STOCK MARKET FOR DUMMIES 📈 How The Stock Market Works

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G35DRIVER77 says:

Can you do a video on balance sheets and cash flow and what it says about the company?

Kester McQueen says:

great video thank you.

Ryan Scribner says:

Looking to learn more about investing? Take my *free course* here:

Caden Williams says:

you sound like another youtuber who does history

Coragem de Ser says:

Great video man, keep on!

Jonathan Miller says:

Bro! Your videos are awesome!! Thank you! As I’m learning I’m following your channel closely!

antlan lanant says:

good job

Destiny Lou says:

Thank you, this has been helpful.

AL B says:

what $ amount would you start off with?

Jorge Diaz says:

you’re very kind good vids

Heather Riney says:

Thank you so much for you video! You are very clear and explain things in a way that is easy to understand. I’m a fan already and will watch all your videos plus share them on my social media! Keep up the good work, I look forward to all you have to offer. I will definitely be purchasing your book!

Elaina Moses says:

Just found this one pretty sure you made it just for me .

Taylor Martorana says:

Hey Ryan,
One thing that kind of confused me. You said every time a stock is sold, there is a buyer and a seller, but then later you said a bull market is when more people are buying and a bear market is when more people are selling. But if there is always a buyer and a seller, wouldn’t there always be an equal amount of people buying and selling? By the way, thanks for making the video. Great work!

HearThis says:


downbntout says:

Okay, pause, I’m not following all this, repeating until I get it.

Ricardo says:

So in short, reason why stock pricing fluctuate up and down daily, weekly etc. Come from company decisions?
Obviously there is more to as why they change but in short is this a viable answer to the question of why?

daniel marsh says:

not going to lie I have been binge watching your channel thank you

Angus Wiebe says:

Thanks for the informative video!

Hato El Corozo says:

thank you for taking the time to explain this to me

angelina Mays says:

best explanation yet. thank you! is there a formula to determine the value of stock?

Kim Taeyeon says:

Thanks for the explanation man! Nice video!

Timothy McCoy says:

I subscribed.

Bastian Stieg says:

Hey Ryan, got a link to the white hoody you did wear 1-2 times in past videos?

inukordra Inu says:

Great video, thanks! It is really for dummies and explained in a way I think anyone can understand. I have a question, is it possible to use both fundamental and technical analyses or is that unheard of? Which one do you use? (I plan to get your book but want to finish your videos first).

Richard Diaz says:

Is there a fee on purchase A stock?

salv236 says:

thanks for sharing, a very good explanation, coul you do some videos on technical analysis for beginners?

Benjamin Levy says:

Great video man!!
—The Robinhood Wiz Channel

charlie Randall says:

Excellent video, you’ve explained it all in 16 minutes!

Flávia Abdallah says:

thanks for sharing your knowledge Ryan! as a beginner it really helps.

Elaina Moses says:

Ryan what do you think of marijuana stocks?

Hey its D3 says:

im a 12 year old kid and when i watched this video i started to learn alot thanks bro I’ve made because im a noob and now ive made 100 in like 3 days

Julie Nielsen says:

Great explanations!!!

Jorge Posada says:

Thanks for sharing this! Just a couple of hundred bucks a week is what I am aiming for myself! Your thoughts on achieving this with a small account, say $2,500, using Robinhood?

hamvarger says:

Do you need a parent to make an account with any stock market?

Lawrence Hitchens says:

Nuka Cola!

J Nieto says:

Thank you very much for the information.

downbntout says:

Where do you get information on which to vote? Such as electing a director to fill a position on the board? Those names are total strangers to me and I know nothing, so I’ve been throwing my ballot away. Ideas?

Jon Krelko says:

I liked the simple explanations u had. I belong to multiple trade groups and will share ur link in them for all the newbies , the only thing that I didn’t completely agree with is labeling the downtrend as fear. That’s not always the case. Especially in the short term. Once there is a certain level of sell off, the initial fear, imo a lot of the afterward sell off happens cause stop losses are being met without the investor even realizing at the time until they look at their positions, so if it’s just a temporary sell off that’s a point to make a lot of money since dip buyers will come swoop up shares. I just to wanted to give viewers another view on how sell offs happen. Are you primarily a long term, swing or momentum day trader?

Robert Francis says:


Alex Battistella says:

Great video man! Thanks for the info.

Jorge Diaz says:

I’m a super newb with just a tiny amount of money and a family history of extreme poverty any help or advice I wanted to buy a little nintendo stock for years ahead I will not stay broke I’m stuck at home on disability I won’t be a broke leech

Ahasan Kabir says:

wait so the price of a stock depends on the volume of trading? cause i think its depended on how the company is doing please explain.

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