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EMA 3 (blue)
EMA 20 (yellow)
EMA 50 (orange)
EMA 100 (red)
EMA 200 (purple)

Bollinger Band Period 20 Deviation 2 (green)
Bollinger Band Period 20 Deviation 1 (white)

Fundamental analysis involves analyzing a company’s financial statements to determine the fair value of the business, while technical analysis assumes that a security’s price already reflects all publicly-available information and instead focuses on the statistical analysis of price movements. Below, you’ll find a series of articles about the basics of technical analysis. If you are new to charting, these articles will give you the “big picture”.

Technical analysis is a strategy used to help day traders simplify the decision making process. While there are an endless amount of complex strategies, technical analysis is built on very basic principles. There are a few key things you should know: Stock charts are the main source of data for technical analysts.

Understanding technical analysis explains the basics of technical analysis in a simple question and answer format covering key topics. It’s important to learn about the technical analysis basics first before delving into the complicated world of the technical analysis of stocks. A series on cryptocurrency trading basics, focusing on breaking down crypto technical analysis at a beginner’s level for everyone to understand. This cryptocurrency trading guide takes a look at a major question often discussed in the cryptocurrency market, “Do Charts & Technical Analysis Really Work?”

A collection of over 50 free technical analysis education. A Breakdown of Stock Chart Basics; 5 Stock Chart Patterns Every. The study and use of price and volume charts and other technical indicators to make trading decisions. Technical analysis attempts to use past stock price. If your new to technical analysis and candlestick charts you’ve come to the right place. Learn Japanese candlesticks and how to read stock charts. In finance, technical analysis is an analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.

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