Free Stock Market Training by Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M.Tech, IIT)

Pathfinders Team

Learn how to :

1. Create daily money by intraday trading
2. Mimimize loss and increase profit
3. Catch market moves by swing trading
4. Build long term wealth by portfolio management
5. Trade stocks,futures,options,commodity & forex

Most big traders in the world are unanimous in their view that, if properly trained, stock market trading is one of the most rewarding professions and can be practiced by everybody by learning fundamental analysis, technical analysis, money management and risk management. Pathfinders has trained thousands of students in the last 10 years to trade and invest in the markets.

Pathfinders Team


The beginners world says:

Seems good mentor! only in mumbai?? thane??

Javed Maknojia says:

sir I am javed from United States
can u tell me please how I join your class?

Md Jahangeer says:

Sir, training in Bangalore?

Entertainment Casino says:

session in Mumbai?

Basha S.M says:

Sir, an honest video .Hats off to you.
Thanks for sharing the knowledge

Himanshu Sharma says:

Sir, when u have the session in delhi?

Chiranjeev Lamba says:

sir your contact number for training and where is the institute

Ravichandra Doddaiah says:

Hi sir is there any training in Bangalore

shivanareshch says:

Very good session sir…many people even successful persons in stock markets tell not to go for intraday …but ur session is very encouraging..

Joginder Rajput says:

Sir your videos are excellent.
did you have any WhatsApp group

hot news SK says:

please sir ji talking hindi

JackZeru says:

Wow, an amazing session that is sir. Thanks a lot. I wish I could join your training session soon sir. But unfortunately I’ll be unable to prioritize it for sometime but I am going to keep following all your videos from now on. You’ll be my first mentor sir. This session I can feel that you’ve given an honest and practical view of taking markets as a serious business. God bless you.

Mr24hrs4u says:

I thought that I’ve 2 always live a below avg life. U’ve really given me a hope Sir.

I appreciate u for being so humble n 4 being selfless to help people like me this way.

Very soon I’ll be the part of ur team. I’m just in the process 2 gather money 2 pay the course fee n 2 buy a laptop.

Hoping 2 see u soon.

sandeep Rawat says:


Ajay Mathur says:

sir I was interested in joining your daily live trading room. But there are different timings given on your website for the online trading room sessions. Does it mean that it will not be live full day? Because then how I will know when to exit my open positions?

Saravana Kumar says:

sir, is there any session planned in Chennai?

Naadhan Kandasamy says:

is it possible to make a living by trading if we are ready to put honest efforts and treat like a business ?

Sarvesh Dubey says:

Sir, I have a really strict and hectic schedule (I am a regular soldier) and so I can’t pursue this 6month course. Do you offer any short term courses; say a month?

Javed Maknojia says:

sir I watched this vedio 7 times your explanations it’s very good
I simply says you are very very genius.i soon join your online course

Jaspreet Singh says:

Dear, Sir I wish to join ur course when is ur next course in North India. I’m from Kanpur. thanks.

naresh jadoun says:

Sir when will you have session in Delhi or NCR, I am from Mathura.

Anonymity says:

I didn’t know anything about stock market before watching this video but now i could say i atleast have some idea about it

and i have question for u sir i m now 17 and i want to trade in stock market and i m now doing IT engineering i wanted to ask how much time should i have to invest so that i could be a good trader

Thank you

Sai Dhanchander says:

what’s your fees

Sejad Multani says:

sir pls send some more live treading video pls

Munish Bansal says:

sir is such a great teacher and sir is providing a way to youngsters for making money for their further. thanks for this video sir.

Naadhan Kandasamy says:

Do you trade forex ?

sundari arun says:

Sir I am in Mexico. How I can attend your training

Amar Samal says:

Eye opener for me & busy generation

LR says:

Interesting you sound like a great mentor. I have burn my fingers by paying for lot of trainings to so called self pro-claimed gurus…but as you mentioned correctly if they cannot live trade and show their accounts then we cannot trust them… sadly I learned it late.

I have been in the 80% crowd for almost 8 years now…then stopped trading since last year. Now I live abroad and cannot Day-trade Indian market due to time difference so simple question is…will your course help me to trade is foreign markets or Forex/commodity ?

ambu ambu says:

sir, when you have session in bangalore?

HEMANTH Sai Kumar says:

dear sir can i take tradeing as my career….

yogiraj thombre says:

you are mindblogging sir you made my concepts clear

khan adnan says:

Sir will you come to Aurangabad here are many people interested in stock but no professional classes

khan adnan says:

sir please start one of your branch here cause no is ready to show the money making art as you do I on my own learnt forex trading that too improperly

mahesh patro says:

Dear sir accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time & support. You are a fantastic mentor that is worthy of emulation.

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