#Bitcoin Breaks Resistance – Why the sell? (Technical Analysis)

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Bitcoin breaks through resistance and then promptly sells. Why? Isn’t that supposed to be support now? What caused the sell and how can we anticipate future moves in Bitcoin?

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Please NOTE: I am not giving financial advice, I am not recommending, encouraging or discouraging you from investing at this time or any other time. I am only presenting my view of the market based on my experiences which you need to evaluate and make a decision on according to your personal strategy.


Y J says:

Ive learned so much; im actually applying this stuff. Love it

Miner Gert says:

I am a miner but because of your great videos I am starting to learn to trade as well and I feel like I understand the market a bit better. So thank you Bitraged !

funny world videos says:

great video, lots of information

Makubekz says:

Seriously you deserve more sub. Been following since feb and already learned a lot from you so Big thanks.

yakk _ says:

Good one. Same thoughts.. often it happens with the breaking support aswell following with a strong pump up!

Max CS says:

Thanks for updates!


it’s called insider trading if you know how the market is going to react.. truth is there is a malevolent group of assholes that dump just to drive the price down, because they want the price down… regular retail investors don’t buy BTC and then look to dump it once it goes up $100-$300.. BTC is being price controlled….

John Hill says:

What if you’re wrong and breaks upside above that resistance?

Chris Rock says:

Just curious how the technicals come into play if there is a lot of bitcoin being bought and sold otc? I didn’t watch the video yet so if you answered this disregard. I heard a lot was bought at 6200 otc. Maybe it’s being sold.

Randy says:

Thanks Joe..Great update

zakir hussain says:

i think its going to 7k and down again..to test 5.7k and up again..lets see..i am not that much TA expert

Ash Jones says:

Appreciated as always!

Monkey Tron says:

How do I sign up to your slack group?

Johnny B says:

Thanks for the update Joe – always helpful & much appreciated!

Alexander Johansson says:

Appreciate the videos! Thanks again! Is the Slack channel only for members who have taken the course or can anyone join?

Michael Manfro says:

I wouldn’t consider $100 drop a sell off..

Genovacide says:

Perfect timing.

Mark B says:

Great update thanks

Oregon organics says:

Excellent video Joe, I learn something every time I watch you videos. Thank you man and please keep bring us the truth on how the market looks. Not what people wish they were seeing. Thanks again.

733Rafael says:

i never trust patterns, they can be broken. i trade/trust only conspiracy when i spot it. when u spot conspiracy u can be 100% sure of huge pressure to execute it.

amit kejriwal says:

All i hear is btc will do this then sell and do this sell when do u say btc goes to moon?

KRM says:

thank you very much

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