Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. See you in the Mediterranean.
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Bonedripper says:

Guys i did what this guy said and i lost my house what now?

PopGabe says:

damn, I wish I’d have seen this during the cancerous csgo skin craze

Alexanderfive says:


Alexander Wang says:

This is good for AMD

LHCreeper says:


Vladislav Popov says:

ladies and gentelmen. there is no more sure sign of a financial bubble bursting than the regular people interest towards investing and trading awakening. this is worrying…

husinnee love says:

…..wait, what?

Gandella king says:


Dylan Sindel says:

Bruh.your funny asf

David DeLara says:

The best way to make money day trading is by already having millions of dollars. That way, you can live off of your 401k interest while you blow all your money trying to beat the stock market.

Vikeing Blade says:

This is called getting 4 stocked

Лиляна Александрова says:

“And start dumping money into tech call options like your child’s future doesn’t depend on it”

Alexanderfive says:

!Eazy money LoL

Andrew Perkins says:

How irreverent.

Kaleb Bruwer says:

But what do you do if the line spells out BITCONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT?

Aditya A says:

to me you sound like John Krasinski

Smacoop Gaming says:

2:18 was that a…. was that a smash joke?

Fucking Monkey says:

lmfao getting 4 stocked

Bryce Gladwin says:

Nice incognito smash bro’s joke

SNintendo Freak says:

Nice Smash reference.

Meister Ty says:

hahahahahahhaha nice one

Kyle Hart says:

“This is called getting 4-stocked.”

Suddenly, all the competitive Smash Bros players burst out laughing.

Z Ye says:

Pretty accurate

Dylan Sindel says:

Lol did he roast bitcoin

Dave Vargas says:

Lol at the bitcoin jab

Deban Raj says:

I lost you at wedge :/

Awex9000 , says:

“four stock” LMAO SMASH REF

Andre Wallace says:

Lol this is what we call crypto

The Guy Hanging There says:

This is what we call cryptocurrency
I laughed way more then I should

Iloveto commentonvideo says:

your the greatest youtube.

Nyasha Savala says:

My brain hurts…

Matthew Urias says:

damn bro spot on with AMD in the vid as of today its up 36% in less than a month glad i brought in when it was below 19$

Tyler Carpenter says:


Monopoly ʎǝuoW says:

This is the 2nd worst video that I’ve ever watched

Abi D says:


Lanijiro _ says:

Awesome! Thank you.

Brian Han says:

Just dumped my whole entire life savings into CasuallyExplained stocks. #WallStreetBets

Blowwfish says:

Did anyone else get an ad about the stock market?

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