THE 7 MISTAKES BEGINNERS MAKE! 📈 Stock Market For Beginners

In this stock market for beginners video we will be discussing the seven deadly mistakes beginner investors make. These mistakes separate the successful investors from the unsuccessful investors. As a stock market beginner, it is important to understand that you are your biggest enemy. You need to learn how to control your emotions and have a consistent approach towards investing. The information for this video came from two sources. The first is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. This is the number one investing book I recommend as far as learning about the stock market for beginners. The second book is Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. I just finished the audiobook version and this will now be the number two investing book I recommend for people looking to learn about the stock market for beginners. If you plan on buying either of those two books, please consider using my affiliate links to help me out!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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Josh East says:

Could you please put a little more info in your videos……KIDDING!! Wow, thanks for all the knowledge!!

Connor Cromp says:

I’m from the future and Bitcoin is a great idea in investing as of today

Iosis Pariah says:

I’ve already got The Intelligent Investor & have just ordered Unshakable using your affiliate link. I’ve just downloaded your basics investing guide.
My sin? Over confidence & speculation! No losses but this was done under guidance so deadly sin overconfidence in someone else’s ability was a secondary sin.
Thank you Ryan.

saber rajindrall says:

the intelligent investor is complex man…..

Mayra Garibo says:

I like that you tell it like it is .

TEA miro says:

ryan is a smart guy and i have gaind a great deal of helpful advise thankyou ryan

Oli Baltensperger says:

Question about hometown bias. In other videos you say, it is best to invest in stocks, which you know something about. So isnt it best to invest in the field you are working in and have a lot of knowledge?

Ken Marriott says:

Great video. Know about Warren Buffett. Didn’t know about Tony Robbin’s book.

Doctor Wrecks says:

If i take one thing away from this video, it will be: 18:44

Michael Klapper says:

Subscribed…Great video! You are going to be very rich if you continue to practice what you preach. I mostly invest in Vanguard index funds.

A M says:

You got a new subscriber. Have a good week!

Michele Donato says:

I’m glad I’m not involved in the stock market. This shit is too confusing.

CrusaderofChrist111 says:

When people tell me not to invest in stocks I can’t help but almost break out a smile or laugh but true I try my best not to say anything either then to them because I don’t want to start an argument either. I definitely know the feeling.

Mike Hosey says:

Thanks Ryan! I’m an intermediate investor (MF & ETF low-cost index funds, fully diversified). I’m impressed with all of the wise and sound advice you provide….an ideal foundation for new investors while also a great reminder plus some new info for more advanced investors. I’m mid 40’s, just wish your videos were around in 1995 when I first dabbled into the markets…your advice would have saved/made me untold thousands! I definitely have ‘sinned’ in all 7 phases you mentioned, with confirmation bias being my Achilles heel.

One quick question or perhaps an idea for future video. With the markets flying high post Trump tax cuts and some other positive economic signals, how does an investor guard against ‘following the herd’ vice missing out on potential epic bull runs? For example, in August 2017 I had an unexpected windfall of 25k cash. Some market gurus were recommending investors with larger chunks of $$ to wait for the impending and inevitable 10-15% correction before jumping in. While others recommended jumping in ASAP to avoid missing potentially record-breaking gains. I decided to go 60% blue chip equity index and 40% intermediate corporate bonds. Needless to say, I now wish I went 100% equity as last 6-months have been another crazy bull run. So what to do if someone has 10k right now? Would appreciate any thoughts on how best to approach a BULL market that doesn’t seem to want to end but as you said, all parties end!!!

John Njoroge says:

Thanks Ryan your video is so helpful

sammy sandoval says:

Guilty. Speculative investing

JBV 3737 says:

guilty of 2 and 7, but they both conflict inwhich i never sold anything, nor buy, just waiting for it to go back up.

Ceeno Evil says:

Great info!

Elizabeth Becker says:

Hometown Bias is people ONLY buy THEIR company stock through an Employee Purchase Plan since they can just sign up with other work benefits. . . .don’t have all of your money in your job. The “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” . . . well if you are relying on your employer for your Job and income, 401k, medical, dental, etc. and Stock Purchase Plan . . . . .uh what happens if you lose that job? I’m not saying YOU did anything wrong but some big wig could steal millions and screw the company that you have been loyal and showed up EVERYDAY on time. I’ve had millionaire lawyers show me their stock on their cell phone. . . .ALL IN ONE POT.

Leswehman PhD says:

I love your channel!! I am a new subscriber!!

Chris Thiel says:

another excellent video full of great content, thanks Ryan!

Frank Stickney says:

Great job, Ryan. I think you really nail it when you cover the topics that you do. You are thorough on your info. I have experienced a lot of what you say so I know listening to you is well worth my time. Keep up with your videos.

Darcel Collinson Conrad says:


doogcat says:

I love that” investing is a marathon  not a sprint” great video I love your passion
great video thank you for sharing I learned a lot

B Aganda says:

Great video. Highly recommended for beginner investors.

Gail Lee says:

I love your video!!

Thad Boudreaux says:

Great advice, Thank you

De Borah Johnson says:

I’m a beginner, in fact I haven’t even started yet…Just trying to get down some of the language! You were a great help. Thank you

Kieran Edwards says:

I’m loving your videos. I just turned 18 and got 4K saved but I’m wanting to learn stocks. I ain’t gonna invest it all I just want to learn first then when I feel I got a decent understanding. I’m just stumped on how you would know about the company your about to invest in and how would you learn about the company. I also hate casinos I don’t like betting I wanna invest not bet

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