Stock Market Terminology every Investor MUST KNOW! – Part 1

Stock Market Terminology every investor must know. There are many stock market terms that investors in the stock market should know. This is part 1 to the stock market terminology new series on the financial education channel. Part 1

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TRIPLE R says:

Very helpful. More terms per 20-25. Brand new to learning but picking up well with people like you helping


super dear

Financial Education says:

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Sarah Gonzalez says:

Thank you for this video! I’m just trying to get familiar with how trading and the stock market works, but most beginner videos use trading jargon. You gave very simple and easy to understand explanations and discussed how they all were kind of related. Great video! I look forward to watching more.

Also, I’m not sure if you have a video on this already, but a video that discusses the graphing lingo would be very helpful as well!

Thanks again!

NoHaxInvolved says:

Thank you I was just looking for this. this has got to be the 30th video of yours I’ve watched within the past 55hrs

interests10 says:

Are you a stockologist??

Gaurav Tiwari says:

Its an amazing video i must say. Please keep posting

Antonio Frederick says:

Thanks finally someone thinking about the beginnings

Taszline says:

suggest getting a haircut

Extra Channel says:

I like Listening to your vids I am remember stuff I would really like you do do the weekly thing

Wesley Groth says:

aw yes. I heard you can still make money when markets go down I forget how.

Zap Actionsdower says:

ive recently started investing and this is gonna be a big help as i get used to watching shows like bloomberg or listening on the radio and they rattle off a bunch of information that makes my head spin. anyone can feel smart..until they start watching/listening to business and market experts exchange theories and predictions, then you feel like a trained chimp trying to help solve the energy crisis

Cameron strempel says:


trevor garland says:

been learning the stock market for like 2 weeks now the more vids i watch the better i can think would be nice to see more on Canadian stocks tho still getting my broker account set up hopng to start trading this week looking to go long on all trades since only have like 500 to start

Jon says:

Im new to stocks and I’m  currently enrolled in college. Stocks has always been my dream but I never took any courses in learning it. Your videos are great for beginners like me.

qvb84 says:

Do More terms. So do more of what each symbol or letter means when we look at the charts and all the numbers involving that stock

Rolande Brynjulson says:

the best and easiest explanation of the terminology I have encountered and understood.than you

Mr Astronaut says:

lol are the closing credits really necessary?

Parkash Basyal says:

Sir, please put more n more terms so that we can increase our financial knowledge..

Andrew says:

Play at 2:05 if you wanna skip the bs

xXsauseXx says:

Super helpful thx u

decarlo harris says:


Michael Scepja says:

What’s a good software to do binary option trading?

Nikkie Ornelas says:

Good job!!!!

Lucas ino says:

This video didn’t help me personally at all. It’s way too basic, put it in the title maybe?

WhatAreTheODDS TV says:

can you stop bitching first?

Maimoona Ahmad says:

For beginner this video is best

MazREZ1 says:

Am i able to embed this video on my website? Thank you.

Jorge Silva says:


raerist says:


Five Cents Matter says:

I appreciate you going back to the basics. Money really is its own language.

Andre Jackson says:


D D says:

I subscribed in 2 minutes because finally someone understands the meaning of “BEGINNER”.
Thank you fam, your truly the real MVP!

Adam Hewes says:

You needed to change the battery in your smoke detector before this video.

Umer Aijaz says:

Thanks man

dragon booster bow says:

i want to become like warren buffet

Devrhoid Davis says:

Jeremy are you on Twitter as well. Following you on SnapChat. Thanks for the video. You definitely started in the right place.

Ahmed Sakeen says:

Keep em coming

Rodolfo Diaz says:

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You’re fricken awesome dude

Jerry Nix says:

Love it Jeremy this is exactly what I’ve been looking for thank you I appreciate it! BTW love all your videos man!

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