Make $100 A Day Trading Stocks & Options – Stock Trading For Beginners

50 COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO I DROP LAST WEEKS LIVE TRADES! Everyone wants to learn how to make money, especially trading stocks. Figured I would discuss the strategy I use when trading and explain some other strategies a lot of traders use. Further, I dive into the topic of making $100 a day, even more, trading stocks and options and how you can go about doing this the right way. It requires controlling emotions while trading, having a definite goal, and strict discipline on not falling into revenge trading. Although this kind of falls into trading stocks and options for beginners, a lot of what I discuss is more than applicable for almost every trader, as these are problems most people make while trading their first few years even though they are not necessarily beginners.

Hopefully this helps! Like always ask questions if you need me to clarify or want me to cover a trading topic in another video! Get this video to 50 comments I will drop last weeks trades where I turned $40 into $400 on two different options plays!

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Amazed_Dreamer46 says:


Angel Torres says:

Can definitely relate to this video. My problems always knowing when to stop

alessandro alfaro says:

4K views and we still haven’t pulled 30 comments come on now boys

González Mariana. says:

Awesome video my first time here, wish i came across this earlier, As a beginner i trade with a professional to avoid loss. he’s always available via – Kjohnbarron@gmail,.com

Kevin Saint says:

Everyone comment please!!!

Mike Answers says:

Are you ever thinking about opening up the trading fraternity online class again?

sebastian alvarado says:

Can you teach me how to be a stock wizard?

theintelligent investor says:

Thanks so much for posting so many great videos!

Khalfani Pickett says:

Appreciate you, and your time

Brock Tiffin says:

Yo I just want to throw a comment out here

Ricky Castro says:

if it you have an account smaller than 25k how do you work around PDT to make consistent 50 a day if you are limited to 3 day trades a week?

SKYcry321 says:

Great stuff man!!!


sounds that u must be a stock broker guy?

Angela Palmer says:

Yes please do an updated think or swim tutorial. Also what is another program or app that can be used on my work computer to look at charts in real-time? Without downloading software on the computer? I want to study during my lunch hour. Think or swim on my phone is so small. Thank you!!

Mark Struve says:

50 comments here we comeeeeeee

you keston says:

Good video

William Chapman says:

Wow your telling ppl how to trade and your bad at simple math if 26×100 2600 whats half of that umm 1300

Jeremy Granados says:

So much knowledge in all these videos! 100-200$ a day really would help a lot of people !

eddie lee says:

Discipline is key. Overtrading and greed can ruin the $100 daily goal

SKYcry321 says:

Finally got it, 50 comments let’s goo!

imrepz says:

Become consistent in paper then go to live. Figure out your comfort zones, areas of improvement (continuous), goals.

kavontrades says:

What world do you live in trading 26 days a month?

Walter Mercado says:

I would love a think or swim tutorial.

The Classy Bat Team says:

Letsss gooooooooo

branden jackson says:

great content

Jeffrey F says:

lets get to 50 comments! I want to see the plays

Minato22 says:

if i had stopped everyday at 100 id be sitting prime !

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