Stock Market For Beginners 2018

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Tejush Singh says:

The bigger traders say fundamental analysis should be preferred over technical analysis, do you agree?

Joseph Yi says:

@Ricky Gutierrez Ty for the helpful tips and making this vid simple!
Not sure if it’s the cam but u look pale. Get some rest dude… never put wealth before health!

Petr Kout says:

Interesting move today. I’ve now seen you repeatedly break your own rule of cutting losses quickly. You let yourself go into red hoping that the trade will turn around. You’ve done this recently as well. I am curious how you decide whether or not to cut the losses and hope for a reversal.

wxtim says:

Does Learn Plan Profit have a good section on Swing Trading – how to? The videos I see on youtube seem to focus primarily on day trading. Seems very informative, but I think swing trading would be more my style (at least from what little I know about it so far). I am interested, but I’d like to know that I can learn and use swing trading successfully with your system.

platform 000 says:


Kevin Hines says:

Ricky are you mainly day trading right now?

Abderrahim Ribani says:

the university of trader are you learning in it

Ravi Jaipal says:

Can you use tdameritrade in the Netherlands?

ahmad taccouche says:

Great video dude thanks for using beginner friendly terms keep it up !

MrMattie725 says:

Trading things like SQQQ (short Nasdaq) based only on technical patterns seems risky to me

Darian Friesen says:

Well I hope you read this, but I was wondering if you know if there are a lot of differences between doing stocks in Canada instead of the US?

Lakatos Stefan says:

awsome video,good advices thank you!

Scott Stewart says:

LPP is a one time fee type of deal right?

Christopher Pallotta says:

soooooooo true

Chrisbucio Bucio says:

@Ricky qutierrez is the learn plan profit a one time pay or a monthly or yearly pay


Bro what app do use to get these graph

Jed Regala says:

Can i ask, how much money you have before entering the stock market.

Proper905 says:

I lost around $700 this morning i bought within 30mins of market opening, exact example i wish i watched this vidéo yeasterday lol

Joel Rodriguez says:

How can I get in touch with you to take your forex trading program!?

Rasmus Engstroem says:

Where or how can one join the discord?

Duskez says:

What does taking a position mean?

Jeff Pohlman says:

Ok either my ears or speakers are going. It sounded like you said you were “killing it on pnut.” What did you actually say?

Abderrahim Ribani says:

which university are you learning in it

Abdo Ribani says:

which university of trader are you learning in it

riseuplight says:

He never breathes

amazingly lazy says:

Can you please make a structured videos to begin with trading plzzzzz

Paul says:

The video I needed, thank you

Mr Strange says:

I think it’s good that he talks slower than usual in this video. Makes it easier to follow.

Lawson One says:

Had a similar time today with SQ and TQ

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