great video, good info. And yes shes a very pretty girl, and I guess you could say shes smart too, right? Because shes hanging with the kid. Thanks for the video

key11207 says:

thanks again for your input

IAM TECH says:

19:19 idk why.. but I laughed too.

Nícholas Santos says:

Thank you, sir, excellent explanation.

subzero says:

Let’s hope after the fork we get some kind of bullish move for btc like last year

archhangell says:

am so bloody screwed atm….but it always brings a smile when I watch your videos. thanks

bangkokskater says:

XBTUSD is the one with Volume, XBT no volume, diff futures

Muhammad Tariq says:

Philakone you doing great job! very helpful for lot of new traders like me.God bless you bro!

Lo Dog says:


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