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ur dark side says:

Hey Man, Can you make a video on cryptocurrencies less than 1cent(0.001) that will get to $1.

robert menduett says:

thank you for all the great 411!!

Tracy Foust says:

Thanks for the video. Will continue to watch all your stuff.

Rob Smith says:

Thanks for the video, very useful, especially with the turbulence. On a side note, google “Dennis Wise Haircut”.. a great resemblance. Merry Christmas (;

QuadA195 says:

Looking forward to more!

Mombies says:

Very informative man. You always post good content. You should prob check out the Pareto Network. In presale rn and its similar to steemit but only for crypto information. You post good crypto analysis, you get paid more depending on how the community responds. Anyway, good vid. Keep it up

mikeymikey400 says:

Love it! Keen to see more of these beginner type videos.

nick kohl says:

Guide to crypto.
Buy some crypto on coin base. Do it with a small amount like 100 bucks first, or whatever is small money for you. (Min 60-80)
Send it to binance. https://www.binance.com/?ref=16360052
The main thing is you put in 100 bucks asap so you are in it and learn as a participant and not as a spectator. It is a little surreal from the outside.
The market is very volatile and very exiting.
Then after a week or few more put in more.
Be on a couple of bigger exchanges. You can check coinmarketcap.com to find what are the biggest exchanges for the crypto currency you are interested in.
My piece of wisdom:
Never invest more than you could manage to loose to a bank robber.
Investing means using spare money to make capital gains not gambling your child’s birthday party away.
Even the big coins can go up or down 50 to 100% a day, what is like every month for each one of them.( XRP almost doubled its market cap, increasing by roughly 60 Billion USD, you could buy every single Tesla share with that)99%percent of successful investors are long term investors. Use your own brain and sell the greed and buy the fear.
The crypto world has a lot of traders who say they make gains from trading, but it comes mainly from the up-trend of crypto. Nevertheless crypto is way easier to use for making profits in trading than any other market.
Disclaimer: the binance link is my referral link. If you would like to give more money to binance instead, thats fine. Both works out the same for you.


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