Day Trading Strategies (momentum) for Beginners: Class 1 of 12

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I teach Day Trading Strategies for Beginner Traders.  I focus on Momentum Trading Strategies including Gap and GO! and Trend Finding Strategies.  All of our classes are available for immediate streaming at

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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”…
// Learn How to Day Trade and Learn How to Swing Trading
As Day Traders and Swing Traders our mission is simple. We are looking for stocks that we expect will move in a predictable direction. We want to take a position with a predefined stop level and profit target. Sounds easy right? In a lot of ways it is. But there are literally thousands of different strategies for trading the market. Every trader has a unique approach to trading. Our goal is to teach you our strategies. I have developed a series of profitable trading strategies for beginners. Our Trading Courses focus on the most fundamental aspects of a successful trade.

// Chart Patterns
After you understand risk management and proper stock selection, we teach you how to find stock patterns on charts. These patterns are how we base our risk and reward. We look for chart patterns that have well defined areas of support and resistance. We will use previous support levels as our stop price, or our risk, and we look at previous resistance areas as our initial profit target, or our reward. If the profit vs loss ratio is 2:1 we will take the trade. I teach both day trading strategies and swing trading strategies. For day trading we focus primarily on 5min charts while swing traders focus more on daily charts. The patterns in general are the same. I teach traders how to find patterns in real-time including Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Flat Tops, Flat Bottoms, and Rubber Band Reversal Setups.

// Trading Strategies
Learning risk management, proper stock selection, and chart patterns is important, but those alone don’t create a trading strategy. A trading strategy requires details on the time of day you take these trades, what type of stocks you like to trade, what percentage to success you expect. All our students are required to papertrade and prove to me that they can trade on a percentage of success that is high enough to justify real trading. If you can’t make money in a demo account, you have no business trading a real account. We have saved students hundreds of thousands of dollars by encouraging paper trading while they are learning. The market will be here for a long time to come. The important thing for you right now is to build up the skills to trade the market successfully. You will learn that once you possess the skills to consistently make $20.00/day all it takes to make $200 is larger share size. Then all it takes to make $2000 is again, larger share size. The hardest part is being consistently green just $20/day. So that is our initial target for all of our students. Profitable trading 4/5 days per week for at least 3 months.
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Anuj Datta says:

Thanks very much Ross, really informative

Lázaro Borges says:

You don-‘t short sell?

shatha abomoghdeb says:

i beated once the computer in chess it was 9 from 10 level only once and i stell dont know how althow i play good , always hope hahahaha

Fareed Ahmad Siddiqui says:

I’m a total newbie that isn’t even aware of what the concept of trading is, and how it works. I saw an advertisement of Etoro and that just pushed my curiosity enough to find your tutorial. Will this series be helpful for a total scrub like me? Can your teachings be implied on EToro or any other app?

LE Nikkolai II says:

No more part 5? 🙁

Mak Tem says:

Hi, where are the rest of the series, this is not link to a playlist of whatever, I only found this 1/12 lesson ? Anyone who has the rest (if it is not paid of course)


the best strategy

TheDiamondStew //YT says:


martinmsd says:

Loved your video! One question, I live in Australian and just wondering if you can recommend a forum for Aussie stocks? Cheers!

psulse says:

Excellent video. I am relatively new to this. Lost more than I have made thus far. I Know it’s due to not getting out when my trades are going south (RED). Also, taking profits when in the green. I look forward to going through the videos and implement the process. Thanks.

SoLit CantQuit says:

I find the most difficult thing is knowing What Retail trades to be watching how do I know if they’re hot or not? There are so many different companies to watch I feel lost at the gate

Shunqi Ziran says:

How do we know this works?

Gale Pearline says:

I read a lot of people keep on speaking about Trabeplom System. But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular forex guide?

Trantus Maximus says:

I was wondering about one scenario I missed with Tesla because I thought it had risen enough for the day. Say a stock jumps big in the pre-market due to an event. In this case it jumped 7 dollars. When it opens it just runs up and up. Would it be advisable to just buy after a few minutes? I noticed in these scenarios if you wait 30 minutes, it has already climbed a great deal and you may miss the big profit, especially with Tesla. My mistake was, I said to myself Tesla doesn’t usually go up/down more than 13 dollars. Seeing it was up 12 after a few minutes from open, I hesitated thinking it would drop back. I was also hesitant because it is advised by some people to wait about 30 minutes. It ended up going up 20 dollars and I missed a great chance. This happened again this week with Nvidia. Big jump in pre – market and heavy climb right after open. .

David Begg says:


Noor Noor says:

thank you friend

o0Desimere0o says:

This whole video is all paraphrased and even directly quoted and uses the same examples from the book “How to Day Trade for a Living” by Andrew Aziz. This is plagiarized material you are all listening to. Don’t believe me? Read the first two chapters of that book.

Eric Akinnagbe says:

What do I need to trade, You said I need Chart, (e-signal) I need Broker, where do I get a broker? I’m going to look for broker online and send money to him or her? how do I get stock scanners? sorry for my question I’m just new and beginner to the trading stock. I have no idea or knowledge of trading stock but I really want to get in. I’m fast learner I know I can do.

Channell Wonder says:

Don’t forget to tell these people they need a margin account in order to be able to make the trades with no limit . Most brokers require you to have at least a minimum of $25,000 in order to have a margin account. Without a margin account you will have to wait for 3 days for your trade to clear

December says:

Good day! I would like to ask where is Class 5 to Class 12. I am lost. I cannot find them.

kingmike40 says:

How much do you spend monthly on the services, Trade ideas, Esignal, etc. Sounds expensive. Why not just use the charts your broker gives you?

Open Source Movies and Scripts Central Casting says:

Yes, stay out of the clouds here, without having to go south.

Keith B says:

I’m wondering if this is for stocks or stock options?
I thought day trading was for options. Explanations would be greatly appreciated. I’ve only done long-term & I’m just trying to get a clue.

naveed shahzad says:

sir, i am going to watch your videos and will apply that on trading and will also share that on fb pages… because nobody is telling how to put trade and stop it if market is going down or what is the current status of the market

Wanick Fayette says:

Hey I’m reading this book called “how to day trade” by Andrew Aziz and He is say the exact same thing that you are saying in this video. The content is great. My question is, why is he putting what you said in a book and selling it on amazon It’s a best seller BTW ? And he just came out with it last year July 28th 2016. Did you help write the book and do you know about this?

Theo Grobler says:

My question is. If this guy makes these videos ? is he a millionaire ?

Sean Ryan says:

Hi! I took the day trading course and swing trading course. Best investment ever! thanks

Drew Pacer says:

Thanks for the free info, Been looking at tim sykes things for a while now but to hesitant to pay money. thanks alot!

Peppa Pig Playhouse says:

wow I learned so much

Aniket Bhalerao says:

Sir, Good day !! At 20:08 what time frame chart is it ? I mean is it a 1 minute or 5 minute Intra day chart ?

Eric Akinnagbe says:

You such a kind man to offer this lesson for free. Seriously I’m interested to get into your course or buy any of your books because you prove authentic beyond my imagination. word and thank you is not enough to thank you for all the free lesson and time you’re giving to us. I don’t know anything about trading but I’m interested to be trading. The way I’m following your lesson, I’m desperately to join your successful class. What should I do I’m new to this game and I know with your help and coaching I can make money in this industry.

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