What is Stock Paper Trading and How Should You Learn To Trade Stocks

Education, paper trading and live trading with low shares should be used together to acheive success in the stock market.

What is Paper Trading?
-Trading stocks with a fake account or with fake money
-A way to practice before doing live trading

How to Train:
-Get as much education as possible
-Begin paper trading
-Do live trading on low shares in order to gain experience (if you have a stock worth $50/share, don’t trade more than 5 shares
-Example: as the stock market goes up, add 1 share (this will cost you commissions, but you will gain experience), and continue adding one share at a time as it goes up.
-Commissions can cost from $5-$40 per trade. You will be losing money. This business requires your time and money in order to gain education.
-Put these numbers into an excel spreadsheet and multiply them based on the number of shares you want to trade in the future. See if you’re making a healthy profit.
-If you’re consistently successful and you’re trading properly, then begin live trading with larger shares.

Why Live Trading With Low Shares is Essential
-The problem with paper trading is the trade executions will fill automatically, but they might not in live trading: stocks might be more scarce, trade timing might be off, etc.
-Your mindset is changed in live trading (anxiety, fear, you’re using real money, etc)
-Many people are successful with paper trading, but not with live trading initially
-If you go right from paper trading to live trading with larger shares, you’re likely to lose a lot of money


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Gisele Labelle says:

I was actually thinking i was perfect using the paper trading account. On my paper trading account, i was able to raise $48000 in two weeks with just $5000 in my account. so i felt i could trade on a real account and finally when i started with the real trading account, i lost almost $22000 in less than 2 weeks. The anxiety on me was so much that i couldn’t just continue to trade on my real account. But with $5000 profit a week. lately i think i’m getting back in shape again using the strategy of #Dmitryvladislav that was introduced to me an advanced trader. I just want to short out to Dmitry Vladislav for his good work. You can search online to get more info about him if you wish .

fredy alcoser says:

Hey Sasha I’m really new to this is there a website for paper trading or how does the work?

popkahchin says:

Sasha, Do we really need the trade platforms that offered by the online brokers like they provide us candlestick charts and all that stuff. Is there any way that I can avoid using their tools because the fees are so expensive. Can I just take the charts that were on Yahoo Finance ,Google,etc.. Are they the same charts that provided by the online brokers?

Christopher Weston says:

hey sasha evdaks. i am totally new to stock and everything about it, but i have a question, can people really get rich off of thi

Kawaii Senshi says:

Great video as always Sasha 🙂

JohnKyu Chun says:

Sasha, great video~
Any suggestions on where I can go for step 1, education?

Michael Perry says:

Very helpful!

Matt Bradley says:

Loving all the great content! I have a very broad question, not really seeking an answer more so just tips. With so many options between the various industries and companies, how do you go about “filtering” through the less significant options, and finding the “winners”? Of course consistent research will help but are there any tips you have for what stocks i should really focus on and which i should avoid? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

bluo88 says:

Some brokerages let you trade certain securities, such as their own ETFs, commission-free.

Michael Perry says:

When you are ready to open a real money brokerage account http://www.scottrade.com is a good online brokerage account that you might want to look at opening. 

fredy alcoser says:

your help would really mean a lot to me thanks.

Sasha Evdakov says:

You can do anything – even just watching stocks on Google finance is fine if you jot things in pad and paper when you buy and sell – it comes down to personal preference. Tc2000.com is great for watching charts – but it doesnt allow you to paper trade. I would use that but write it down

Devonte t says:

is great website for paper trading

Slava Olenin says:

Thanks for videos! It is really easy to follow you.
One question related to the “live trading” with one or two stocks. What about brokers which charge per stock price? Is it a real option to be able to train more or they have other limitations like minimal amount of stocks to trade?

benjiebarker says:

what paper trading software should i start with? will it have real time stock trading?

Pretti K says:

I appreciate this video. I always wondered the difference between paper and real trading.

Francis Lambert says:

Thank you Sasha for honest and easy instructions for something so serious for all of us.
I can see myself earning and not killing myself with self doubt. Thank You. 🙂

Tykoon 25 says:

Great videos I been watching all of them really informal

AnyoneCanTeach says:

Great videos Sasha!
All of us over at Anyone Can Teach love the content you are providing to the education community, keep up the great work!

Sasha Evdakov says:

Thank you –

Felipe says:

I originally disagreed with the advice of starting with minimal orders. But after thinking about it I thought you are so good for telling us that. Bravo!
Awesome advice 🙂

Benedict Ano says:

tradingview is paper trading?

Teneil Fedy says:

Thanks Sasha, the best advise I’ve ever received.

Benedict Ano says:

what is 10k 10q form sir what If u got that hand book?

Sasha Evdakov says:

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate the fellowship – keep learning!

NightCrawler1000 says:

Thank you, Sasha. Your videos are very simple to understand and yet provide great amount of details to beginners like me.. I’m from India and most of your videos hold good for Indian stock markets, as well. Please continue with your great work of enlightening others with your knowledge 🙂

#Socially.Unaware.Luis says:

You should try explaining what everything is in case there are some very inexperienced beginners like myself. I find it hard to find videos that teach how to get started in stocks at its very core.

barker0007 says:

Hi, thinkorswim is not available for U.K. Residents, do you know of a good broker available to U.K Residents with paper trading available? I have tried many searches but don’t trust if the recommendations are being promoted by affiliates.

Gabriel Hernandez says:

your videos are amazing but I’m still trying to figure out about prices on the shares once you buy shares (example you buy them at 30.50) and they go up and you buy more shares at what prices would you be buying the shares? at the original price or current price

Benjie Baclig says:

Hi Sasha! I enjoy your videos 🙂 I find it interesting that you said to load up more shares as the stock goes up (I tend to shave off shares to secure some profit). Is there a video that explains this strategy? I know it has to do with not buying all of the shares upfront.

Miguel Alba says:

What’s a good app or website to start paper trading?

Ivo Kulesza says:

what is a good app to paper trade?

SeeSomethingSayIt says:

Thank you, Mr. Evdakov.  I hate this subject but am forcing myself to learn, and you are an excellent teacher. 

Shoorik Z says:

The best videos on the subject of trading are yours! I wish I’d found your site 15 years ago :)) you probably just started then! hope it’s not too late @55

pastebor says:

Good stuff Sasha. Thanks for all the information you are putting out there.

XzFurlongx Official says:

Can someone send me a link of a training paper trading website ? Couldn’t find one to play with fake money ! Thanks

Craftbeerdy says:

Excellent video! Very good! 

Sasha Evdakov says:

Not a problem – happy to help and thank you for the positive feedback. Continue your education !!!

Anshu Singh says:

sir ..please make some video about the topic of great depression that happened in America during 1929.

Tara Joseph says:

Just started getting into penny stocks, but im reading peter leeds (invest in penny stocks) and he says practice with paper trading stocks like crazy. How much should I start with (real money) once I finish paper stock practice? Im a broke college student but i saved some for learning to invest 😀 thank you for the vid! 

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