Losing Money Day Trading In The Stock Market | Investing 101

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Emmanuel Martinez says:

Will jnug start pushing back up?

Eternal Zoom says:

Yea my day was pretty slow today too up only 5%. Though my whole week was big. Next week is gonna be big, thanks Ricky.

Gern Blanston says:

This was my first day trading week, I only traded 3 days and made $1333 before commissions. I’m pretty happy

Bre Olsen says:

I am a local Real Estate agent, I also grew up in Gilbert, graduated from ASU and I work all over the southeast valley now. I noticed you could use more garage spaces, interested in seeing some homes that could accommodate your life style?

Adrian Villanueva says:

But I give it to you your not emotional and gonna go back at it stronger!

Flyer says:

what time does he stream on youtube?

Bart S says:

Here are some good tickers: $SQ $TLRY $CRON $CGC $TEAM. $TLRY has been moving for 10 points or more every day this past week. Long and short side.

Piotr Kukulka says:

That’s so crazy cause I loved that song for the longest of times.

Norm DePlume says:

🙁 I lost today too…

MSotelo503 says:

I lost a few hundred sucks man. Just going to wait the storm.

Pinnacle Trading says:

Thoughts on JNUG?

Business Analyst Guru says:

Hey first you are doing a great job. So far I have been bu n hold investments. Day trading seems very daunting. If my goal is to earn 300$ a day what is the amount of seed money needed. I also have a day job preventing me to be dedicatedly available at the beginning of market when it is the most volatile any suggestions

Gern Blanston says:

Thats not a song!!

Exposing YouTubers says:

The song you played is my favorite song by him,
I actually listened to it a couple of days ago when the market opened…

LtPitty says:

any videos on how to buy a car cheap?

Karl Kenny says:

what indicators does ricky use??
13 ema ?

heffy1000 says:

You also turned up my google play volume to 7 here in Australia. You are a powerful man Ricky!

Godel Trades says:

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky… You NEED to watch the macros… You simply CAN’T trade JDST or JNUG based on the technicals of those charts…

The Big Athur sihotang God Bless. wong batak says:

Hei bro. What I will do every day to succeed the trading?

Adrian Duszak says:

All the best Ricky !!!

Bolas Snowman says:

smiles/gallon. Nice. I like it

Need For Speed says:

does anyone one know if there is a app/website like hobinhood for non US residents please??? i’m from brazil if it makes a difference.

Woodstock Ross says:

This was my issue also, realized I can’t drive and trade at the same time without setting up stop losses.

AliShah Alishah says:

Hy, Ricky i am very happy to see your success story, you are a milliner boy in just age of 23 but its very very very shameful for you that you are collecting money just 100$ or 200$ from poor and new peoples through your website its a bloody shit for you. You can help peoples as a free doner hell on you you are a greedy boy.

Stiff Stackler says:

I got slaughtered a few weeks ago. Gonna make it back though.


Hello Ricky. im kinda new at your youtube channel, i show you on a video comparing your life to a man that also worked hard as a delivery. Id love to say , that you are doing smthing that i also love to do. to work on. im 17 years old, i live in Greece, and my name is jimmy. . If its possible to join on as a worker. on stocks id love to. I dont have really experience at all, im a newbie kinda. If its possible for you to create a video about a newbie like me and ofc others, or something ofc to read and learn. so i can start doing it, id aprreciate it , i also am interested into bodybuilding. and yeah thats me. hope you read my comment. Thx a lot , keep up !

The Bullish Dad-The Killer Swing Trading Channel. says:

If that car had over 25,000 miles closer to 30 it is worth about 55-60. Over 30-it is worth 45-50 because of simply pre-ownership. They lost money I don’t why someone would do that. Just plain stupid

Chase West says:

Ricky, are you a part of the Tradingview community?

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