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Welcome to Epic Stock Due Diligence (! I wanted to create a source for stock market how-to information. The stock market is a fascinating adventure but can seem overwhelming at times. Within this channel, I will post a plethora of stock market tutorial videos. If I don’t have a video on a topic of interest already, please ask and I try to create and post a video. I’m not an expert but have been trading stocks since the early days of Internet technologies. Please feel free to subscribe to this YouTube channel and share the link with others as well. Thanks for watching!

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Paul Llanos says:

Annual investing vs Monthly investing? Can you give advise on someone that can only invest a large amount annually into the stock market? What are the pros and cons to this approach?

Jubayer Ahmed says:

no useful information at all… don’t waste your time on this video.

benward bruce says:

I can’t still believe people still trade stock after so much warnings

k1202009 says:

Hey good so far but you have an error with talking about the Ask and the Bid: the first example was correct but the second was not…you said that with penny stocks the ask is generally 50% higher than the Bid price which would mean the person would incur a loss.

Chris Ronne says:

without further ado…..

Whatatay T says:

I’m at 1:32 and he hasn’t even started yet. Why do You Tubers insist on taking 5 hours to explain what the video is about? That’s why they have a title. Thumbs down for wasting our time with your babbling.

MS says:

Awesome tutorial!!! Thank you so much(-:
Also, after watching your entire video I heard your answer to my previous question. I will try Fidelity. I celebrate your success and I thank you for teaching me how to accomplish the same.

Demetrius Pinder says:

very informative. i learn A lot from this site. continue to keep up the good work and thanks.

Rochel Haswell says:

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alex ryhan says:

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Viviana Ángel-Angelo Cárdenas Buccio says:

Why must I use limit order if it is highly disregarded and seen as negative?

James B. Garibay says:

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Seb Paul says:

How do I set up one of these practice accounts you are talking about?

Some Fuckin Guy says:

I work for a corporate T-Mobile location. They gave me some free stock and ive been sitting on it for almost 2 years thinking of selling it and getting into the game. It’s grown quite a bit over time so im not sure if I should ride it a bit or what. I use Fidelity so I was happy to hear you mention it.

tomzz45 says:

Thanks for the great information!!!

MS says:

Is there a broker you recommend for a beginner

Whatatay T says:

3:05 and still babbling. Three times he has said “without further ado let’s get started”. What is wrong with him? Didn’t he review the video before posting it and realize how much of our time he is wasting?

Roger D. Homer says:

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Sam Williams says:

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William S. says:

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Chaplin Co says:

Thank you bro

Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews says:

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Johny Carter says:

Lets start trading guys

Jacob Smith says:

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PlanTradeProfit says:

I’m Dead! This is the best video ever.

Jason Mahabir says:

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N Lund says:

skip to 2:20

mary taylor says:

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Jasmine Jonathan Andrews says:

Your video is great!

DEz Fresh says:

pleas remove him

movie pro says:

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YouGotA FriendInME says:

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stefan james says:

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Port Wren Capital, LLC - Value Investors says:

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