Top 5 Mistakes beginners in the Stock Market make!

Top 5 mistakes beginners in the stock market make is the subject of this video. Beginners stock market mistakes are made and these 5 are the top ones. Stock market mistakes can be made by anyone but beginners make these 5 mistakes more often than advanced investors. After this video beginners in the stock market should know how to avoid these mistakes. Stock market for beginners is good for this video.

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Xilioss BUT says:

About the presidents, presidents are the puppet and the people behind the screen are the strings they give orders to the president to say what they want to say because the people will listen to the president sorry for the bad english

BarnesAndBeauty says:

Funny because I wouldn’t invest in Netflix either lol

pangrac1 says:

Rule No1 dont belive to people with mustaches. 😀
But he got good points, listen to him.

blewprent says:

Can you talk about the diffetences of trading platforms like Robinhood vs a Charles Schwab? Obviously fees differ, but what are the key differences? Are there any substantial advantages or disadvantages of one over the other?

811629Ryan says:

The first mistake was that mustache

Arvydas Andrius says:

of usa, can you tell my with the issue of dollar value droping? it gonna be economical crisis soon? i check your wideo where u say at 2018 we wont have stock market crash, but how about crisis similar several yars ago. who will be effected and who will make money out from that?

GrittyThumbs Doups says:

Excellent advice

Ryan Aloe says:

“Any idiot can run it” we’re really putting that to the test now

Spencer G says:

What about Australia time

Jason White says:

Mistake #1: listening to someone who has never traded before

The Madrummer says:

Man…I’m glad you let us know what stocks you do and don’t invest in! But I tell ya, I’d give a fin…a toe, not a finger, but a toe! I’d give up a toe to see your portfolio and its history! That said, I think your videos have gotten me to the point where I feel comfortable starting in the market. Going to be putting in some extra OT so I have the extra “Disposable” income so I can get myself the money to get myself in the shallow end. Thanks for your help! (And thanks to all the other books, articles, and vloggers I’ll be taking advice from m/ )

Financial Education says:

My Private stock market group where you can learn directly from me! Over 400 serious stock market investors in the group.

Adrmets says:

Michael Burry knew. Lmao.

White Mamba says:

Is bitcoin a good buy right now?

Ever Clara says:

I like this video, primarily because I can agree and disagree with you on a few things. But that’s mostly why I like this video! “Investing is not easy!” Oh but it is! You look at something, decide you want to invest in it and then you buy it. If you didn’t research or put much thought into it you might loose money —- if you have God’s golden pinky on your side you can make money. Investing is easy, it is simple to start investing. But I know what you were trying to say was: SUBSTANTIAL and life-building investments take research and dedication, if you really want to make money investing you have to put more in your part then spinning the Russian roulette! Good point.

The part about listening to other people: I totally agree, listening to people for all intended purposes is the same in any spectrum. “Should I eat another taco..?” “No, think of all those calories! It’s not good for you.” … yet you still eat that taco, then later you may ponder at why you’re fat and realize… hey my friends advise was pretty good advice. I think advice helps us shape our own decisions and it’s good to have other people’s advice on what to do —- but like you said, ultimately we have to make our own decisions, not do something because someone else does it—— unless you’re ready to gamble money and are ready to take a possible loss.

I find investing is very risky, but that’s kind of the fun of it no? The possibility in it is simply refreshing, I enjoy all your videos and all videos of investors talking on YouTube. It is extremely hard to meet a casual investor on the streets to talk to them about such thought provoking topics as these. Thanks for the videos, keep it coming!

ultrasax says:

Your comment about any idiot can run the USA is a crap, you made yourself sounds like an idiot. Can an idiot know the 5 mistakes beginners in the Stock Market market? Are you better than any Presidents of the USA? Good tip by the way.

Eli Forkner says:

What specific type of information do you read that tells you weather or not you feel a company is good to invest in?

Light Helios says:

Thanks for this video could you please advice me what kind of webpages or newsletters do you use to be up to date in stocks and options?

Mike Jones says:

bullshit hard work

Andre Noble says:

info starts at 1:50

Rashed Al Rais says:

True talk there 9:23

Samuil K says:

I did not enjoy this video one bit.

PringlesKing William says:

As a 14 year old beginning investor. Your videos are extremely helpful.

David Savidge says:

A year and some months into the Trump admin and your comments are spot on. Apparently any idiot really CAN run it. 😉 I love your style my friend! Thanks for these common sense tips!

Speedo Sam says:

Takes advice from guy with 80s porno stache. Made billions only to blow it all on blow and hookers.

Bare Knuckle Canuck says:

Best stock pick for 2018

Stay True Vlog says:

Great info! Thanks for the tips 🙂

TWS - Huey says:

I have a question, how much money did you make through your financial education?

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