Best Books For Traders

Best Books For Traders

Most people believe that trading is all about technical analysis when it is really about psychology. Our list of the best books for traders is defined by this fact since most of us need to understand more about our psychology. One of my favorite books when it comes to day trading is psycho cybernetics. It changed my life when I was 16 years old and it really defines how we cannot only improve our psychology but also our lives.

One of the classic books for traders is trading in the zone by Mark Douglas. Many traders would attest to the fact that this is one of the best books that one can read in order to improve your trading skill and also improve psychology.

Some of the other books that are good for traders are listed in the video. It is extremely important to understand the fact if you are going to read a lot more about trading then focus more on psychology instead of technical skill. It is quite easy to learn and understand about technical analysis but it is another thing when it comes to mastering your psychology.

Watch the video about the best books for day traders and let us know if you have any questions.

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Jakub Valenta says:

Great video. I’m reading Trading in the Zone right now and it is really the best book about trading I came across.

Ronald Cutting says:

Get rid of the music

Cassidy Allen says:

I can easily search and read books I would like to to. Many thanks for this site “fetching lobon only” (Google it). This website provides good collections and types of books. I do most of my reading on this website. I just can`t get enough of it!

Wavy Porter says:

nice video

Edward Pierce says:

This is 100% truth

Andy Brown says:

Readers should give this site “fetching lobon only” (Google it) a go. All types of subjects are located here. From medicine to history to contemporary literature , you could read everything. I simply like it!! It`s really exceeded my expectations. My son is also learning how to read with the assistance of this website. It helps a lot.

maskof says:

The Investor’s Quotient by Jake Bernstein is also an excellent book.

Godson Amas says:

very informative. thank you.

venkata sri harsha says:

Please give best books for technical analysis

travel man says:

a friendly tip for next video; remove the background music….

Edward Pierce says:

Thank you for the book recommendations

Debbie Richardson says:

Great Video!

Tiraj Adikari says:

Background music is good. (didn’t even notice its there till I read people’s comments ) Don’t understand why people hate it. If your attention/concentration is that much poor to the point that you can’t concentrate into what he is saying and getting easily distracted and irritated by a low background tone .. you shouldn’t be trading …

Deejay Rasputin says:

What is with the music ? Highly inappropriate .

Devon Kyle says:

If I had to pick only one trading book – it would be from Mark Douglas -Trading in the Zone was when the light bulb turned on for me.

Assassin 404 says:

what about swing traders

Cary Walker says:

This book website “fetching lobon only” (Google it) is simply incredible since it is not only user-friendly but also an outstanding service provider of several reading materials such as books and documents. It has been of great help as well and I strongly suggest it. If you`re a reading lover, then don`t miss out accessing this website. I`ve found everything I`ve looked for.

Gustavo Florindo says:

The very first time I hear ciao. Dude, we say this in portuguese. It sounds funny because is exacly how we spell it!

Relaxing Zen says:

day trading dont bring good income no more people now follow trend for profit day trade its old school bullshit

Francisco Olivares says:

Wow muchas gracias Marcello, para mi los libros que uno lee forman nuestra personalidad y son una guia de hacia adonde nos dirijimos en la vida, gracias nuevamente.

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