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David Langtree says:


Sammo Adventures says:

Here write this down.
I don’t have a pen.
Supply and Demand my friend.

Adis Mancio says:

Mate can you even take the money you make out? Like can you make it into physical money

Lone Wolf says:

Pointless video, no substance

Drawls says:

Hey before I saw this I read your sort of blog and I made an application let that be your judge but I loved this video and it helped me out alot (please ignore” Riot Gaming “)

marta gray says:

Would you invest in MJ stocks ?

tweter vegas says:

i have seen were you only have to start with 50bucks is that possible for people who dont have alot of money

Jeffrey Butts says:

8:42: Bitcoin

Jack says:

What apps do u use to trade?

ICE says:

How much do u think u have made in your trading career?

phantomse24 says:

I’m sure most of us trying to get into this have day jobs.. how can you be successful at penny stocks when working a regular job during trading hours? Don’t you have to watch the charts ?

Entertainment ZONE# says:

Hi i m new to this so if u don’t mind please tell me where to start from

Rehkopf's VIDZ says:

Do you have a Discord

Tuli E. says:

Hi .
I was wondering if anyone know of a good and cheap alert room I tried a few rooms and it was too expensive and was not good enough if anyone can help me i would appreciate it

Jonathan Beauchamp says:


YOU DONT. Look up the statistics guys. 0.03% of people who trade penny stocks ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY. Thats 0.0003 of those who trade. Out of 100,000 ONLY 30 will make it rich. (these are the people with connections)
I recommend EVERYONE go follow GARYVEE for real unbiased info!!

Kiara Fields says:

im still lost

Matthew Rod says:

What Penny Stocks would you recommend? Other than the volume and the recent rise and fall, what other factors should I look for. Lastly, what is a good news source to get constant updates about viable companies?

Thomas mark says:

My fellow traders permit me to call Mr Harry James as a trade GOD, his strategy has proven that he is the best trader of our time, i trade with confident and no fear of loosing, i am grateful sir, thank you for being so honest.
contact harry via email: harryjames8889@gmail. com

phantomse24 says:

Id love to learn from you.. you seem to be the real deal..

Ning Liu says:

how to trade without ”stocktotrate”, because it’s expensive

frankie snep says:

Hi, i am looking to start witch investing in stocks, what site/ programs are best to use for monitoring the market?

Ricardo Lane says:

Thank you

Barbara Howse says:

If you are losing money in binary options consistently, I would like to prompt you to get a restart with this app===>>(Details Here >>> ). This smart app is literally killing the brokers and making the days of many fellow traders including me. You should not ignore this thing. This is like an opportunity. Thank you.

Zizi Matanda says:

Thank you Tim.

Steve Toldi says:

Tim Thank you for your teaching a person newbie like me !!

Mike Smith says:

Believe it or not! the best stock exchange today to make money with is the Nigerian stock market… crazy or what?

Opanic_beast says:

Would anyone want to be my teacher or mentor i need help

Aaron Singh says:

Sir I am a college student nothing knowing how the world works and want to start my life through the college but i have to cover it up financially.I want to follow your steps because it a great way to have money and explore the world. PLEASE IF YOU CAN guide me .Thanks

Demetrius Pinder says:

why call it penny stock if we have to come up with hundreds or thousands? that is not penny stock. penny stock is .50 centsetc. what about the poor man? I am trying to learn about the stock market, penny stock. if I have 50. 00 in my hand…what do I do

Anuj Saraswat says:

super extraordinary

The Ncomeologist says:

nobody show u HOW to trade its a lot of run around…like what site do I go thru to start trading?….how much do I make if I buy a stock $5 for $100 and the stock goes up to $8 and I sell how much do I make?

sengsackda chaleunsinh says:

Hi Tim Sykes
I already registering with you but now I am waiting for you how to do
please tell me step by step because I never do this before
and one thing my English is not so good
thank you very much
Best regarding

Sengsackda chaleunsinh

Gaming Is Life says:

Is stocktotrade legit

Olivia Harper says:

What do you think of this penny stock

Sergio Saldana says:

Im a begginer in this i would apreciate anyone hat would help mr start

Demetrius Pinder says:

I want to quit my job. I am taired of working for people..I hate going on the man job to make pennies. I am a single mom struggling through law school. I want to learn all about stocks so I can sit at home, trade and go full time with my studies. I don’t want no scams and no get rich foolishness. I need help badly

Jayden Morris says:

Hi tim! I’m from Australia and have been passionately learning about trading and I’m r day to start! I see everyone using td and think or swim. Do you know what broker/platform I can use similar to td and think or swim? Thanks!

bashir azeez says:

thanks for the nice video.please i want to learn and i would like to know how to get started.

Alina Matei says:

F fantastic…I’m loving this so so much!!! How have I missed all this material??!!! It’s never to late, and I believe in this now more then ever…thank you so much for all your time and dedication and all your effort you put into this…fantastic material…WOW!!!

SpearHead1011 says:

Can you teach someone that has 0 experience in the market? Want to start part time then go to full time

Avm Kyt says:

*Super fast! $460 grew to $2600 in 10 Minutes!* (ExpertOption)

Ken Jencks says:

Another great informative video! Thanks Tim!!!

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