Stock Market For Beginners 2018

Today I share with you stock market for beginners 2018 edition. If you are a beginner in the stock market where do you go and what do you do? In this video I share with you how to buy stocks, what is the best brokerage, and portfolio diversification. I also share my opinion on stock market trading strategies such as day trading, short term trading, options trading, and long term buy and hold.
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Alejandro Preciado says:

I kind find the stock tracker app. Who’s the creator?

Rod Cleveland says:

A lot of the stocks that seem to be growing are $50 – $85 per share. What do you suggest on trading strategy with $5k to $10 investment account?

ohboyitshimagain says:

Could you do a video on the pro/con of focusing on monthly dividend stocks for smaller accounts to build capital

Syedbaqtiyaar Agha says:

Hi bro I want to open an account an i want to invest can any one help me from dubai

Math Thew says:

Best video I’ve seen brother. I learned a lot about capital gains. I’ve been in the market for a little over a year and have decided to be a long term investor. Apple and Microsoft are my top 2 positions with Home Depot and Tesla making up the other 15-20% of my portfolio. You made good points that before this video I’ve adopted (4-9 stocks, investing in 100 bil.+ companies, holding onto stocks long term but watching for the BlackBerry companies). Your video confirmed I’m on the right track. I don’t want to touch options until late this yr into next yr if I do. I want to focus on developing a solid portfolio of about 5-6 large cap stocks.

Financial Education says:

Hope you guys got a ton of value from this video! Here is the link to my 11 part Stock Market Investing Mastery Course!

Peter Deyo says:

Do you recommend buying ETFs for long term investments?

Honest Finance says:

Good stuff as always. Thanks Jeremy. You got me into the stock market much further than anyone else

Sonny S says:

Bank with Bank of America $BAC

Hernan Ferrigno says:

Bubble for Beginners. Read Robert Shiller books.

NTGNatural says:

I rock with Fidelity too man. My father used them before he passed away and now I use them too. Best brokerage IMO

RealLife Money says:

There are a lot of different strategies and I learned if something worked for you in the past, repeat it instead of trying an unknown strategy. Love this video Jeremy! I’ve been learning a lot over the years and I’m trying to show it in my videos too. Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics 🙂

mike n says:

where’s your hoodie??

Danko Akovic says:

August 21 is when I turn 18 is when I will but stocks. I plan to start with a $100 in to pennie stocks on robinhood l. Is that a good plan?

ross Braun says:

The whole reason I’m even getting into stocks is because right before Pokémon go came out one of my cousins threw 2000$ in and doubled it. And I want to do that so bad

Justin Easterly says:

Great video btw

Cash Rulz says:

Very insightful I just subscribed thank you.

Mr Big Time says:

Buy Go Pro!! Just kidding. AMD is looking good

iValter Baptista says:

Good video. Been a subscriber for a long time. You should do a video on Canadian Marijuana Stocks. I own some Aphria shares and with legalization here in Canada coming on July 1st, i only see upside from here.

Karsdar says:

Do a video on marijuana stocks. Aurora, Canopy, Emerald Health, Aphria etc; all providing some insane returns!! End of a prohibition in Canada, and from a capital gains standpoint one of the best opportunities of our generation. Love to hear your opinion on the industry!

MrGiggity890 says:

First thing people should do is realize trading is for suckers. Next thing is learn the language of accounting.

Agreed – Fidelity is solid. I have a Roth & Traditional IRA, a self-directed 401k, and a taxable brokerage account. Excellent customer service.

Google Finance has a good portfolio tracker.

Alejandro Preciado says:

Have Android

Frans-jan Roffel says:

You should really make podcasts out of this! Keep up the good work, really helpfull.

Elijah Davidson says:

for some reason i love how you say “ok”

Zex Golic says:

What a fantastic 4…wait a minute…lol

The Successful Minority says:

this is great video to get your feet wet before actually buying into anything! Im uploading a video tomorrow about beginner investing also! going to be great.

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