How To Trade Penny Stocks For Beginners – Learn Exactly How to Trade Penny Stocks For Beginners from a Millionaire Trader! Learn how anyone can get started, regardless of their background and experience!

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Torrian McGhee says:

As a 16 year old what platform or broker should I ise

Boring Briecon says:

Get up to $500 free using the Robinhood app. It’s simple! Download the app using the provided link and get your first free share of stock. Then with every person you get to join using your referral you get another free share of stock. The stocks that you get range between $5 and $150. After 3 trading days you can sell the share and the money is yours to do what you want to with it. Reinvest the money in a stock of your choosing or transfer it to your bank account and pay a bill or go shopping. It’s that simple! Plus Robinhood is free to download and free to use. There are no commission fees for buying and selling shares. It really is the easiest way to make money and start trading on the market without risking your own hard earned cash. Click on the link to get started.

Nick5220 - says:

can I start off if I have $50?

Adrian Adriano says:

From where can I get news that the markets will go up and when it will?

Kurtis Gofigan says:

Thanks for the bounce tip about hitting green then jump on it, really helped

Leon Gargan says:

I’m seriously contemplating saving up a bit and starting to trade these penny stocks. Any traders here have advice for me? (i.e Starting amount, etc.)

itsKarlDesigns says:

this sounds too fake. like all that self promo, talking about your students’ success how you made other businesmen hate you for that all that crap.. that makes it sound so fake. nice video explaining these concepts but yeh half of it sounds too good to be true.

Zac Russell says:

What if the penny stock has high liquidity of 4,000,000 trades a day and it’s on the NYSE? Let’s say it’s 0.13 and you put $10,000 in it, and sell it for 0.17, could you make a $3,000 profit just like that? Will you be able to sell all the shares with no problem or would this not work? Thanks

HeeHaww TheMonster says:

Is this completely Legal?

Guy Fawx says:

learning day by day, i know nothing about stock trading so this video helps me understand somewhat to expect thanks tim

Faded Memories says:

every video starts off by saying “small accounts, starting with $500 or $1,000” and everytime it reminds me how broke i really am. FML

Ryan Lee says:

I love your video, it makes perfect sense and I am just getting into Trading. you don’t have to but the house but you definitely have to reinvest and build your bank! I’d rather have 35% of $100,000 and 35% of 1000

jamie Zavala says:

I have 20,000$ can you help me double it

interests10 says:

should we use more than one broker or not?

TheBossGOD 1 says:

what are you using? TD ameritrade?

Cristian Silva says:

How do I start putting in money and where do I go?

Manash Jyoti says:

thumbs up… keep growing

dr3dful1 says:

Whats a great book to get me started as a penny stock trader?

Toshiko Jeanie says:

_Anything like this app can’t stay free for long and they are planning to charge some amount of fee for the signing up when the app (__ ) reaches certain number of members. You need to sign up before that because it is free and even if you aren’t satisfied than at least you haven’t paid any fee for it._

Latez Williams says:

am I retarded or is this video NOT for beginners???

sahil Xhajiyani says:

Is the platform/software such as E-trade called a broker ?

yzeoallday221 says:

How long is your class and the cost?

Disappointment TV says:

where the hell can i buy penny stocks in the UK????? i cant use any of these US sites.

Will Ward says:

I never knew making 30% on my money in 15 minutes was so easy!!! I’m quitting my job and going to do this full time.

AcrosstheGlen says:

what stock software does he use?

Ammar Salam says:

can i use my merril lynch account

gilda rosales says:

what site are you using @@@?????????????? thanks

Mad Onion says:

check out DOLV

Evan James Lee says:

6:15 liked because of that

Israel S says:

how do i signup

Lewis E says:

Would you invest in MJ stocks ?

KA 0170 says:

I guess Im at the right track cus the most Iv come up to is 23% and I had the feeling that I should have bought earlier ! So this advice you give is not bullshit ! Theres too many vids of things that doesnt make any sence out there on youtube. Like Im not trading to get a few $. Its just no reason to trade if its a life time of making a few thousend.

Bryant Cecilio says:

please I need a mentor

Md Rhaman says:

What brokerage do you use for Penny Stock Trading? I have an E-trade Account. Can I use E-Trade for penny stock trading?

Do you have any video tutorial on penny stock trading?

BossMan 360 says:

what a bout $10


I love your YouTube channel. How do I become one of your students. I fell in love with your humble beginning story. Just like you I have a true believe that being honest is the foundation of being successful .

Stacie Harpee says:

so, is 100 too little to invest?

Daniel Costa says:

I don’t have lots of money. What’s the minimum you’d suggest open and account at TD or elsewhere? Thanks

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