7 Tips to Being a Better Stock Trader (and More Successful)

7 Tips to Being a Better Stock Trader (and More Successful)

7 Tips to Being a Better and More Successful Stock Trader. Get more tips at http://tradersfly.com

Tip #1: Have an open mind… there is more than one way to make money in the stock market.

Tip #2: Stay away from the news and media when trading. They only discuss hype and whats hot – but it will make you inconsistent.

Tip #3: Master the art of trading first – then go bigger… you can always increase your share size later once you are consistent.

Tip #4: Your success is up to you… you have to do the homework, you have to create your own risk and reward strategy

Tip #5: People have different views… some look at the longer time frames, others look at the shorter time frames. And I’m not talking about charts – im talking about world views and future outlooks.

Tip #6: Study longer charts time-frames and learn to understand vega when it comes to options.

Tip #7: there is more to life than just money. Live for a higher purpose and use stock trading as a tool.

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Ramu says:

he is good.

Josef Faisal says:

Thank you Sasha, I really enjoy your introductory video-lessons, but your philosophy of contributing and giving is greater, Wish you success!

Le Bearded Geek says:

I loved #7. Thank you very much, i know this is an old video but it helped me a lot

artboy789 says:

The problem is that it’s really hard to create/find a true edge sans having the ability to back test any of the so called ‘systems ‘ you speak of. Yeah, there are lots of ways to make money in the market (and the exact same # for losing too), but the only way to know if whatever purported edge you think you’re taking will be a long term moneymaking strategy, is to have actual trade data on large sample sizes of similar set ups and similar situations.

shahed alkamal says:

Awesome video, I think it would be helpful for every new traders. Trader has to understand the trading process first. Then they have to make sure the broker which always ensures few regular trading facilities. For example security of funds, fast execution process, active customer services, easy withdrawal system, low transaction cost, free demo trading and lowest trading spreads etc. I am getting all this mentioned facilities from ECNCAPITAL. Also this broker is suitable for all types of trading strategies.

Dare Devil says:

Where do you learn to stock broke ?

Wagner Mencia says:

sasha i really appreciate you posting these videos and educating us. im 16 years old ive watched many of your videos, and i will continue to educate myself since the school systems is terrible in las vegas. i dont watch tv or play video games im dedicating my time on educating myself and thank you for inspiring me and educating me!!

speeddemon002 says:

I find i can live life when i can afford to travel and lay back and not work a 9 to 5 working is not living i can make a lot of money in the trade and help foundations

Brian Gardner says:

What’s your total investment? Profit, win, loss? I’ve learned that talking cheap and practicing what you preach is more important than empty words. Thanks in advance! Love the videos!

Charles Salvacion says:

Hi Sasha,

Really thankful for your Youtube channel. Learning a ton of info.

Do you have a video about when to sell or to take profits?

Thanks again,

Deepak Indorey says:

Are y angrajo k jamane ka jeller isko London Stock Exchange m bejo

Door To Door Mastery says:

Great clean video brother

Tiger Red says:

This is very helpful Sasha.I watch most of your YouTube videos.Thank you very much

Eugene Dyachkin says:

thank you for a great video man , btw are you Russian ?

I don't want to use my full name says:

How could thumbs down be?

Sathish Kumar says:

i enjoyed ur presentation.. u r great man

Taras Yushch says:

На какой платформе трейдить опшинс


Sasha — Thank you:

I can tell by the amount of time you put into your videos/work, as well as the quality of the content, that you’re an insightful, polite, helpful, positive, inspiring, and generous person. These videos are priceless to those trying to learn the daunting machine we call the stock market.

There are so many people out there giving poor/misleading/half truth advice and insight on this subject that it really makes it hard for new people to grasp. Your videos are a breath of fresh air in the crowded arena of trading pundits and advisers.

Thank you again and I hope you have a blessed life and continue the great work!

Jerry E says:

This kid’s a goofball. He’s obviously reading from a script, which is why he never looks directly at the camera, Also, for some of us trained in neurolinguistics, he exhibits a lot of deception in his eye movements, indicating that he really doesn’t believe his own line.

And, needless to say, if he knows so much about trading, then why is he running these teasers for his informational product?

Ceyhun Ozturk says:

Smart tips for a young guy. Props!

Martyn Ls Mills says:

Sasha, I really need to learn how to trade in stocks options. How can you help me ?.

master jedi says:

his eyes are triPPy

Vee Zee says:

Thank you for the videos. They’re well explained and easy to understand. Question: Where can I go to sign up for paper trading in order to start my training?

45138449 says:

Great video!! Bravo!!!

Hydrogen Man says:

great stuff! Thx!

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