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How I learned to day trade in the stock market using ToS and Robinhood. Learning from Day Traders and Swing Traders.


maiettaphotography says:

*says he’s not gonna turn this channel into a stock market channel*

*posts a shit ton of stock market videos after he sees the success of this video*

andrew says:

Porn music in the back ground

Regg says:

For a prospective young trader how do you go about filing taxes for your stock market earnings

Ryan Smith says:

Precision Day Trading is a youtube channel that runs these scanners every market day. Check it out, I personally use it all the time. Don’t waste money buying scanners

Brysin 562 says:

Your awesome thanks

Ricky Gutierrez says:

Hey bud a member in our group shouted you out for making a great intro video. I want to thank you personally for labeling me and my YouTube community as a useful channel. In your opinion what are some areas of opportunity for our channel to provide more quality content for advanced users? We have 30k members with in our group and it’s no surprise a majority of them are new traders. Just wanted some feedback and to wish you good luck on your venture!

Robot Trader says:

If you are interested in highly profitable trading robots: have a great trading! 🙂

Ryan Pearsall says:

at first i though u looked and sounded like a doosh bag. but then realized ur actually smart, unlike most. subscribed !!

M J says:

What is your take on Anton K.? Trading educators working for kick backs etc.

Eddie says:

Hey I’m me and if you listen long enough to me, you’ll learn to be just like me, in a week. -Me

M M says:

Stocks markets are trps and the benefit of those market for some people or funds not for the ordinary traders and those markets full of crimes to take other people money and the law can’t punish them, I say that from 25 years experience.

Cocoabine says:

You sound like Mother’s Basement.

Oliver Moes-Okun says:

My week only has 7 days, how many does yours have?

Joseph Loja says:

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Nitro Spice says:

I’ve been studying day trading for over a year now. At first it does seem really hard because virtually everything you need to learn will be completely foreign to you and overwhelming (at least it was for me). It does become easier once you know what you’re looking at, but still requires a lot of work because you literally have to memorize what every thing means. You have to know the name of each candle, what that candle means, how to react based on that candle and volume in the market, you have to know all the different levels of triggers and resistance, you have to be able to read Level 2 and Time & Sales etc etc. But most importantly, you need to have an incredibly strong handle on your emotions. You can learn all of the technical aspects to trading, but if you have a difficult time controlling your emotions, you’ll need to do a lot of work in this area before you can successfully trade, because there are a lot of emotional traps you can fall into while trading that will significantly hinder your profitability. You’ll also need to purchase 3 monitors and a laptop thats capable or running several different softwares simultaneously. in addition, you’ll want at least $2000 to trade with. You can certainly trade with less, but $2000 is ideal in my opinion. I purchased a 1 year subscription to warrior trading for roughly $4000 US if I remember correctly. In addition to the course i think i spent about $2100 on my laptop and another $800 on monitors, a stand and usb cables. You’ll also be spending roughly $300 per month on charts, scanners, and brokerage fee’s. You’ll also be paying commissions each time you make a trade. I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from learning to trade and pursuing a career in trading. These are just some of the things i wish i’d known prior to deciding to trade. good luck

tahj adeniran says:

Brilliant post but I’m sooooo not happy about the music in the background… too loud sir

Kenny Wang says:

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Micheal Wambold says:

Really appreciate Mr Mike for his amazing strategies for the past 7 months it has indeed been very fruitful

Ben Daulton says:

If you are actually good then exactly why are you trying to turn strangers into competitors?
Maybe it’s because you want their money.

Just Pull says:

Hey Anton do you know ricky???

kevin says:

I’m going to tell you how to make millions… now that I have your attention, place your device firmly against your head and strain every nerve ending to hear ANYTHING I’m saying… uuuugggghhhh, I hate bad audio

Enrique Gomez says:

fundamental problems with analytical trading:
1. You can become insane seeing numbers all the fucking day like a computer.
2. There are algorithms created to basically do what these guys are doing 1000 times faster (high-frequency trading).
3. You are using probability to estimate events that are based on human behavior(the human mind is one of the most complex things known to humanity).
4. You are not investing you are trying to predict every nanosecond of market fluctuations, these fluctuations depend on a trillion variables that only a quantum computer could model with a minimum level of precision.(i dont think you have a quantum computer)
5. Sure there would be lucky individuals who win using this gimmick in the short term, but I don’t think they can hold just pure luck.
6. There are not day traders in Forbes list of billionaires.

I think the way you try to make people believe that day trading is in the same level of the real investment practice the one you called fundamental shows your low level of investment knowledge please do not scam people. (For speculators like you the market becomes inefficient thus promoting unrealistic prices on stocks).

To the person who is reading this,don’tt listen to this scam .In contrast invest in a company because of its tangible value and that sells its stock at a fair price, use valuation techniques that are accurate and precise and in the long term you ll be rewarded.( Actually there is people who invest based on value in Fobers list of billionaires, Warren Buffet, Boggle,Carl incahn etc…

FinBrain Technologies says:

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Gilberto Parra says:

un gran pendejo

2 Gs says:

Who taught you? I want to learn
I dont know shit

J. Kol34 says:

So RobinHood is a scam. I would not recommend ever using that app.

Comentator says:

Ok there are 2 types of investing: Market makers and suckers. Those days, analytical and fundamental investing is similar to going to the casino and listening to the guy by the slots machines about his super secret strategy… 99.999% of stock trading volume is traded in dark pools, where only big banks have access to. The rest of the trades 0.001% or less are the suckers… Yes we all know the guy that won, ask him how much he lost to win… cheers. Trading practice accounts with transactions always going through is different than trading real big money. JM, GS will not let you make a killing, you can eat some breadcrumbs, and most often than not they will F you out of your money.

Joe Murphy says:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL……… yeah… good luck!!

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Britswiss Ameri says:

How can I reach out to you if I have an idea to manufacture something?

Mdm Hdjd says:

We want more

Micheal Wambold says:

Brilliant and nice video but I’ve always thought it’s impossible to not loose in trading until I met Mr Brown..he’s amazing…7 wins since january and still counting …

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