Stock Market For Beginners 2019

This is Stock Market For Beginners 2019 edition video! This video should help out all beginners in the stock market who want to know how to invest in the stock market in 2019. I try to do a stock market for beginners video each year and this is the 2019 edition. We will discuss how to buy stocks, where to buy stocks, how much money do you need to buy stocks, how to invest in the stock market, what is the best brokerage for buying stocks and so much more. I hope you get a tremendous amount of value out of this stock market for beginners video today. Enjoy!

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Jerry Pierre says:

Your the man bro

The skillastat says:


Kenneth LK says:

not trying to be fussy here but for your long viewers it kinda repetitive, can you make a more advance or a next level kinda thing for your subscribers, because for some people who watched your videos when you were still recording with a gopro we know about this already. I hope you make a next level kind of videos for us to add more our knowledge from you 🙂 cheers , thank you

brenda harris says:

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it will give you signal for trade(it tells you when to buy or sell, call or put, up or down)
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Simons says:

Is fidelity or Robinhood available for use for Canadians?

Max Bee says:

Hey Jeremy cool video very informal steps but are you still taxed if you reinvest dividends

Cole Fiscus says:

Hey Jeremy. Love your videos and after some thinking, I wanted to make a suggestion. I think a video about how to evaluate a company (pe ratios and all that) would be super helpful to a lot of us. Thanks 🙂

Terry Masson says:

Please oh please, for the love of God will you please cover the window or skylight that is glaring on your whiteboard. It’s annoying, blinding, and completely prevents us from seeing what you’ve written behind that rectangle of insanity!!!

Prophet seven says:

How does RobinHood make money if they never charge you? Why dont you use R.H. if they dont charge you? Fidelity is it that much safer?

Rodrigo Moreno says:

Great video , could you do like how to analyse a stock like P/E ratio this staff

Christos Fellas says:

Great video Mr Jeremy! Not a stock related question but how on earth are you spitting this much fire without a cut! Presentation skills on point!

G Mullet says:

Jeremy, there is a glare from the window on the board that makes it hard to read in the top right corner of the board.

Financial Education says:

FYI after this video is over you may want to check out this video I released earlier in the week. Top 5 mistakes beginners in the stock market make. Here is the link

FinBrain Technologies says:

FinBrain has defined a new concept in stock prediction, we model the future price movements of the assets, instead of providing Buy/Sell signals, you visit our website for more.

griffinj1204 says:

Awesome video

John D'boer says:

love you

Rawad Rizk says:

Stash is a very nice investing app for beginners! Although they have a fee of $1 a month, they have a ton of educational resources and a very simplified platform

Pedro Réquio says:

You ought to eliminate the reflexions on the board maybe its a window or something.

Prophett Nanez says:

You have vids on how to read charts?

king david says:

I just turned 50k into 439k within 2 weeks 🙂

ahmadou ly says:

I don’t find robinhood app on App Store. Did they change the name?? I have also a question about robinhood: how come don’t they charge you when buying stocks? Where do they generate money then?

Big Game James says:

Very well done, Jeremy. Granted, most beginners aren’t going to take the time to go through the 10Ks, CCs, and 10Qs, but that’s beside the point. Rock on.

KayMacCees says:

After my first year I suggest starting with ETF’s then blue chips/dividend or REIT’s stocks just to get your feet wet because it’s safe and you get dividends for your money while you wait out the waves. When you start don’t go taking chances with growth stocks with no dividend because you will feel cheated being up 100 for months then drop to -300 in 2 days with nothing to show for you being in the stock all those months.

Gabriel Lyn says:

Just educate yourself constantly about what is going on in the markets to avoid loss,that’s why i have Mrs Melinda flicks as my trader.


Please turn of the light behind the whiteboard.
It is hard to see the board .

Jubair Bin ali says:


5 Star Musik says:

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

Thien Duong says:

Thank you so much for the video this very helpful

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