How I learned to read — and trade stocks — in prison | Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll

Financial literacy isn’t a skill — it’s a lifestyle. Take it from Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll. As an incarcerated individual, Caroll knows the power of a dollar. While in prison, he taught himself how to read and trade stocks, and now he shares a simple, powerful message: we all need to be more savvy with our money.

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anitha grimes says:

This is an amazing piece of information. I am grateful to the person who did it

jolevon on drums brown says:

Woulda been nice to see hkm talking to a all collored people crowd

Christopher Dim says:

Really inspiring and well developed

bloodyangel5463 says:

Respect for this guy.

ken Hawk El Hawk says:


mrskauvaka says:

Best TedX I have ever seen. Brilliant oratory, the story inspired me to confront myself and family on our financial illiteracy

Vikki Ellison says:

Best TED Talk I have heard yet!

Koreann Martin says:

Great speech but the content on which was spoken should have more commentary. You guys… how do we fix this? What do we need to do, to come together to stop this trend??
Come on, we didn’t all come back here to pat him and ourselves on the back.
We can’t be docile. I tell every college kid I can about credit, because they’re 18 and have no idea what’s about to enslave them hard without the proper tools.
Not a coincidence our money is in itself a monstrous unicorn completely opposite the one with the rainbow tail, let your imagination wander and get gruesome because that’s the unicorn money is.
We are in an epidemic: when AI officially overturns most jobs to become automatic and precise, no home will make an income. We have to see where this is going, and we need to turn this ship before it hits the iceberg before assuming we just have to let the captain steer us right into it.
Teach. Not for money, just spread knowledge. Talk to people. Help. We need to get back on the humble track or it gets darker from here on out. Not possible? Sit and do nothing then watch to see it is possible.

Tim G says:


Bargain Hunters Paradise says:

I dont know how I got here but this was an amazing speech

T.K. says:

wow , impressive . makes me think about my cousin that’s serving a lengthy sentence in prison right now . goodness , I wish my brothers could realize and tap into the great potential they have BEFORE getting heavily involved in criminal activity . I’m glad to see he’s doing something positive with his time and hope the same for others living behind bars .

rembeadgc says:

If we want it and it wasn’t given to us by our parents, we got to get it for ourselves. If the public is financially educated then half the businesses fleecing people would go out of business. Life skills are something assumed to be taught at home, because everybody’s values ain’t the same. Certain aspects of capitalism are supported by having a class of possession addicted people. Capitalism isn’t benevolent by nature. It is closer to survival of the “financially fittest”. The fact that it doesn’t automatically look out for the most vulnerable is just what we have to deal with.

She Shakur says:

Very well said, Curtis Carroll.

D Brown says:

Gotta love it ..dude became articulate from being illiterate

Nicki DivineTV says:

Where do I sign up for your class!?

Jacy J Elliott says:

Reminds me of Malcolm X

KWB says:

Most of those wealthy “people” got rich by committing crimes. Their crimes were over looked because their victims were the residents of your community and their crimes were the exploitation of your community. SEHLA!

Hatim Abdur says:

That’s the way rich white people want it. if you go back and look at history, they try to make blacks a permanent under class. That’s why they denied us assets to education, for years. They do not want to see us as professional. On their level, white supremacy. they told Malcolm X, he could not be a teacher, and the man was brilliant.

Sunil Badlani says:

Fantastic empowerment

L Wheeler64 says:

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Charlotte Thomas says:


fitnesspoint2006 says:

boo hoo hooo – criminals – cry me a river

MrNemano says:

Big words but saying nothing!

limeykl says:

Just goes to show education is a powerful thing. This young man has a true gift and is a natural speaker and has a gift to share. I hope he makes it big and stays out in the community!

Emmanuel Sebua says:

Intelligent man. Being able to read is true a privilege. One thing more powerful than money, knowledge and the use thereof.

Katie Tutorials says:

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Jeffrey Farneski says:

what a great man

Omni Vision says:

I can definetly relate…ten years in prison,the constant studying …financial literacy separates my reality, from the way I used to see it

Rhonda Hill says:

Absolutely loved every word, so true.

Claudette Norciud says:

Gays and lesbians the devil do not love. This world is full of haters. Nasty stink dirty world

Olamide Ola says:

This is the best

Indigo Child says:

Thanks brother! That was an awesome speech! An yes far to many people out here make plenty of money, but by the time they retire they are broke! It’s a sad statistic in the US!

Nathank says:

This guy is truly intelligent. In my opinion the smartest people are ones can realize they were wrong, and fix it. He learned how to read past his optimal learning period and was dedicated enough to turn his life around

Abd Rh. says:

Thank u young man. Very nice speech, I wish u all the best.

Olamide Ola says:

Extremely eloquence and intelligent

Lamonte Wood says:

This brother is just being honest and he’s definitely giving up some important information ya’ll. Thank you bro.

GiacomoKnox says:

Never been in trouble a day in my life, and yet this young man pointed out some financial failures that I’ve been committing over and over. Good talk!

Lilli L'amour says:

Clear and to the point….Excellent

zombiegunner98 says:

Not just black but also every other ethnic back grounds

Jean Cortes says:

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Kevin Giarla says:

this guy needs to talk to the BLM crowd and calm them down…

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