How to day trade the stock market

Head Trader @fousalerts Big Mike details how to make $5k A week Day Trading the stock market using the FOUS4 strategy. Learn how with these 7 FREE VIDEO LESSONS



Cameron Fous says:

Ive been day trading mentoring for 12 years. Now I’m Travel Vlogging on my channel hitting every country in the world while i day trade! Its the best job in the world!

Sean Hoberts says:

For long serving strategy, I highly recommend Mr Bronislava Numan. His strategy works wonders. I made $4,000 in two weeks under his management. You can reach him at bronislavanuman @ gmail . com

Alexander Bayer says:

What broker/dealer are you guys using that locates and lends these obscure penny stocks to you?

Shelley Mason13 says:

Brilliant and super-cool. Love this software (Link Here >>>
). Go for it! I have been doing so and the results were lucrative. Nevertheless one of the best auto trading apps. Wide array of assets to trade and most of all, saves time since it works automatically.?

David Corpuz says:

Super dopey, shits misleading man. Why you pitching.

Jan Gonzalez says:

I’m new to this. What do you use to trade? Or what site do you use to buy and trade? I have no clue

George The Zebra says:

Everyone of these videos y’all are always trying to fuckin sell something. Can you just teach people how to trade with some basic techniques you use, without trying to center it around bullshit?

T Jacka says:

Been watching you guys trade for a while, very clear and to the point, love your guys attitude and technique.. very impressive and interesting

Zextah says:

can someone tell me which brokerage he is using? thanks

Treyce Freeman says:

Play war stocks first

Carlos says:

the market is always hot if you know what your looking for.

johal425 says:

Do you recommend TC2000 over ETRADE pro? If so why? — thank you for the videos brother I am a new subscriber. I day trade cryptocurrency (I am an early investor in Bitcoin) – Now investing in new blockchain start ups…..I am now moving into the stock market and trying to learn more in this area.

Mohammad Atish says:

How much profit can be earned from 15000$ investment in stock

tim robinson says:

Ugh. I wish they did another discount lol too late

Josh McWhorter says:

any free stock charting software you can recommend?

Eduardo Posadas says:

Making 5k a week, putting in how much?

eddyvideostar says:

I agree with David G: People as this, with the polish and confidence which comes from their practice and concert pianist type of dedication to SELLING and presentation. He does look and sound good, but this is with many marketers who publish retro charts on YouTube — and everywhere else!

The whole aspect of trading is risk management. It is all risk. Many, or all authors teach about stops as their first segment. This is all well and good, because if you lined up all of the traders, educators and have them place an entry — they will be the first to relay back that they do not know FOR SURE where the stock is going — IN THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES OR BEYOND!

deo Jumalon guinsatao says:

market strategies globalize _DEO

Ryan Michaels says:

When you $5k what is that? 2% of your account? .5%??

Anthony Pilla says:

“I dont really care which way the market goes.” lmao the overall market affects your trading.

Noel says:

Im trying to learn as much as i possibly can about stocks, which books do you recomend??

ahsanullah shanto says:

I have been with an ECN trading broker called Trade12. Here I have digitalized technologies to trade with. Their high leverage and narrow floating trading spread enable to bring in a good trading profit and high security of funding is really mesmerizing.

Dumitru Robert says:

What platform do you use for traiding?

Day Trader Setups says:

If you don’t want to trade penny stocks or trade smaller lots on bigger stock watch a few of our upcoming videos

Amal Jolly says:

I don’t know anything about stocks and trading, are there any videos or books which i can use to kickstart. PLEASE HELP!

Biren Patel says:

I thought the video was alright, but couldn’t finish it since I kept hearing the word “basically”… Over and over again.

Sammie L. Glancy says:

*Saturday $1890*

Rickey Benson says:

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Richards Elton says:

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Swapnil Bhagat says:

hey guys, I am new here totally frustrated with my 9 to 5 job, wanna some real adventure, so how do I start with $100 dollars in my account.

Jack Rippers says:

Hanz de Fuko’s Organic Hair Products brought me here..


Hi. I am new to this and I’m wondering how you come across these stocks. The patterns are well explained in this video, and I understand what you say you are looking for, but how do you actually quickly and efficiently create your watch list?

Dimitrios Desmos says:

You look like someone i could trust. do you want to marry my daughter.

Austin Franklin says:

So when you want to trade, how much of your shares do you trade?

Trịnh Phát - Investment says:

*Dose and leave*

James Edwards-Marche says:

I like the way this guy communicates…well explained and engaging! Good addition to the Fous team.

Sydney MCCULLOUGH says:

This app is becoming unbelievably popular because of a reason and that reason is the fact that it delivers what it promises in advertisement. I haven’t seen a single person until now who wasn’t satisfied with this app ( *BinarySignals4u. Com* ) because the app gives nothing that can be criticized.?

kerry kerice says:

which platform do you used for trading

T Jacka says:

Looking forward to buying into the system very soon


What platform do you guys use?

Scumerican says:

Please forgive me for my ignorance but are you guys trading pennystocks?

web 001 says:

great commentary Mike, I can tell your a good teacher. lease do more after trading commentary.
is that 50-100 ercent on the whole stocks rice,,or just from the last day or two?? thx

erick zavala says:

Im 18 years old and i want to get into this but i just dont know how to start

Sami Mehio says:

-Transparent signals
-No FAKE guarantees, just the world of probability
-Evolving psychology
-First 100 free 3 months of signals
-Email to inquire
-Bull and Bear Capital

Benjamin Levy says:


Vocabulary Dynamics says:

What software do you use? Website? Brokerage account? says:

U guys should start a twitch stream and trade live so we can see you in action

Ted Ramsey24 says:

People are getting confuse on what to choose, and what is the best, with the uncountable number of apps and huge amounts of information available on Binary Options trading. I guess I can help you with this. I have been using one great software (Link here ) for over a year now, and I don’t need to worry about a thing

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