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Gabriel Meneguetti says:

Your story is a real inspiration

larzehoneytoast says:

Pump and Dump. Nice.

MoneyManFernando says:

About how much money would a person need in their trading account to make about $3,000 a month ?? I know there are a lot of variables, but an estimate?????????????

Tessy Sossu says:

Hi Tim, I want to be like you! can you help.! I would love to do online trading but I don’t know how cos this my first. I am tried of leaving to pay my bills. I would love to travel the world. Tessy

alex nasiadka says:

On homework 3!

Mohamed Metwaly says:

please do you have chain of lessons penny stocks

Bob Marley says:

love this guy

Henry Mar says:

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Felix Jest says:

Why is there so much ignorance in the comments. Tim has worked his ass off. And for those complaining about paying to be taught, let me tell you something about this world, NOTHING IS FREE. Don’t expect to be given anything. You have to work for success in this world and Tim has done it. Don’t be ignorant.

tatz winz says:

Wow it’s amazing. I hope and pray that I can make it. !

Mariea Hunter says:

Can i do this from Jamaica?

FunnyCrapAndOthers says:

heres what i think
you buying large ammounts of a penny stock, then tell everybody that
they will rise in theyre value, some of those ppl will actually
belive u and start buying the stock, then you just have to w8 till it
climbs up and sell out
making a good profit by taking out the ppl who trusted in you

miles kenworthy says:

does any one know a UK penny stock broker it will be a big help thanks

Timothy Blake says:

I love the videos, Timothy Blake

vale tudo dude says:

sounds amazing from the start!

Michael Leonard says:

This is Amazing, Subscribed, Being Honest is so Key. You Won Me At That. As Well, Guys This is very Valuable.

~Michael Leonard

Karl Maturin 2 says:

Is there a specific website to do the penny stocks?

C R says:

Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS question everything, accept nothing at face value, and do your research!!! Never make an important decision so close to sundown!

M Nahshal says:

I do love too learn that

Watching Vids says:

What’s the chat room?

KMJ channel says:

I believe in this work

Bryan Vo says:

Hello Timothy I seen your video and how much money you could make. I just need an opportunity and mentor somebody just to give me a nug. But anyways I would love to get in the penny stock and I have a feeling which penny stock would be good too. How do I start and fund myself with money like that?

Sean Johnson says:

Where and how can I join

sunil gupta says:


Okram says:



Easton Harrison says:

Middle class family and 12,000 bday gift don’t go hand in hand…

Jarnell Campbell says:

What’s a good trading platform to use?

Wasiq Islam says:

You charge $99 for a month. Why not just give your blueprints for free?

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