Options for Stock Market Beginners!

Todays video is about options for stock market beginners. The stock market for beginners can be confusing, and stock options are about the most confusing thing in the stock market. I hope this video help you in understanding options.
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Know One says:

Thanks for the info guy

Cruz noori says:

You talk to much.. 3 minutes into the video and you dint get into the subject

jethrox812 says:

Ok, so what is this i loose 100% of the money? Does that mean you buy the option for $5 dollars you lose $5 or is there other money you can loose?

Luis Ramos says:

Did you sell those options ?

brandon holmes says:

Quick question; what books do you recommend on how to build upon the basics in what you just taught, and do you have any other videos to reinforce these principles?

Ovan Oakley says:

Great video. Less guys tho.

DarkRahl69 says:

100x”you guys”

TheStar Damien says:

You gave the best explanation I’ve heard so far. Thank you!

Rod Clark says:

Options trading is a good addition to a strategy of diversification.  This video is very good.  It seems like a lot of teachers want to teach you how to build the clock instead of just telling you how to tell what time it is

John Doe says:

So when you are purchasing a option you are only betting the amount of money it took to buy the option contract?

OoWeE Comics says:

vid starts at 1:41

steven Long says:

This video’s pretty good , but you should say “guys” more.

Chris Dodges says:

But real info starts at 5:08

Albert Gonzalez says:

options expire every 3rd friday of the month.

TeaLeaf PG says:

Where is Samuel Jackson when we need him, “Say guys again muthafukka!!!”

trips n giggles indigo says:

thank you this video was very informative

Nathaniel Gray says:

Excellent beginner video. I have 3 open contracts. 2 of them broke even within hours of purchase on July 5th. Before close of market I was up $3 on a $25 option for a 2.50 strike price. $2.78/share before market close. I will close these around $2.90. both options exact amounts different expiration. The 3rd option expires next year and only needs 37 cents to break even but has only gone up for 5 years! I need the advanced class. I’m subscribing to your channel.

Financial Education says:

If you have been investing in stocks for less than a year enroll in this course I created for you. 51 videos in total. Enter code “200off” at checkout ;)) Enjoy https://financial-education2.teachable.com/p/becoming-master-of-the-stock-market

Sanjuana Rodriguez says:

Great content, thanks!If this video helped you all out and you want to know more about investing in the stock market I recommend this clear and concise beginner’s guide to the stock market. You’ll learn the fundamentals and vocabulary of the stock market and get honest insight on what to expect as you enter the stock market. It is just $0.99 right now on Amazon, price will increase in 7 days. Happy learning and investing!https://www.amazon.com/Stock-Market-Basics-Understanding-Fundamentals-ebook/dp/B07H7TWWGY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537202001&sr=8-1&keywords=stock+market+basics+investing+for+absolute

James Studebaker says:

Useful info. Obliged.

Sean Spezza says:

Powerful branding

icecat2009 says:

Puts seem like shorts

Trev The Goose says:

Please find an editor. A college student will do it for 100 bucks a video.

Matt Bishop says:

What are some online brokerages in Canada that are good?

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