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Tradingview is my preferred charting platform. In this video I walk you through their platform, show the most important features and explain how to use it.

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wayneaurisch jnr says:

Hi. How do you change the increment value on the scale??

malthus101 says:

Do you know if it interacts with Interactive Brokers yet? Thanks.

Brian G Young says:

Do you need to updagrade to have access to all the indicators

Le Conte says:

how to use the stock screener on tradingview?

abel abel says:

think you.iam in morocco

Jatinder Singh says:

I would not suggest anyone to use the tradingview platform for any kind of studies or news or charts…its a useless platform…switch to other better ones.( max three studies only )

Midas234 says:

If you wanted to look at a chart from a few years ago, how would you do that ? As an example, let’s say you wanted to look at a daily chart of Netflix in 2011, would you just keep moving the chart from left to right or is there a faster way ?

simphiwe mshengu says:

hey there…since you are saying that you only use tradingview for charting only…could you plz state your reason for doing so at the same time telling us wat platform u find appealing for your actual trading…THE ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY Appreciated

Mark Burke says:

Can the charts be printed out?

Suzanne S says:

I lost my favorite Chart! (new at this) I can’t figure how to get back to Stochastic Chart with info bar on right on different currencies. please help? It’s the only way to guess whether stock is up or down. Suzanne

Chrispin Odinga says:

Hey man, this is a great walk through tradingview charts, very resourceful, especially for me as a beginner. Thank you sir!!!

karnell whyte says:

thank you. also great website

simphiwe mshengu says:

do the chart their show not delayed…if so wat do you?….can you also tell us a way to know when a chart is delaying

Gustavo Ciriaco says:

I am to trade cryptocurrencies how do you add a Broker?

Jamon Lewis says:

Thanks for this video! How did you get that view of your RSI chart at the bottom like that? Thx!

Jason 56 says:

thank you for video. I am having trouble finding how to put the time and price on the horizontal and vertical axis. Can someone help?

yossef kamel says:

i can download it??????????? on my pc?

Debbie Lydy says:

You realize that people that watch this is here to learn how to use this flow chart, so NOTHING is “REGULAR” to us.

Khalid Alghamdi says:

do you know if you can scale out a position
in Trading view

Jonathon Westley-Richards says:

Wow thank you so much, amazing video, helped me so much, all the best, Jonathon

raiyanrugger says:

Where can one find, edit or create a list of keyboard short cuts for specific tools? There are very few tools that have predefined shortcuts. Even with the favorite tools bar, I find it slow and cumbersome to keep on having to use the mouse to click to access tools. Any help would be great! Thank you.

Allen Lichner says:

Very well done

jdssurf says:

Hey Big Problem!!!!!!!! Ive tried 10 times tonight to sign up on tradingview and it keeps failing. It says the feilds are required, well they are already filled in. Simple, email,username and password. Do you think the site is just messing up right now???? I cant find any customer service from them.

pleasse stopp says:

Can you see your old closed positions or only active ones?

butterthatpopcorn says:

Thanks for the overview. I’m having issues creating a Fibonacci template and saving.

Jason Kellington says:

Can other exchanges be brought into this via api like coinigy? Is there a setting to convert satoshi to usd?

Ceyda Öztürk says:

First, thanks for very useful introductions. I want to ask how to add BB (bollinger band) in a chart. I am not a pro user.

Gary Hough says:

How did you get the text on the background?cheers says:

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prince massi says:

Plz help me someone regarding time delayed problem in Trading view .com…How can i use without time delayed …

Robert Best says:

Do you have a tutorial on setting up Pine Editor?

slepine001 says:

nice! thx for posting!

Sue Cooney says:

Thank you for your very clear and succinct overview, much appreciated!

Robert Luna says:

How do you pin an idea to the actual chart. I was thinking of pining my own ideas to a daily chart so I can go thru my thought process

Brymal od says:

Very resourceful,Thanks a lot brother for the great enlightenment,i truly appreciate

Shivam Mehrotra says:

hey rolf need a bit of help.can u just tell me how to set up a spread trading chart. i know how to trade this setup but dont know how to set it up. A spread trading chart…… a bit confused please help if u could……..and u both rolf and mortiz doing a great job

Andre Johnson says:

are there any more shortcut keys other than ( Alt+H) and (Alt+V)?

ramesh sharma FB says:

so nice

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