Stock Market For Beginners 📈 TRADING AND INVESTING 101

Stock market for beginners advice! Here are some of the things I wish I was aware of when I first started trading stocks on the stock market. As a beginner, you want to learn as much as possible before beginning to trade stocks. I spent the first 9 months of my trading career without making a profit on one single trade, and in doing this, I learned many valuable lessons. Here are the six things I wish I knew as a beginner trading stocks for the first time:

1. Get over your emotional attachment to money!

This is something I learned from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. If you make investments and let your emotions get involved with your trading, you will not be making the best trading decisions. You want to trade stocks solely based on technical data in front of you and nothing else. Getting emotional over losing money will make for a short lived trading career. The stock market is no place to be airing out your feelings.

2. Invest in something you actually care about!

If you like video games, buy stock in a video game company. If you have never taken interest in the company you are looking into, don’t invest in it! You will have a much easier time riding out the storms if you invest in a company you care about and are proud to represent with your money.

3. Buy low, sell high!

You want to be boarding the ship when everyone else is getting off. Often times people, including my former self, buy a stock because it is way up on a trading chart. People like good news and generally look at a stock that is down in price as a sick stock. This is the opposite of what you want to do. You want to be going against the prevailing trading trend. When everyone else is selling, you are buying! This is a mistake I see many beginners making when trading stocks for the first time.

4. Invest no less than $1000!

You need to have enough skin in the game to offset commission and slippage associated with a trade. If you don’t have enough to invest yet, start trading on paper for practice!

5. Don’t buy the news!

You don’t want to trade stocks based on what you read or see in the news. This is known as the herd mentality. You want to have confidence in your trading ability and make decisions based on your own research. You want to buy the rumor and sell the news!

6. Only check your stocks a few times a day!

A mistake many people make is obsessively checking the price of the stock during the trading day. If you do this, you will likely get shaken out of a position too early and leave profits on the table. Even worse, you could get your emotions involved and sell out of fear and panic in a downtrend! If we are keeping track, that violates three of these beginner stock trading rules.

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Dominic Scutaro says:

Leave your emotions at the door

I have an emotional attachment to the company


Ricardo Benison says:

Does number 4 also apply for those people who are using Robinhood?

Sam Hobson says:

Thanks for the info. Great video. I just started a Online trading account thru c schwab. Hoping to skip the 9 month learning curve and make good trades from the start. I will be watching more of your vids.

Jonathan Miller says:

Great channel!!


AMD been tanking lately

The Red Headed Investor says:

Hi Ryan can you do a video on commission free stock brokers / trading platforms ? I know there are a few of these around now such as trading 212 and Robinhood. Is it better for me to use stock brokers who offer good research or better tools etc and take the commission charges on the chin ? Thanks

Mark says:

Great video, looking forward to watching some more of your videos. I also live near Malta, its cool to see a local on here.

Alex Malone says:

Thanks for the info , just starting to look at the stock market and how i would even get my foothold. You give alot of attention to detail in the videos i have seen so far. Side question , did you serve ?

Yannick Gijtenbeek says:


keystonedragger says:

Super helpful video!

Ray McCarthy says:

AMD releasing new GPU at SIGGRAPH conference the end of this month

Dude Gaming says:

hey Ryan I was planning on starting out with $1000 to invest like you were talking about in tip #4 but I was wondering if you would recommend investing it all on one stock or purchasing 500$ worth in two separate companies since I won’t be charged commission due to a 60 day free commission period from my online broker….. any thoughts?
thanks for your time

Suresh Gajre says:

As a beginner this is my first stock market video. I appreciate the way you explained and shared your tips.

The Monk Way says:

I’m impressed by this 24 min video, you have a lot of passion about this. I have a short guide haha.

*The Monk Way: Investment Videos: 22/100 Sub Goal*

Will says:

I’m new to trading stocks. Is the brokers commission for buying a stock and then selling it no matter the quantity of shares?

Joel Agda says:

Thank you

TheInvationCo says:

So is investing and trading different? im so confused, Please reply.

Will Perkins says:

Great video, you did an exceptional job breaking this down for a first time trader!

Betti says:

YOU ROCK ….LOL……I love the way you explain things, in a simple, no sugar coating, straight up way.  I like to read but dont have alot of time, do your books come in audio?

Yc Kwok says:

Great Video ! Thank you.

brandon meyn says:

Thank you man, it really helped

Julianna Marie Kay says:

Can you hide the picture of the sexy lady’s leg in boots for the coca cola ad?

Tristan Towns says:

Do you have to sell stock to make money? Beginner question but do you make money buy just buying stock that is increasing in value?

Emily Pollifax says:

What is your opinion on TD Ameritrade?

TA A says:

U said we must invevt more than 1000usd/trade. What if i invest small amount in a dividend paying stock amd then invest these dividends. Isnt a gd strategy?

Kevin C says:

I am barely learning about all this stuff and I was wondering if it is possible for a Canadian citizen like myself to buy and sell stocks from the US stock market? Like I said, im new to this so I have no idea, I would appreciate if anyone knew! Thanks

Laure Tshimbalanga says:

Awesome video!!!

Dalynn Bernethy says:

I am brand new to investing, When you say to “research stocks” and not to “buy the news”- how do I research stocks? Is there a website where I can see it all?

elimdeyonkersny says:

I haven’t made any investment yet, but I do understand what you mean by buying low. selling high.

Bryan Thompson says:

Hey Ryan i w as turned onto stocks in a business class in High school and now that I a little older and have expandable money on the side your videos have given me more confidence to invest one question I have is you said to take a chance on rumors how would you get a beat on in a rumor ?

itsLucidity says:

Buy a ring light or any kind of professional lighting it will dramatically increase your video quality.

elperrodelace says:

Hey great vid, I really liked it. I was going to ask if you still trade? If you do, could you please do a vid of you been active and buying/seeling in the stock. I’m getting familiar with the terms and all. But I can’t read charts very well & don’t know what I’m looking at so a vid about charts would be great! Thanks!

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